The Bloomer Legacy Part 1.2 – Perfect Weenie Roast Attempt(s)

Another day, another round of collecting, gardening and fishing for Kirk. As an outdoorsy sim, he is loving all of these activities. And with a view like this, who wouldn’t.


As for the ladies, he hasn’t stopped thinking about Maranda. However, I’m reluctant to jump the gun just yet and am still on a lookout for a lady for Kirk. Paulina here appears to be on a lookout for Kirk.


The cougar approaches… poor Kirk is not sure how to turn her down politely, and s wishing he could swap places with Bob Pancakes who is just casually rummaging the bins in the background (he seems to be doing this a lot in this save).


Being the unofficial founder of Newcrest, albeit homeless, has made Kirk very popular with the female part of the population. Katie wasted no time hitting on him. Paulina is not pleased.


As for Kirk, he is enjoying his popularity, but doesn’t quite know how to handle it. He rambles about how friendly and welcoming the neighbourhood is in the hopes of distracting the women.


When Maranda struts by in her cute mail courier outfit, he  loses completely focus, and the women storm off.


Kirk decides to focus on gardening instead. He’s purchased an actual planter box that he filled with yummy strawberries, and his gardening level is now high enough to evolve plants.


He swaps numbers with a pretty stranger he meets while fishing, but later learns that she is non-committal… not the best legacy spouse material.


I also have Kirk meet up with Ruby again and the two get along nicely, but he just doesn’t seem to see her as more than a friend.


Perhaps a little chat with the guys will help? Bob isn’t feeling the conversation about relationships, since it reminds him of his unhappy marriage too much, but Howard Bloom seems enthusiastic about the female attention Kirk has been getting… with their last names almost identical, Howard can’t help but live vicariously through the founder. He is already hoping he might get away with claiming him and Kirk are related.


It becomes abundantly clear that my efforts at giving all women of Newcrest a fair chance are completely futile when Kirk gets a whim to kiss Maranda (in spite of them not having been romantic before). I suppose I’ll have to accept it as destiny and let them go on a date.


Ever so the gentleman, he even brings rose from his garden. He doesn’t own much, but he wants to share it all with Maranda, he says. Slow down Kirk!


It appears the romantic proclamations and the flowers have worked on Maranda though, and the two share their first kiss. We also learn that on top of being outgoing and perfectionist, she is also a genius. This woman is annoyingly perfect!


If Kirk is serious about Maranda, I doubt he’ll impress her much with his tent living. Luckily he’s finally accumulated enough money to build himself a little shack.


Nervous, he invites her over and makes a silent wish that she won’t mind his unusual living situation.


Being the ideal woman (I must work on my rage), she does not.


Naturally Kirk is on top of the moon. A new house, a new love, this calls for a celebration!


He throws a weenie roast party. I actually have an agenda – I would really like to incorporate the chess set from Outdoor Retreat in my community park. That however means that Kirk must somehow throw a gold weenie roast party. He thinks telling everyone a ghost story should do the trick.


Maranda humours him, but you can tell she’s not scared one bit. We fail to roast 3 hot dogs in time and the party is not even a moderate success.


It doesn’t seem to bother our too lovebirds too much. They dance the night away, with the city lights and the fire pit being the background to their nauseatingly adorable love story. Sigh.


Weenie roast attempt number two. Determined to succeed, I force Kirk spend the entire time grilling hot dogs furiously to achieve our goal.


But somehow it turns out to be even more of a disaster.


Maranda looks to Kirk, foolishly hoping he’ll save the day, but he’s completely panicked.


The other men are not much better. Somehow we manage to put the fire out in the end, and that concludes our weenie roast efforts for now. Hopefully third time will be the charm, once Kirk (and I) muster up the courage to go through this ordeal again.


To prevent future fire incidents, Bob gives Kirk lessons on using the grill, AKA How Not To Burn Your House down 101.


Speaking of the house, Kirk’s working on making it a bit cosier, and he even gets a pet. The biggest triumph however is his own toilet. Having a toilet two steps away is hip… honest.


Not being able to go to Willow Creek or Oasis springs, Kirk and Maranda’s dating spot options are fairly slim, but they make the most of it. He professes his undying love to her by the canal.


