The Bloomer Legacy: 1.13 Best Night of Your Life

Isaac poured punch into the fountain. He took a deep breath. He had the prefect evening planned for Ruby and hoped it will all go to plan. He had a whole romantic setup in the back garden – the only thing missing were candles, but Isaac figured Ruby would not appreciate the fire, considering her death and all.


Ruby came into the garden and saw Isaac. He didn’t tell her much about what he had planned, all he instructed her to do was to dress in something nice (Maranda helped Ruby pick the outfit, since we all know Ruby’s fashion sense).


Isaac took Ruby’s hands into his: “You look beautiful tonight my love.”

Ruby blushed, but of course the benefit of being a ghost is that no one can see such things.

Isaac: “I want tonight to be the best night of your life.”

Ruby: “But Isaac, I’m dead…”


Isaac pulled Ruby towards him: “Let’s not focus on that know, shall we.” And with that, he kissed her passionately. Ruby felt weak in the knees and suggested they sit down for the meal.


Isaac continued to be affectionate as they started to eat their dinner.


Ruby: “Wow, this stuff is really good! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything as good in my… well, life. Or death!”


As soon as she finished her meal, the world around her started to spin. No, surely it must just be her head that’s spinning.

Ruby: “Isaac, maybe you should stop eating, I think there’s something wrong with it… I don’t feel so good.”


Isaac: “It will be ok Ruby, just trust me.”

Ruby: “I can’t see… the light, it’s blinding!”


Ruby: “Isaac?”


Ruby starred at her hand. “That can’t be,” she whispered. “How did you… what did you…”

She couldn’t quite finish the sentence so she just leapt into Isaac’s arms.


Isaac: “Well, I did some research, and I realised my family was always destined to bring you back to life. With my dad’s love of fishing and gardening, getting the ingredients was easy…”


Isaac: “And as you know, aside from being a great mixologist, my mom is also a top notch chef! She just had a look at the recipe and said it shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

So really, I did nothing. It’s my parents you have to thank.”


Isaac: “Luckily they’re here here, so you can.”

Ruby was lost for words: “Kirk… Maranda… I can’t believe you’d do this for me… after all I’d done to your family….”

Maranda smiled: “You did also bring our family back together.”


Isaac gave Ruby a big bear hug: “If you could forgive us, how could we not forgive you?”

Ruby felt something hot and wet dripping down her cheek. Tears, she realised. She’d forgotten what they felt like.

Isaac interrupted: “Now, don’t cry just yet Ruby. There’s more.”


A skinny middle-aged man entered the garden. Ruby looked at the stranger, trying to place him. Then she caught a glimpse of his eyes and her jaw dropped: “That can’t be…”



The man smiled nervously and a lot of uncertainty in his voice he responded: “Mom?”

Ruby could see that he was uncomfortable, but she didn’t care. She hugged him tightly and they both burst into tears. She sure will not forget what they feel like again any time soon!


They sat down, overcome with emotion.

There were, so many lost hours, days, years, so many questions unanswered. Ruby started with the most apparent one: “How did you end up here?”

Allen: “Isaac found me.”


Isaac: “It was quite simple, really. As soon as I started working at the police station, I started searching for Allen in all databases available to the police. I found out he’d never been adopted and went from foster home to foster home, but once he’d turned 18 I lost his tracks.”

Ruby let out a sob. Her poor boy!

Isaac: “He never committed any crimes, so he wasn’t in the police database. I almost gave up, but one day I found him, closer to home than I could have imagined. It turns out Allen has been a senior detective at the police station in Willow Creek for quite some time!”


Isaac: “So I just found his address in the employee database and knocked on his door one afternoon after my shift.”

Ruby: “You went to Willow Creek? But… there’s so much crime there… it’s not safe!”

Isaac: “Darling, I go to Willow Creek all the time for work. With all the crime scenes and street fights I’ve witnessed there on patrol, visiting your son at his home was hardly going to be a risky operation.”

(Author’s note: Also, The Rules! I broke the rules! Well I say plum the rules, just for this one instance. And also, what Isaac said.)


Allen: “Can I help you? You’re not trying to sell hoovers again, are you?”

Isaac: “Um, no. I believe I know someone you’re related to. Someone you’ve lost touch with.”


Allen: “That must be some sort of a mistake. I have no living relatives.”

Isaac: “See, you may not want to focus on the word living…”


“That is so… Allen… Isaac…” Ruby was on the verge of breaking down again. “You were right Isaac, this IS the best night of my life!”

