#BuildNewcrest Legacy: Haunted Memorial Park and the New Bloomer Family Home

Since Kirk has completed his aspiration, the family was able to build the first public lot, a memorial park dedicated to their recently deceased friend. I have chosen to only build the park for the money the Bloomers actually have in their family funds – I would have liked to place more shrubbery around, but they simply couldn’t afford it. If you’d like to download the lot for your game, note you can find me on the gallery under the name ThePlumbobBlog. Note that the name of the park spoils who dies in the series, so make sure you’re all caught up with the Bloomer family before looking it up. The lot comes with a tomb, a ghost and a dead cow plant.


The chess table that’s cost us so much.


The camp fire area.


The kids pirate playground incorporates the dead cow plant.


The garden with Kirk’s plants.


The wedding arch area.


As for the Bloomer family, their new home is located near the canal where Kirk first declared his love to Maranda. They have also have a fishing pond in the back yard, which is convenient for Kirk’s new aspiration; Angling Ace. Kirk likes to spend his days fishing, but knowing he’s not too far from Maranda.

06-30-15_10-02 PM

The kitchen/dining/living room area. This is the most furnished part of the house and certainly a step up from the previous home. While the family’s life is no longer as rural as it used to be, it was still important to Kirk to include many plants in their home.


The bathroom is quite luxurious compared to its predecessor as well.


The bedroom is fairly simple for now.


And here is the house floor plan:

06-30-15_9-54 PM

And yes that is a baby in the room on the left… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Until next time!



15 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest Legacy: Haunted Memorial Park and the New Bloomer Family Home

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  1. How incredibly awesome to have a haunted park. I don’t think it could have been planned better if you (or Grim) had planned it! Well, maybe Grim did plan it! And the cowplant skull really tops it off.

    Their house is beautiful–you’ve got an elegant touch for decorating!


  2. Thank you! I much prefer decorating/furnishing to building, normally all of my sims live in premade homes. Which is the main reason why I decided to try this challenge!


  3. How lovely! The house is so tastefully decorated and designed, and the park has all those little pathways that make me really happy. The fountain centerpiece is breathtaking too. Well done, Kirk!


    1. Ooh welcome! Take your time, we’re (the Bloomers and I) not going anywhere! I always liking getting comments on old entries since it really brings me back in time, reminded me how great the sims who have gone are! Thanks for reading! 🙂


  4. Love your blog so much that I actually read it twice now….! 😀Ok, I lost track of it before when I was reading at the same time as you were reading it. But as somene said before: Biiiiinge read!!!!

    Question though: You payed for the park with the family money right? How did you then afford the new house?


    1. Thank you very much! Hm, if I remember it rigtly (it has been a year) I think they had enough money for both? It was just a small starter home when they first moved into the house.


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