The Bloomer Legacy: 2.1 Changes

Allen moved to a new house right across the street from the Bloomer house. Strictly speaking I’m only meant to move Isaac’s children into the neighbourhood, but Allen IS technically Isaac’s stepson. Also, the challenge rules don’t explicitly mention anything about not being able to populate Newcrest with the children your spouse had before her untimely death and subsequent resurrection… So I call it fair game!


The home does not officially fall under the challenge rules, but I did try to make it around the appropriate cost for the higher end of the affordable neighbourhood spectrum. I only went over by about 1,000 – the home is meant to cost up to 35,000. Allen had the money, so I did put in a few extra decorative bits and bobs. You know, like toilet paper.


And here’s the upstairs, with a study/gym area, and a kid’s room for future proofing, should Allen end up having kids.


Which might actually be on the cards. When I placed Allen in his home I checked his relationship panel, and it turns out he DID end up bonding with Juanita quite a bit at the wedding. So it wasn’t just me thinking they were making googly eyes at each other!


As for the actual Bloomer quest, Isaac finished the second starter home for his affordable neighbourhood. It may even end there, considering I don’t want to run out of space, but it depends on how many kids Isaac winds up having (since each child will need a starter, apart from the heir).


Here is the inside, it’s quite a modern simple build with all necessities – even a computer.


And here’s a look at the neighbourhood so far. As always I will be putting the homes on the gallery.


Still devastated by Kirk and Maranda’s recent deaths, Isaac and Ruby come visit Allen for support. Don’t expect any from Juanita, she’s positively gloating.


Allen tries to shift focus by recounting tales of his childhood in the orphanage and various foster homes. Not the most light-hearted choice of conversation topic, Allen!

Also, Juanita, you need to stop grinning so much! So inappropriate!


Ultimately, Allen realises a comforting hug is worth a thousand words.

Juanita, on the other hand, should perhaps focus on her charisma skill to gain a bit more compassion.

Juanita: “Hey Isaac, look at my new boyfriend trying to cheer up his mom! He’s so dreamy… aren’t you so jelly?”

Isaac: “I miss my mom.”


The couple gets home after their evening at the Perrin house and gets ready for bed.

Ruby: “Isaac, tonight got me thinking… I missed so many years with Allen. I love having him just next door now, but if I’m honest with myself, I know we will never be able to fully make up for all the lost time.

I can’t help but think of all those years he spent in the orphanage or going from foster home to foster home… He turned out so well regardless, but his life could have been so much different if someone took him in, if he had found a new loving family… it would have made a world of a difference, both to him and to me.

I can’t go back in time and make that happen for Allen, but I know I can make a difference now. I’d like to adopt a child.”


Isaac smiled for the first time in days: “I think that’s a great idea, my love. The house is so empty now, and I would love for us to give a home to someone who’s in the same situation Allen was back then. I do still want to have children of our own, but I’d love to have a big family anyway. Growing up as an only child was difficult for me, I think I would have had an easier time dealing with things if I had a brother or a sister.”

Isaac and Ruby held each other’s hands. Finally, they could see a glimmer of hope for the future.


The very next day, they adopted little Erica. Welcome to the Bloomer house, kid!


Ruby hugged the little girl tightly. She wanted to give her everything she couldn’t have given to Allen. She knew she and Isaac would have other children, but Erica was always going to be special to her.


Erica wants to be an artistic prodigy, and supposedly she is gloomy. I honestly couldn’t tell, look at that huge smile on her face!


Isaac wastes no time and reads to the little girl. Erica’s imagination runs wild. She can’t wait to draw all the princesses and dragons that Isaac is telling her about.

We’ve converted Isaac and Maranda’s old room into a room for Erica. It’s nice to see new memories forming here!


On top of all this, Ruby has some more good news: She’s pregnant!


Isaac wishes his parents could have seen his little family grow. But perhaps on some level, they will.

Ruby’s thoughts were elsewhere, she wanted to make sure Erica didn’t feel threatened by the new child, only having just joined the family.


Ruby: “…so there’s a tiny baby inside of mommy’s tummy now, and in a few days, you’ll have a little brother or sister.

But Erica, remember that you are our daughter now, and nothing will ever change that. We will always love and will always be your parents, you’ll just get to be a big sister as a bonus!”


Erica actually couldn’t be more excited for the new baby, bless her little heart!


They all have a family dinner for the first time.


And Ruby makes sure Erica does her homework before bedtime.


Things are looking up in the Bloomer household again.


Aside from the new additions to the family, Ruby is also starting a new job. I wasn’t sure what career would suit her personality, but in the end I decided the tech guru path might be a good fit for her. I could see her becoming an eSports Gamer, if she has time for that between popping all those kids, that is.


As for Isaac’s career, it’s still the same old. Crime scene after crime scene, and Juanita popping up at most of them. Not suspicious at all.


However, there has been one rather significant change to Isaac’s daily grind. When he gets home after his shift, he gets this sweet welcome now.

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  1. “challenge rules don’t explicitly mention anything about not being able to populate Newcrest with the children your spouse had before her untimely death and subsequent resurrection” lol, that works.

    Aww, they really do welcome them home?
    Wow, I can’t believe they adopted and are now having a baby! So many cool things are coming to this family. I believe.
    Juanita lol, very suspicious, why is she always the victim, that’s very odd.
    So, does this mean Allen is an adult while Ruby is a YA?


  2. I’ve never seen it in any of my other families where I played the GTW careers, but Erica really does do this. She’s such a sweetheart.

    Juanita is ALWAYS at crime scenes. Either she’s involved in some criminal activities or she secretly wants to be a cop.

    Yes, Allen is a lot older than Ruby, he’s in the second half of the adult stage while the ambrosia reset Ruby back to the very beginning of YA. If this was a normal family, she could be his daughter.


  3. Wow, weirder stories indeed. ‘I have a mom that is like a daughter to me but also treats me like a son’. And that would make his stepfather way younger than him.
    Oh, Juanita is such an interesting character


  4. Lux: Juanita is awesome hehe. I’m so glad her and Allen hit it off at the wedding!

    Lindsay: Thank you! I don’t use the adoption feature nearly enough so it was a nice change. Your family might also be quite the patchwork with Taylor’s kids in question!


  5. What an adorable little girl! *ninjapig snuggles Erica* And welcome to the neighbourhood, Allen and Juanita! I hope that Juanita won’t cause too much problems for Isaac’s household… :/


  6. “I miss my mom.”

    I laughed out loud reading that. 😀 Hell, I’m still laughing! You are so dry and funny! I love your sense of humor!


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