The Bloomer Legacy: 2.7 Birthdays All Around

As I suspected, two crying babies at the same time can be a handful. The house has never been so smelly and there has never been so much crying and screaming.


Thankfully Ruby and Isaac really lucked out and have a little helper in Erica, she always wants to take care of the twins.


But she never forgets about her brother. Erica was born to be a part of a big family and loves every minute of it.


Whenever she’s not spending time with her siblings, she focuses on building her creativity skill. She’s managed to fulfil her aspiration and has now become creatively gifted! Just in time, as it is her birthday today.


We’ve invited the Perrins over for the birthday party. Apparently Allen has become an elder already.

Juanita looks peeved, of course. After all this is a happy occasion in the Bloomer house.


Allen: “I’m actually really enjoying old age. I’ve been able to retire and spend time with the family, and I feel like I’m at such a happy place in my life!”

Ruby tries to hold back tears. Her children are getting older and there’s nothing she can do to slow time down.


All she can do is celebrate with them.


Welcome to teenage years Erica! She quite fittingly rolls the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration, and also gains the romantic trait.

Pace: “Romantic, you say?”

Hands of Pace, she’s just a teenager!


The twins have grown as well. Charlotte has become a genius and a social butterfly, while Gretchen takes after Erica and wants to be an artistic prodigy because she’s an art lover. I have no clue how the household’s become so artsy all of the sudden!


Pace: “Congratulations on your birthday, you’ve aged up quite well I must say…”

Plummit Pace, what have I said? And what’s happened to the whole “no woman can tame me down” thing anyway?

Pace: “I’m getting old. I found a grey hair the other day!”

You’re so not invited to any more of our parties!


Erica gets a makeover; aside from a cheeky Insta-lean potion, she also gets a whole new wardrobe and dyes her hair black – I felt that a gloomy romantic and artistic teen would be likely to go for a more gothic style. She shows off her new look to Allen.


Allen has in fact been very popular with the birthday girls; the twins won’t leave him alone!


Everyone parties their socks off, Ruby in particular really gets into it with her dance moves.


Allen: “What is it mom, why have you stopped?”

Ruby: “I’m a bit tired really, I could use a bit of a nap.”

Isaac: “Well how about an extremely non-strenuous slow dance with me?”


Ruby: “I’d love to!”

With Isaac holding her, Ruby forgets about her lazy trait and they dance the rest of the evening away.


Charlotte giggles: “Parents… they’re so silly!”

Allen: “I know right?”


With all of the birthdays in the house, refurbishments were in order. Erica gave her old room to twins, since it was the biggest one in the house and she didn’t really need as much space anyway. As long as she could fit in her brand new easel in her room, she was happy!


Once the twins were in their beds Maranda stopped by to check on her family. The girls were half asleep, but somehow they could still hear someone reading a bed time story to them at the back of their minds.


Oh hi cousin Cassiel, we missed you at the party!

Cassiel: “What are you talking about, I’ve been here the entire time! I was just having too much fun in the backyard laughing at the dead people. I mean… they’re dead! Isn’t it hysterical?”

Oh boy…

14 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.7 Birthdays All Around

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  1. Emma: Thank you! I think Erica grew up gorgeous (with a bit of help from the insta-lean)

    Lux: I found her standing by the graves on her own and laughing. She also walks around on her own in the middle of the night… She scares me a bit…


  2. This lovely. I am tempted to redo my Jone’s House. I am thinking of getting a house build for Russell. Well Ashton wants to create a house for them. I am sure he wants to redo his starter house that he is living in.


  3. I love Erickas look!!! I’m always hesitant to use the insta-lean as I always think they look too thin. But the look works for a gloomy artist teen for sure!!

    I totally agree about too many sim kids. Sometimes I just do a time jump to just get over it. Haha. Teens and YA are a bit more interesting though teen homework is a pain.


    1. I don’t mind the temporary skininess since they tend to fill in soon. And yes, I’ve definitely done various things when it comes to the amount of time spent on kids throughout the generations, tried a few approaches there. Generally I could spend more time on them, I think, I often glaze over the kid stage (and don’t get me started on babies)


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