The Bloomer Legacy: 2.6 Family Matters

All is well in the Bloomer family. Baby number three should show up any minute, Isaac is still a great husband and dad…


…and has the work routine down: crime scenes, witness reports, interrogations…


…and, of course, dealing with Juanita’s frequent visits at the police station.

Isaac lets out a deep sigh: “Ok Juanita, what unacceptable alleged crime are you here to report now?”

Juanita: “Oh, none, I just came to invite you and the fam for dinner.”


Juanita: ‘I just love trolling him!’


Of course we take up the Perrins on the offer and the whole family goes across the street in the evening.


Isaac ventures into enthusing about his life: “You know I’ve never felt happier – my kids are little angels, my wife is the most amazing person on the planet, I have another child on the way and work is so fulfilling…”

This is sure to put a damper on Juanita’s mood: “You sure you can’t think of anything? Nobody insulted you at least? Haven’t had to search any disgusting criminals lately?”


Peter appears to be the first Bloomer who gets along with evil cousin Cassiel: “I think Captain Duckhorse will got space next, and fight some space villains.”

Cassiel: “Oh cool, can I be one of the villains?”

Peter: “Sure!”


That being said, Peter is likely to remain the last Bloomer Cassiel likes.

Cassiel: “Get out of my house! There’s only room for one princess in here – mommy said so too!”


Juanita beamed with pride: “My little girl, isn’t she darling?”


Ruby: “Isaac, wake up! It’s time!”


I would have thought having the baby delivered at the hospital would help Isaac’s nerves this time around, but no such luck.


Isaac: “What’s the doctor doing? Is that meant to happen? Aah I can’t watch!”

Doctor: “Sir you need to calm down or I’m going to have to ask you to leave…”


Baby number three is here… along with baby number four. Oh plum.

Unlike me Isaac and Maranda have no fear and welcome the twins to the family.


Meet Charlotte, who is slightly older by a couple of minutes.


And Gretchen, the baby of the family.


Peter: “Mommy! You’re home! I was so afraid that you had to go to the hospital, I thought you were really sick!”

Ruby: “Not at all bunny, that’s just what happens when new babies arrive.”

Peter: “Babies?”

Ruby; “That’s right! Go have a look, they’re inside already!”


Peter: “Wow, they’re so tiny!”

Erica: “You used to be just like that! You even wore the same onesie sometimes.”


Peter: “Hi babies! I’m your big brother Peter! We’ll have lots of fun when you get a bit bigger, and Captain Duckhorse will take you along for all of his adventures!”

Erica: “I’m just so excited the family is even bigger now!”

Least. Gloomy. Gloomy. Sim. Ever.


Both of the kids took the new arrival pretty well, and they spent most of the afternoon cooing over the babies. I for one cannot wait for them to get past the baby stage!

19 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.6 Family Matters

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  1. Twins! Aww but they are so cute as babies lol
    Why is Juanita so upset now? It’s like she wants to be the only one happy and the one with the perfect life. I love what you did with the couch.


  2. From what I’ve gathered It’s not that Juanita doesn’t want everyone to be unhappy, she just cannot stand it when Isaac in particular is happy because she still can’t get over the fact he rejected someone as perfect as her. Her emotions are typically the exact opposite of his – she gloats when he’s angry or sad and is pissed off when he’s happy lol.


  3. I love Erica! So I have had a few Sim kids with the gloomy trait–and they did many of the same gestures that Erica does! They also were THE best sisters and family members. Really amazing. I adore the gloomy trait.


  4. You would believe it but my Alexandra, I believe she had the unwanted sibling moodlet. I am catching up on your story.


  5. There was once a sim kid that I had and he was always gloomy but he didn’t have the gloomy trait. Maybe for Ruby it’ll kick in once she becomes a teenager but it’s good to see that trait no showing up much.


    1. Yeah that was a weird glitch. I’ve had it a couple times afterwards, so I’ve started using default replacements for baby clothes/skin. I was fed up with those green and yellow onesies anyway!


  6. Wow!! Twinsies!! I always love when Twins come up in other people’s stories but I haven’t been blessed (cursed?) with them yet in my game! Haha!! Seems like it adds a big element for storytelling!


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