The Bloomer Legacy: 1.8 The Mean Teen

Since Isaac is now a teenager, we made some adjustments to his room. Aside from becoming mean and physically gifted, Isaac now also has the domestic trait, since he rolled the One Big Happy family aspiration. Quite a coincidence, considering this was the aspiration that would have to be assigned to him on his next birthday anyway. Sadly, there’s absolutely nothing he can do towards the aspiration in his teenage years.


Some things haven’t changed, Isaac still goes fishing with his father every so often.


However, with a new influx of hormones, obviously there are some major changes on the horizon. Much like Kirk, Isaac appears pretty popular with the ladies – they’d all like to become Mrs Newcrest Leader one day, I suppose.


Yusuf: “Hey man, I can’t believe you got all those girls chasing after you! High five!”


The teens hit the bar at the park and Yusuf follows Isaac like a puppy. “I want to be like you, dude. No, I want to BE you! You got it all, and the girls are loving it. I’ll never be as popular…”


Isaac grins: “Sure you will man, you just have to believe in yourself and the chicks will dig it!” See, maybe Isaac isn’t all that mean. At least when things are going his way, he isn’t…


Isaac: “Hey there pretty lady, do you want some sweet legacy lovin?”

Madeline: “Err… I don’t think so…”


Isaac: “Who do you think you are to reject me? I own this place, or at least one day I will, and you’ll be sorry to make me your enemy!”


Madeline: “Geesh, overreact much? Just because you’re a Bloomer doesn’t mean you poop gold!”


Madeline is not impressed with Isaac.


Isaac moves on quickly and chats to his friend Lonnie by the fire.

Lonnie: “Hey Isaac, guess what! I just talked to my cousin Juanita earlier…”


“She has a major crush on you! Wouldn’t it be cool if you guys got together? We’d be practically family!”


Not wasting any time, Isaac makes his move on Juanita, who does seem to be falling for his on and off charm.


They spend the rest of the evening together and Isaac pretends to listen to Juanita’s rambling about the stars. Whatever it takes, Isaac knows he’s the man.


With Isaac’s mom working evenings as a Chief Drink Operator, and his dad being out till late fishing, Isaac has the perfect opportunity to throw a teen party. Luckily he’s inherited Maranda’s cocktail making skills… not.


Lonnie: “Tonight’s gonna be awesome dude! I brought my cousin, she couldn’t stop talking about you! And guess what else, this is my girlfriend Breanne!”


Lonnie and Breanne’s lovey-dovey behaviour was hard to miss. Isaac even heard Lonnie talk about promise rings, barf. So much for a wingman.


Isaac: “Hey guys, you know why Lonnie has to stick to one girl? It’s because his plum is this big!”


Isaac: “I on the other hand am here for you ladies and let’s just say that my plum situation is pretty…”

Juanita: “Oh shut up Isaac!”


Juanita: “Nobody wants to hear about your plum! And what’s this talk of seeing all the girls… I thought you were different!”


Yusuf: “Well I for one am a one woman kinda guy Juanita, and I don’t see why anyone would want to be anything else, with a girl like you…”


Isaac: “Get lost Yusuf! One woman kinda guy? More like no woman kinda guy!”


But much to Isaac’s displeasure, Yusuf’s agenda certainly seemed to be working with the girls, and by the end of the night Isaac’s has seen Yusuf swap numbers with several of them, while he, the heir to the Bloomer throne, was left with nothing but a messy house.


He watched his guests leave, cursing Yusuf silently and for a brief moment, he pondered if Lonnie had it right all along.


“Isaac, what’s this mess?” Coming home from work to a house full of empty cups was not Maranda’s idea of a fun way to end the day.


“Oh I don’t know mom, maybe a ghost of your so-called friend came here and made it messy, blargh!”


Maranda: “Isaac, I do not appreciate this behaviour! I’ll talk to your father! And the house better be tidy by the time I get up in the morning!”


Isaac: “Whatever, I’m awesome!”

20 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 1.8 The Mean Teen

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  1. Haha, playing Isaac as a teen has been a struggle! He has an interesting personality though, on one hand he’s still really outgoing and friendly, but he can also be incredibly mean when things don’t go his way.


  2. Good job writing this – you made Issac look really, really mean and annoying. He’s exactly that kind of a teenage douchebag I hated in high school. I hope he’ll grow out of it.


  3. I’m so far enjoying this. I can’t believe Isaac is a meanie and you’re doing an excellent job writing this! 🙂


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