The Bloomer Legacy: 1.12 The Third Trait

Kirk and Maranda were shocked. Could it be Ruby? But how was this possible?

Ruby: “Yes it’s me. Don’t look at me as if you’ve seen a ghost… actually, I see your point!”


Isaac left them alone to talk. He couldn’t quite hear them from the other room, but he didn’t hear any yelling and nothing he’d seen through the glass door looked disturbing. It was one long conversation though!


Finally, Ruby emerged.

Isaac: “How did it go?”

Ruby: “I think it went well! Your parents are such understanding people Isaac! You are very lucky.”


Isaac grabbed Ruby’s hands: “I am very lucky indeed.”


Ruby stepped back: “What the plum are you doing Isaac?”

Isaac doesn’t give up: “Ruby, I’ve never met anyone that I could be myself around… until I met you. You’re my best friend. And let’s face it, I’ve spent the better part of my life thinking about you in one way or another ever since my parents brought me to your park when I was a kid! I… I love you Ruby.”


Ruby just stood there in shock. Isaac used this to his advantage, and quickly planted a kiss on Ruby’s lips.


Ruby couldn’t believe what was happening: “You love me? But… that doesn’t make any sense! You can’t possibly love me… I’m just a ghost!”


Isaac wrapped his arms around Ruby: “Well that’s too bad because it doesn’t change a thing I’ve said.”

He kissed Ruby again, and this time, she kissed him back.

Isaac’s third and final trait is romantic.


I’ve put Isaac into the detective career, because I figured the good cop/bad cop thing would suit his outgoing yet mean personality.


Isaac: “Hi I’m Isaac, your friendly neighbourhood officer!”


Isaac: “Hey you! Did I just see you litter! Not on my watch, fattie!”


Isaac: “You’re under arrest! You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say or do can and WILL be used against you in court of law. And those shoes are hideous, by the way.”


The #Build Newcrest challenge does allow generation 2 to take up any of the Get to Work careers, however the detective career does prove to put you into a bit of a pickle, as it does require your sim to leave Newcrest and go to crime scenes in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs.

Since the official challenge explanation of why your sims don’t go to those neighbourhoods is that they are riddled with crime, visiting them as a policeman makes enough sense for me to justify it.


Isaac: “Hi Juanita, I know we haven’t ended things on the best note, but, err, can you describe what happened here?”

Juanita: “I cannot believe YOU of all people are taking my witness report!”

Isaac: “So what brings YOU to the crime scene?”


Isaac had a surprise for Kirk. He told him to meet him by the starter home Kirk had built to start Isaac’s starter neighbourhood.

To Kirk’s delight, he discovered Isaac had started working on the next home.


Isaac: “So, uh, this bit is meant to measure… oh wait, is this inches or centimetres?”


Perhaps building did not come quite as naturally to Isaac as it did to Kirk. But it didn’t matter. Kirk was overcome with pride. His little boy has become a responsible young man, ready to take on the family quest of building Newcrest.

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  1. “Don’t look at me as if you’ve seen a ghost… actually, I see your point!” LOL

    Wow, in love with her? Actually I was going to ask on yesterday’s post if ghosts got pregnant, I saw one once in the gallery I think but she was probably pregnant before they killed her or something. But how could that continue? Would they adopt ? So interesting, I wonder what the chapter for tomorrow is about!
    So there’s his third trait, I didn’t miss it.
    It worked perfect then, with the detective career.


  2. They don’t have an option to try for a baby, so the ghost on the gallery must have been killed pregnant (how sad!). The challenge rules say adoption is fine though so hopefully they’ll be ok!

    Hehe Isaac loves the detective career – he gets an excuse to yell at people AND get paid for it 😀


  3. YAAAS! I was hoping for them to get together! I almost commented about it on the last chapter, but I couldn’t stop reading. I’m so glad for them! And I think it would make sense for them to adopt, seeing as Ruby’s son was “sent to an orphanage” and all that — adoption would be close to her heart. Also, I love the ‘bad cop’ career choice! I’ve seen the Mean trait-detective career combo before, and it works really well. I’m glad everything’s working out for Isaac, finally!


  4. I can’t get enough of this. It’s perfect. I love how he’s shaping up. The jobs is perfect. He’s doing his part of the challenge finally. But, how will this romance work? Will it work? Will she tell him to find someone alive? Oh the suspense….thank you for this, it made my day to see him starting to grow up.


  5. Lindsay: I’ll have a look, I love different people’s take on the challenge 🙂

    Jordan: I agree, I think Ruby would want to adopt because of what happened with her son. I wonder what the sim social workers think of ghost parents! 😀 The challenge actually only lets you pick from a few career options for each generation, so I’m really glad the detective track was one of them, he’s very good at it!

    Raerei: Thank you you for the lovely feedback! It seems that Ruby always manages to change Isaac, first for the worse but now for the better 🙂 It’s definitely much easier to have him around now than during his horrible teens!


  6. “Not on my watch, fattie!” LOL, that was awesome :-p

    So…I’ve been waiting to see how this romance was gonna form seeing as how I saw one of your nice teasers about it long ago. Cool!


    1. I know! I’d say because of his other traits (romantic and domestic), he got quite selectively mean. As in, he’d never be mean to his family (save maybe one exception) or get whims to be mean to other people and yell at his coworkers lol! He definitely needs an outless for the meanness to come out 😀


  7. Awwww I love how ghost emotions show up so easily in game and how Ruby was pink after he kissed her!!

    Love it! I also have GTW but haven’t played it at al yet so I’m sort of excited to see it play out a bit in your story!


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