The Bloomer Legacy Part 1.3 – Love and Death

Kirk meets up with his stalker groupie friend Howard Bloomer to discuss his plans. He found a pink crystal during today’s round of collecting, and it made him think of Maranda. Suddenly, he’d realised what exactly he wanted to do with it…


He had it put into a ring! Kirk took Maranda to his favourite part of Newcrest, took a deep breath and surrounded by flowers, he proposed.


She said yes!


Kirk couldn’t believe his luck. Even in his wildest dreams he couldn’t have imagined that he’ll meet a woman like Maranda in Newcrest. More than ever, he was determined to create a community that will be the heart of the town for years to come. For his and Maranda’s legacy.


In preparation for Maranda moving in, Kirk decided it was time for some home improvements. Oh the luxury of a separate bathroom!


The big day has arrived! Maranda contemplated what becoming Mrs Bloomer had in store for her. As for Kirk, as soon as he saw Maranda in her wedding dress, he couldn’t take his eyes of her.


The couple invited their close friend Bob Pancake, Kirk’s number one fan Howard Bloomer and also Kirk’s friend Ruby Perrin, who opted to wear a completely outlandish outfit. Perhaps it’s a good thing Kirk never developed feelings for her! The last guest was Summer Holiday – while she is not very close with either the bride or the groom, she’s always been friendly to them, and I’ve always liked her.


The ceremony was small and simple. The couple didn’t have much money – Kirk couldn’t even afford a tuxedo and had to make do with borrowing Bob Pancakes’ old blazer (Bob swears he could fit into it not too long ago… but he has no illusions of ever losing the weight again. He let Kirk keep it after the ceremony).


Of course, it wouldn’t be Kirk if there weren’t flowers everywhere. The arch the couple exchanged their vows under, along with the shrubs around it was going to become a part of the public park and remain there for many joyful occasions to come in future generations… or so Kirk and Maranda hoped.


They exchanged the rings…


And for the first time, Mr and Mrs Bloomer kissed. (Well, not quite. I still have to change Maranda’s last name to Bloomer. I do wish the game gave you a popup option to change the newlyweds’ last names after the ceremony).


The party was somewhat unconventional, with the bride frying up whatever fruits had in the garden to feed the guests, and Summer not being able to put off her work out routine just for a bit.


But everyone had fun, and the love of the newlyweds was contagious. Ruby looks genuinely happy for them in her hideous unique outfit.


Howard Bloom seems to be a fan of the ensemble though.


And the bride and groom couldn’t have a care in the world for their guests’ fashion sense. Or anything else, for the matter.


The following day, the couple celebrated their birthday. Maranda even went through the trouble of making two cakes! She wants to be in the culinary career, so the cooking skill will definitely come in handy (although Maranda’s ultimate goal is to become a Master Mixologist).


We got her a bar to practice on, and Kirk caught up with the plants to give them much needed attention after the last few days’ festivities.


I’m not sure if Kirk can handle having a mixologist in the house though – hopefully he won’t become too much of a juiceoholic!


With Maranda in the house now, we can finally attempt a gold weenie roast event again. The couple is on it. They roast the hot dogs, tell the stories and the event seems to go swimmingly – Bob even helps out with some of the grilling (and yes, we have a brand new cowplant in the back, woo!)


Towards the end of the event, one of the chairs catches on fire, but Maranda has it under control, and the event gets a gold rating just in time for the guests to enjoy the last few minutes of the party.


Wait… what?


Ruby! When did you catch on fire? And how come we never noticed? Nooooooo!


“Please Grim she’s so young! She’s made some questionable style choices, but there is no need for such a harsh punishment! I’ll never forgive myself!”


Grim: “Ah well tough for you, Mr Bloomer. Congratulations on the wedding by the way. And what a great weenie roast. I’d say it’s a gold event. Muhahahaha!”


“It IS pretty cosy by the fire!”


Here lies Ruby Perrin, a beloved friend. Children don’t play with fire.


On the bright side, our cow plant grew up!


And died shortly after. Oops. (Why do they need to be fed so often!) I can’t handle all this death…


Maranda turned to juice for comfort. Perhaps she drank a bit too much of it, or perhaps it was her conscience acting up, but she could have sworn she saw Ruby clean the grill from beyond one night.


