The Bloomer Legacy: 1.6 A Family Friend (Part 2)

It’s become the usual afternoon routine in the Bloomer family – when Maranda left off for work and Isaac returned from school, him and Kirk would go to the park. While Kirk would perfect his fishing…


Isaac was playing on the pirate ship to improve his motor skill.


Kirk’s finally reached the level 10 of fishing skill, but he has yet to catch 20 different kinds of fish to fulfil his second aspiration. Some of his catches are becoming rather impressive though.

Once Kirk start’s fishing he loses track of time, and usually is reliant on Isaac to come tell him it’s gotten too late and that they should head home. Luckily the community is pretty safe, and in any case there’s nobody else around tonight apart from Kirk and Isaac…


Ruby: “…and me! Don’t you dare forget about me! I’m ALWAYS here!”

Sorry Ruby…


Isaac was just on his way to tell his dad it was high time for them to go home, when he noticed Ruby’s tombstone levitating. He was a bit spooked at first, but then he figured it was probably just the wind (sadly he did not inherit Maranda’s genius trait).

He turned around and saw a spectral figure by the fountain.


Isaac: “Hello!”

Ruby: “You can see me? Nobody ever sees me…”

Isaac: “Of course I can see you! Although you are a bit see-through, so maybe that’s why some people don’t notice you.”

Ruby chuckled: “Well that must be it!”

Isaac: “My name is Isaac, and one day I’ll be the leader of Newcrest! I hope to meet everyone in town by then and become their friend, so that they are happy with me being the leader… but I haven’t met you yet! What’s your name?”


Ruby: “What a charming young man you are Isaac! My name is Ruby, and this park is my home. It will always be my home… I can never leave.”

Isaac: “Why not?”

Ruby: “I died here Isaac. It wasn’t my time to go yet, but my body burned and my spirit had nowhere to go… so I’m trapped here forever.”

Isaac: “That is awful! I’m so sorry you’re dead… wait, did you say your name was Ruby? That means we’re already friends! And as your friend I should help you!”

Ruby: “What are you talking about little boy? I’ve never met you in my life! Well… or in my death.”

Isaac: “You’re our family friend, so you’re already my friend! My parents are Kirk and Maranda Bloomer, and they were your friends too!”


Ruby turned a crimson hue of red. She was beside herself with rage.

Ruby: “Friends? Friends! Your parents were not my friends! Your parents KILLED ME!”

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  1. Absolutely, this death affected a lot more than I would have thought when it happened. The again it was quite a big deal to me when she died – I felt so careless, I normally never have accidental deaths in my gameplay!


    1. She may have exaggerated a little 😀 But I guess it was the first time she had a chance to talk about those events to anyone. Being a bit emotional about it is probably in order 🙂


    1. Lol! It was a genuine accident, I thought the fire had been put out and didn’t notice she was on fire until I got the death tune. But I guess you would take such things personally anyway if you die in the process, so I don’t blame Ruby for being mad 😀


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