The Bloomer Legacy: 1.5 A Family Friend

It is my pleasure to properly introduce the generation 2 heir, Isaac Bloomer! He’s inherited Maranda’s hair and skin tone, but I was pleased to discover he has Kirk’s eyes. He’s an outgoing little boy and wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp.


Still very much a daddy’s boy, he likes to help Kirk out in the garden.


And much like when he was a baby, he continues to go on fishing trips with his dad too. (Author’s note: Apparently fishing raises the mental skill for children – who knew?)


Being a mother has inspired Maranda to work on her cooking more. Some of the meals she makes now look really tasty.


But naturally her true passion still lies with mixology. She is now a Juice Boss!


The whole family likes to hang out in the garden together.


And Kirk has also installed some monkey bars in the backyard – this way Maranda can keep an eye on Isaac from the house, and Kirk can do the same while fishing.


Soon enough it was time for Isaac’s first day of school.


Maranda was rather emotional about it. They grow up so fast!


Kirk comforted Maranda: “He’ll do just fine honey, he’s a smart little boy and he loves making friends. Everyone will love him!”


And they did! Isaac made fast friends with most of his classmates, which should hopefully make his future life as the Newcrest leader a lot easier.


At the weekend the whole family visited the park together.

Kirk: ”This is the Roby Perrin Memorial Park son. Your mommy and I built it together to establish a community heart here in Newcrest.”

Isaac: “Who is Ruby Perrin daddy? And what’s a mermorial?”

Kirk: “Let’s sit down…”


Kirk: “I will tell you all about Ruby when you’re old enough, but for now I need you to understand more about this park, and our family’s role in the town of Newcrest.”


“Look around you, and you will see sims having a wonderful time and creating wonderful happy memories in this park. One day, all of Newcrest will be a happy place like this. And that’s why our family is here, to build a thriving community.


But first, we need to bring more sims into the town. It’s going to be your job to do that by building small houses for them, just big enough for a sim to start off. Everyone will remember you for helping sims come here, and you’ll have many friends for it…”


Isaac: “Will Ruby Perrin be one of those friends?”

Kirk sighs: “Why don’t you go find your mom Isaac. I’ll go have a look if the plants need watering…”


Isaac: “Mom, what’s a mermorial? And will I be friends with Ruby Perrin?”

Maranda raised her eyebrows: “I can see your dad did well on answering your questions.”

Isaac: “All he talked about was many little houses for many little sims… or something.”

Maranda: “Of course he would.” She took a deep breath.

“A memorial is a place for a very special sim that should be remembered. Ruby Perrin was such a sim, she was a dear family friend. She died very young, so we have this tombstone here and named the park after her. That way everyone who comes to the park will remember her in some way, and be thankful she existed.”


Isaac: “But mom, if she’s dead that means I’ll never get to be friends with her!”

Maranda hugged her son tightly. She hated to see her baby boy upset.


Maranda: “Weren’t you listening sweetie? I told you Ruby was a family friend – that makes her your friend already!”

Isaac beamed: “Really?”

Maranda: “Of course! You’re family, aren’t you? Now let’s go play on the pirate ship – I bet we can find a treasure!”


Meanwhile, Kirk was having fun catching up with his beloved plants.


Isaac: “Bam bam bam! Take that cow plant sea monster!”

Maranda: “Just you wait to see the real sea monster…”


“Muhahaha I’m the queen sea monster, and you sailor are doomed!”


Isaac: “Oh noo, the queen of the sea! All men abandon the ship, she’ll drown us all!”


Isaac ended up having an amazing time at the park, and it would become his new favourite place from this day on.


He made many new friends too.


But before he and his parents left in the evening, he made sure to say goodbye to his special new friend Ruby.


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  1. I think it was a super-good idea to place that cowplant across the pirate shop. This way it is the sea-monster!


  2. Ooo — the cow plant sea monster was a fantastic idea! (Probably totally going to steal that if I end up doing the challenge. I wonder…if it was still alive once the lot was made community…if it would *stay* alive…hmmmm…) Also, I love the first starter home. The natural colors and indoor plants and mixology decor work really well together. Well done!


  3. I was intending on leaving the cow plant at the lot alive haha, I just failed miserably at keeping it as such! But yeah I do wonder what would happen. When I go to the park the plants usually need weeding and the community gardeners being useless just chatting instead of working. So I don’t think anyone would feed it unless it… Fed itself – back to your graveyard/park idea I guess 😀


  4. Oh, wow!!! This made me smile. I love seeing the 3 of them together. They seem so happy and full of love.

    The park is breathtaking. I enjoy when you visit it–memories!!

    I think Isaac will be a fantastic leader. But what do I know?!


  5. What an adorable boy! I love Isaac’s green eyes and sweet disposition. And Maranda’s such a great mother, explaining death to him without sugarcoating it but still being gentle enough for a child to take it in. 🙂


  6. Awww!! I love Mom and son playing together!!

    I haven’t read through the build Newcrest challenge though it seems you’re doing very well!!


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