Oh Ruby… I’m so sorry!


Kirk and Maranda knew it was time to leave. Kirk reached the top of the Freelance Botanist aspiration, and they saved up enough to convert the plot of land into a proper park. They would dedicate the park to Ruby, and leave her memorial behind. Hopefully they will have better luck in their new house.

Until next time!

31 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy Part 1.3 – Love and Death

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  1. This chapter had so many awesome twists and turns! I was actually leaned in reading it with my hand over my mouth! What a great chapter! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much, it’s such a compliment that you’re enjoying the series! I couldn’t plan the main twist if I tried, and I do feel a bit guilty about it. At least Ruby now has a beautiful park dedicated to her.


  3. ” I do wish the game gave you a popup option to change the newlyweds’ last names after the ceremony” That would be awesome! I still haven’t had marriages aside from the founder but in the future, I’m going to have to go through it a lot of times to change their names.
    Lol I was looking for the cowplant and couldn’t find it, I was going to come comment that until I saw the tiny plant above Maranda’s head. It’s so cute! I still need to find one.
    Yay! Moving on, I really like this idea of turning every lot into a different venue once completing certain aspirations. (At least that’s what I imagine, I didn’t go over the rules :P)
    Aww, so sad. I had to laugh at this “She’s made some questionable style choices” but it’s still sad that she had to die so soon.


  4. Haha the cow plants are adorable until they reach full size! I wish you could keep them at that stage. I find it way too hard to keep one alive once they’re all grown.

    Yep moving each generation is how it works for the most part, some generations need to make a residential area instead… But I haven’t really looked at all of it in depth yet either lol

    Aww poor Ruby! I’ve not had a sim die due to fire in the sims 4 till now, so I feel pretty bad for my negligence, I honestly thought the fire was out. At least she gets her own park…


  5. Plum, I was really rooting for Howard and Ruby… It’s like it’s impossible to get a gold weenie roast unless someone dies. But hey, it’ll be fun having a park ghost! You could even turn it into a park-slash-cemetery! That’s totally not morbid, right? “Kids, what did I tell you about playing leap frog over the headstones?!” Okay, maybe scratch that idea… XD


  6. I was rooting for Howard and Ruby too! Though then I found out he’s married with children in Manage Worlds.

    I’m actually thinking of building a church-like wedding venue with a cemetery, so not too morbid for me haha!


  7. This was such a bittersweet chapter. Here I am falling in love with Ruby and her amazing fashion sense and the next few frames she’s roasted to death. What the what?

    Never the less, I’m extremely happy that Maranda is the one, she is so adorable. Great pick, Kirk.


  8. Wow. Congrats on the wedding–beautiful bride. Congrats on the party–but what? And, oh Grim! Grim. And poor cowplant! And did you really complete the first stage so quickly? Amazing! Also, I love your writing style! 🙂


  9. It did take some time to complete the first stage, Kirk was probably about halfway through the adult stage so it wasn’t quite as quick after their birthday as the story makes it seem. I had them both drink the potion of youth to reset them to the beginning of the life stage afterwards.


  10. I didn’t see it coming either – in fact I didn’t see she was on fire until it was too late. But if you keep on reading you’ll see that perhaps everything happens for a reason 🙂


    1. I think Grim in my game is obsessed with Bloomer weddings. He always seems to appear in very quick succession of the event. This particular visit shocked me the most though, I felt so bad for not noticing she was on fire!


  11. I love what the couple wore to their wedding! That green plaid suit looks amazing on Kirk, and Maranda is radiant in her white dress. 🙂

    Also, I can’t help but admire the colour scheme of the Bloomers’ shack! Dark brown wood with white accents. Gorgeous! And their appliances match too.

    Oh no! RIP Ruby. 😦


    1. Aww I miss the old shack living! I went for fairly humble outfits for the bride and groom, since they were dirt-poor back then. They still enjoyed the wedding.
      Ruby’s death was so sad, and a complete shocker to me. But it was a moment that defined the legacy for generations to come.


  12. Awww poor Ruby!! And haha her questionable style indeed!! That boustierre with the bell bottoms and sunglasses??!! Haha

    So lovely the park was named after her!


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