The Bloomer Legacy: 1.4 A New Generation

The Bloomers started settling in in their new house (if you would like to have a full house tour, as well as take a look at the newly built Ruby Perrin Memorial Park, click here). Since both Kirk and Maranda are adults now, I gave them both a makeover.


New look and new life stage aside, they’re still very much in love. And for the most part enjoying their new home.


Although Maranda now panics at the slightest sign of fire. With this family’s history, I would say that’s understandable.


She’s much more at peace in her new reading nook – as a genius sim, Maranda needs frequent mental stimulation. It’s all the more intriguing she’s chosen mixology as her career path and lifetime ambition. “Mixing drinks is a science!”


As for Kirk, an outdoorsy sim like him could never stay cooped up inside, so now that his Freelance Botanist aspiration is complete, he’s taken up fishing.


Fishing in the pond near their house in particular is a good way to meet the members of his community as well, something that Kirk perceives as highly important.


Speaking of highly important things, Maranda is pregnant! It took three tries, so she’s overjoyed. She couldn’t wait for Kirk to come home and ran to the fishing pond as soon as she found out.


Kirk is ecstatic! The legacy will continue!


Overwhelmed with joy, Kirk decides to keep the next fish he catches as a family pet rather than mounting it. Seeing as it’s a gold fish, it probably makes more sense anyway. Meet Steve, who narrowly escaped death.


As Maranda grows bigger, Kirk gets even more sentimental.


He visits the Ruby Perrin memorial park for the first time since the family’s left the plot of land. The memories attached to the place are painful, but Kirk can’t help but smile when he sees sims all around him enjoying the new park.

He does of course go pay a visit to his old friend Ruby.


The time has come! Both of the soon to be parents remained unusually calm when Maranda went into labour. They opted for a home birth, since there were no hospitals nearby yet with the area being new.


Welcome Isaac Bloomer into this world. His parents didn’t need more than one glance at the newborn to tell that he’s pure perfection.


Kirk couldn’t believe how tiny and innocent Isaac was. The thought that this little bundle of joy would one day become the new leader of Newcrest was terrifying to him. But it also filled him with excitement. There was so much he had to teach Isaac!


Sure to not waste any precious time, he even took Isaac with him on his fishing trips.


Maranda almost had to steal little Isaac away to get some time with him! She was not really thinking about any of the heavy legacy duties that Kirk kept talking about. Apparently Isaac was meant to build an entire neighbourhood of affordable starter homes? Maranda shook her head. “Now how would you do that little one? With those tiny hands and… diaper changing time!”


The new parents still made sure to spend quality time together, especially with Maranda always supplying an array of exotic drinks when she was experimenting with recipes for work.


While babies are cute, I must confess that with all babies looking exactly the same in The Sims 4, I’m never particularly enticed to take too many pictures of them.


Soon enough, Isaac’s infant days had passed and he was he was about to age up.

Will he take more after his mom or his dad? What will he look like? And what will he aspire to do with his sim life? Tune in next time to find out!


18 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 1.4 A New Generation

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  1. I got baby clothes cc so they could at least have a different outfit. I saw a video where they showcased baby skin cc and even hair. It makes them look different so I just kept the clothes


  2. Maranda is amazing. She just looks so freaking happy and optimistic in the pictures. I especially love the one where she holds newborn Isaac like she’s Rafiki and he’s baby Simba. So precious ❤


  3. She is a very expressive one. Life’s not been kind to her in some of its stages, and it totally showed in her face later. But moments like these she was carefree.


  4. Congratulations to the couple on the birth of little Isaac! I can’t wait to see what he turns out to look like and his temperament. 🙂

    Also, I like that there’s greenery all over the Bloomers’ home! A flower cart in the nursery, planter boxes above the windows in the reading nook…how wonderful!


    1. Kirk was so into gardening that I wanted to reflect it in the house, hence the plants everywhere and the earthy tones 🙂 Isaac’s temperament… phew, that’s a whole other story!


  5. I don’t read a lot of sim stories, but I really like this one and the challenge! Excellent job!
    Quick question that I didn’t see an answer to in the rules, unless I missed it:
    Did you use just their money to build both the park and their new house? If so… Kirk did an excellent job saving up his money!!
    Thanks in advance! 🙂


    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to check out my story! 🙂 Yes, I did use Kirk’s money to get everything in the park, though that’s not necessarily a part of the challenge rules. Turns out that collecting and selling produce is quite lucrative!


  6. Thanks for replying! What about the house? Did you build with their left over money? I am not doing as well in the money department as you apparently did in Gen 1!! hahaha.
    I’m quite into the story… think I’m nearing the end of Gen 5 – almost caught up!! It’s so good! 😀


    1. Yeah I believe I did, if I remember rightly. It also helped that Maranda joined the house as a level 9 mixologist – at least that’s how I remember it, it’s been over a year ago haha!


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