Isaac: “Wait, there’s one more thing…”


Everything suddenly seemed to slow down, and Ruby felt like she saw Isaac drop to one knee in slow motion.

Isaac: “Ruby Perrin, will you marry me?”

Ruby felt like she was going to faint.


Isaac caught her though. He would always catch her. And never let her fall.

Ruby: “Of course I will!”


Kirk and Maranda beamed as they watched the happy couple.


Maranda: “They’re so in love!”

Kirk: “Just like us.”


Maranda looked at her husband and soulmate: “No, not like us. The world is theirs now. But we did pretty damn well.”

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  1. Wow! See, everything always has a reason. She died in that fire so she’d saty the same age and could meet Isaac.
    I wad about to ask, what did Kirk and Maranda thought about their love, with her being a ghost and everything but I see they had plans.
    Her son! I can’t believe she reunited with him. Aww that was so sweet!


  2. Yup! I’m stoked to have Ruby in the family, I always really liked her and was so upset when she died, but as you said it worked out well in the end. I might write a ‘behind the scenes’ type post about all this!

    The only thing that breaks my heart is that her son is so much older than her, so he’ll (most likely) die before her. I’m dreading getting to that part in the game…


  3. Yayayayayayay! I’m so glad this all worked out. How did I not know ambrosia was in TS4? Then again it’s not allowed in regular legacies so I plead that. I’m glad they got together and were reunited with her son. It’s just all so sweet!

    I think it’s just fine to break the rules for the story. Rules are the to give you purpose and lines, but sometimes you have to cross them for the sake of the story.


  4. I actually never made ambrosia in TS4 before! I think the Build Newcrest legacy version is a bit more forgiving than the standard legacy, but to be honest I would have went for it anyway even if it wasn’t allowed 🙂 I’m all for bending the rules a little bit…


  5. Oooo, ambrosia’s pretty… I haven’t made ambrosia in any Sims game, so it’s cool finally seeing it in action. I’m so glad that Ruby’s back! She’s gorgeous (now that she has some fashion sense) — I can’t wait to see their kids (hopefully they have at least one of their own!). Hm. I wonder how her son is taking all of this…his mom is younger than him, his mom’s new fiance is waaay younger than him and is his employee…I wonder if Isaac’s meanness will kick and in and they’ll have a fight or something. I could see it happening.

    Also — I don’t have the Luxury Party pack (or whatever it’s called) yet, but seeing some of the items in it here really makes me want it…I think I’ll break down and get it and the outdoor party pack when Spa Day comes out…*does Sim squee-dance because excitement*


  6. I love the way the ambrosia glows! Normally I wouldn’t go through so much effort but it was not as hard to make thanks to Kirk and Maranda’s hobbies.

    I think Ruby’s son is glad to have his mom back but definitely rather uncomfortable about the whole situation!

    As with most DLC For The Sims I got Luxury Party stuff for the hair haha! I don’t use it very often but it works really well for special occasions like this!


  7. So fantastic! I love it when a story starts as a challenge… and then it becomes funny… and then it becomes classic… and then it lifts out of all of that and becomes magic. And yours has done all of that so very, very quickly! Often, it’s not until gen 5 that magic of this scope happens! 🙂


  8. Aww thank you Cathy! This was my favourite part of the legacy so far, so I’m glad it translated into the writing. I really appreciate that you took the time to read my story!


  9. This was one of the best chapters of any Sim story I’ve ever read. How can any other sim ever live up to this proposal. It all really tugged at my heartstings. Amazing story.


  10. OH MY GAAAAAAAAH!!!! Ugh, this was the best!! I’m glad I didn’t read this chapter when I saw the teaser; it wouldn’t have been as special. Yaaaaay! I’m like cheesing so hard right now lol.


    1. I’m glad you liked it, this is still one of my favourite chapters. I agree it wouldn’t really have the same effect without knowing what lead up to it. And definitely involves a lot of cheese haha! I’m not even particularly romantic, but I guess romances always have to play a part in a legacy.


  11. Oh I’m so happy for Isaac and Ruby! Especially Ruby. How wonderful that she’s able to live her life once again and reunite with her son! I’m really glad that Allen agreed to come along with Isaac even though it must have been pretty crazy for him to say that he’d reunite him with his dead mother, but I’m so happy everything worked out. 🙂

    Also, Ruby looks amazing in her pink dress and heels! Maranda really has a great sense of style. 🙂


  12. Awwwww I seriously about teared up when she got to see Allen again!!

    And Kirk and Maranda really did have a huge part to play in her return to life! I’m so glad this was the best night of her new life!!

    Ruby is so beautiful!!


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