It goes down so successfully that another addition to the house is necessary. Did anyone say Woohoo?29

I’ll leave you with a final look at Kirk’s humble abode. He’s very proud of all that he’s accomplished, and so am I. Until next time!


28 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy Part 1.2 – Perfect Weenie Roast Attempt(s)

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  1. I have yet to succeed at the wienie roast. I’m thinking of trying multiple campfires the next time, but for some reason it feels harder than the other events. I love the start of this story and I’m looking forward to watching this family, and Newcrest thrive. Go Kirk!


  2. This is a very interesting and cool challenge. Building the whole town from scratch, that is a legacy lol. You’re doing great, with no money or job and he already has all that.


  3. The challenge is really cool, I think it gives the family more of a purpose that they’re building the town. I don’t usually build much in my game and this really forces me to, but at pace I can handle!

    Turns out fishing, gardening and collecting can be pretty profitable, I don’t think Kirk will need a conventional job any time soon!


  4. Hey there! I just now stumbled upon your stories and am having a blast reading them so far. I’ve only gotten gold on a weenie roast once, and two Sims died during it. My tip is to have at least three playable Sims (I had 8) to check off the goals — I guarantee the guests aren’t going to be much help. This is the first time I’ve seen this challenge, and I actually really like it. It’s just different enough from a Pinstar legacy that it would feel like something “new” compared to my current two legacies. I think I’m gonna try it! So, thanks for the inspiration!


  5. hi JordanNicole, thanks so much for reading! Yes I’m firmly convinced the weenie roast events are cursed! You should definitely give the challenge a go, it’s great fun! 🙂


  6. Thank you for reading! For Kirk there was never really any question, he fell for Maranda the moment they met. I was the one that had to come around LOL – But they were perfect for each other!


  7. I got a gold on the weenie roast, but it was a bunch of hippies camping at Granite Falls. Somehow, all their friends from home showed up, so they just hung out and racked up points! I did have three playable Sims, which makes it a lot easier to knock off the party tasks.

    I’m so glad this was selected for the Book Club–I’m a little late reading it, but I’m enjoying it a ton!


  8. I have not attempted a weenie roast event since the one in the next chapter, but it does seem that it’s not feasible to do it with just one playable sim. The more sims in your household, the better the chances for sure!


    1. I loved that little cottage. Roughing it in the beginning is one of my favourite parts of the legacy – I find it much harder once they get rich!

      I must admit Kirk and Maranda were a perfect pairing. Maybe she was boringly perfect to me, but she was completely perfect to him.


    1. Haha! I think I just found her too perfect, I prefer to play sims that have some type of a character flaw and she seemed to have none, so i found her boring. She did grow on me over time though, since she was the ideal partner for Kirk.


  9. Everything seems to be ultra flammable next to campfires in TS4! D: I wonder if EA has fixed it yet?

    Also, I’m so happy for these two! Maranda looks gorgeous in her mailwoman outfit – such a stunner!


    1. Oh yes, kirk and Maranda were a lovely couple, so effortlessly perfect for each other 🙂 The campfires… well I see you read the next chapter already, so yep, everything’s flammable!


  10. Kirk and Maranda are such a cute couple 🙂 And it’s a very nice cottage for them, Kirk achieved already so much and I believe it’s not easy when the challenge of this legacy is starting with no money… Weenie roast party is very difficult to achieve a gold medal, but your screenshots which are showing facial expressions of guys while the fire started, are brilliant 🙂 I really like your Legacy!


  11. Your story is hilarious so far! I love how deadpan you are, so matter-of-fact in telling Kirk’s story. Loving it!


    1. Ah thins brings back memories! 😀 My writing is probably completely different now. Back in generation 1, I was scared of even having dialogue 🙂 but reading through this makes me miss all the sarcasm, I need to inject that back in my story 🙂 Thank you for reading!


  12. Linked here from Julyvees sims stories YouTube trailer!! Been meaning to read about the Bloomers for a while!

    Great job with the setup and the build Newcrest challenge sounds very interesting!! Cannot wait to read more.

    The weenie roast debacle was hilarious! (Sorry Kirk!)


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