The Bloomer Legacy: 1.10 Double Birthday

“Kirk, I’ve been meaning to apologise,” Maranda looks her husband straight in the eyes. “I never meant to take my anger out on you yesterday. It’s Isaac, he drives me crazy! I can’t control him, but I shouldn’t expect you to be able to either.”


Kirk grabs his wife in a tight embrace: “Oh my darling, I know it’s been tough on you. I’m at loose ends with him. Maybe he’ll grow out of it. At least we have each other!”


The couple makes up, just in time for them to celebrate their birthday.


But first… erm, let’s give them some privacy!


Sadly we don’t have many living friends left to invite them to the birthday party (even Bob’s passed away from old age – long live Bob’s memory). Luckily Kirk and Maranda have rekindled their flame so much in the past few days they don’t really need anyone else there.


Isaac: “So how does it feel to be getting old? Like real old?”


Kirk: “Isaac, could you please save it for another day? Today is a day of celebrations, and being together as a family.”


Isaac: “Ugh, you’re just so full of it aren’t you? Putting on your perfect little family play once again, and pretending to be living your perfect little life, not caring that people have died in the process! You’re such hypocrites!”


Maranda: “You know what Isaac, you’re not going to spoil my mood, not today. I’m going to enjoy my birthday no matter what, but if YOU want to be miserable, than sure, be my guest.”


Maranda and Isaac turned their attention to the birthday cake. Maranda may have talked the tough talk, but secretly she wished for her sweet little boy back when she blew out the candles.


They’ve aged up gracefully, with their love being stronger than ever.


Isaac did not care for his parents’ mushy behaviour. He left them to it and went to his room.


Even exercise didn’t help his rage (although as a physically gifted gym rat he does enjoy working out). He headed out for another night out at the park.


Isaac: “I’m here baby!”

Madeline: “Isaac, how many plum times do I need to tell you I’m not interested!”


Madeline: “I just don’t feel that way about you… mainly because I’m not into arrogant jerks.”


Isaac: “Fine, you don’t know what you’re missing! You’d not be able to hold my interest for long anyway!”


Isaac: “Oh man, it was so embarrassing…”

Pace: “Nah bro, you told her off good. And she totally wouldn’t have held your interest for long, just like you said. Same as that other chick, Juanita.”

Isaac: “Oh yeah, Juanita is so not a game-changer!”

Juanita: “Excuse me???”


Juanita: “What the plum is going on Isaac?”


Juanita: “I thought we had something, I thought I was your girlfriend! Can’t you just drop the whole bro act for a minute?”


Isaac: “You and I both know that I haven’t used the word girlfriend once! Don’t flatter yourself, you think you’re all that special!?”


Juanita: “We are SO over Isaac!”


Isaac didn’t feel like going home. He didn’t feel like doing anything. He’d made such a mess out of everything. He didn’t really have deep feelings for Juanita, but he had actually thought of asking her to be his girlfriend… but what would have Pace said.


If he was honest with himself, Isaac did know he wanted a family down the line. And deep down, really deep deep down, he wanted to make his parents proud. But was there even a way of doing that?

He realised it was his birthday tomorrow… actually, it was after midnight, so technically it was already his birthday. Worst birthday ever, he thought to himself.

“Hi Isaac,” said a voice behind him.

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  1. You’ll find out soon, I’ll upload the next chapter tomorrow at the very latest – and it’s going to be a fun one!

    He’s not aged up into YA yet, but just about!


  2. Love this! So now I’ve got all these questions about how far you play ahead and how you create the plot and so on… Can’t wait until the next time we get a chance to talk about this at the Forums! I think I’ll ask in the Book Club thread so that your answers don’t get lost amongst the cupcake talk! 🙂


  3. It varies but I’m usually around 10 chapters worth ahead in gameplay (sometimes more if I get carried away, and then I have to ban myself from playing). I did write a behind the scenes post after a major story arch finished, so that might answer some of your questions 🙂


  4. Oh I think I know who it is! I’m guessing it’s a certain transparent friend who will hopefully set things right. Fingers crossed.


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