The Bloomer Legacy: 2.8 Babysitting

Twins are awake, I repeat, twins are awake! This is not a drill! Time to let everyone fight over the 2 available toilets and hope for an accident-free morning.


Erica tries to get some painting done in her room before the chaos starts fully.


Mornings are a hectic time in the Bloomer house now. It’s the first day all of the kids are capable of running around and getting into trouble, and both Isaac and Ruby both have to work even though it’s a Saturday. Let’s hope they’re all alive and well by the time the parents get back from work.


Ruby: “Erica will be in charge, so you kids listen to your big sister and we’ll be back before you know it.”

Charlotte: “Sweet, today is gonna be awesome!”

Since Erica was always great with all of her younger siblings as a child, I have confidence that this will go well. Yes.


The house is a mess, so first and foremost Erica attempts to fix the shower.


She then proceeds to clean the kitchen. Look at that poor unhappy face! You were uncomfortable because the room was filthy, it’s either cleaning or that!

I promise this is not the Disney challenge and Erica is not Cinderella!


Charlotte: “Cheer up big sis! Let me give you a big hug!”

This would technically be a seen as an adorable bonding moment between sisters, but being the little social butterfly she is, Charlotte is not stingy with the hugs no matter who’s the sim in question.


Charlotte: “Hi people I just met! Would you like a hug?”


Meanwhile at home…

Gretchen: “Um, Erica, is that meal meant to be cooked this way?”


Karter: “No I won’t hug you, girls are icky!”


Erica managed to successfully extinguish the fire, but half of our kitchen’s burnt down and there’s no way she can replace that expensive oven with her pocket money.


Erica: “Ok listen up gang, here’s the plan. We can’t afford to replace the stove but at least we can try to clean up the mess from the fire before mom and dad get home.”


As the older twin, Charlotte always felt like she’s the leader of their double trouble team: “Quick Gretchen, follow my lead, I’ll get us out of the cleaning!”

The twins race off and are nowhere to be seen for ages.


Erica gives up and decides to spend the rest of the afternoon with what she does best; painting. Perhaps if she paints something really good she can manage to sell it and get enough money for a new stove?


Too late, Ruby’s home!

Erica: “And then this huge fire started and the whole kitchen was in flames…”


Erica: “But I managed to save the day and extinguish it all! So… it’s really not that bad… in the grand scheme of things…”

Ruby’s eye started twitching: “Did you say fire?”


Ruby couldn’t even bear the thought of fire in the house. She decided to take a nice long relaxing bath before doing anything else. Because the fire couldn’t get her if she was in the water, right?


Peter: “Is mommy mad at us Erica? I’m the second oldest one, I should have helped you more!”

Erica hugs her little brother: “It’ll be fine Petey, mom always feels better after a bubble bath!”


Peter still felt guilty though, so he did some more cleaning… just in case.


Ruby was feeling a lot happier after her little pamper session. She replaced the oven with her pay check and since the kids didn’t really have anything to eat all day after Erica’s failed cooking attempt, she figured she would make them a good proper meal of… gummy bear pancakes?

Ruby: “They’re the best, right?”


Ruby: “Oopsie! I won’t burn the house down too… I can cook! I’m the mommy!” She laughs nervously. Ultimately she does succeed and we can all breathe again… what a day!


Isaac arrives home to a full plate: “Wow this looks amazing Ruby! How did the kids do today, was Erica alright?”

Ruby quickly forms a grin on her face: “The kids were just fine! Erica did a great job!”


Isaac: “I knew it! Our kids are so responsible and self-reliant! Are we great parents or what?”

Oh Isaac, you gullible man!


17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.8 Babysitting

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  1. LOL
    And they’re both up at the same time! Chaos, yes it’s like there is no self control, everyone must get to the bathroom at the same time.
    “I promise this is not the Disney challenge and Erica is not Cinderella!” Lol Ash can relate
    Hey, is this the first time we see her without a smile on her face?


  2. Yes I think so – Erica started to actually get more gloomy as a teen – I think it’s mainly due to her being romantic and there being a lack of teenage boys in the neighbourhood… Also, the house being a mess all the time now doesn’t help much!


  3. Oh gawd, this brings me back to my Disney gen 2 days…so many children, so few bathrooms…*cries*

    Isaac in that last screenshots — lmfao I love him. And Ruby and Erica are amazing too — Ruby’s so hilarious, and I love Erica’s gothic painter look. ❤


  4. I honestly don’t know how you guys did it with the Disney challenge – the maximum amount of children I can handle is 3! I essentially let the twins do their own thing and hope for the best LOL


  5. I read somewhere that you were thinking about doing a Disney challenge sometime — here are my tips for gen 2:
    Get into a schedule. Pause a lot, queue up a lot of actions for everyone, then check in every so often to make sure no one’s peeing their pants. Also, have one bathroom per Sim — very necessary. (Yes, I literally had 8 bathrooms in their starter house. You could also do a ‘gym locker room’ kind of bathroom with stalls so they can all use it at once.) I lucked out and had two sets of twins right off the bat (it was during the twin bug), so essentially I was able to move out four kids at once, then have the next three (though I cut it really close — the founding spouse died the day they conceived baby #7). It’s a super fun challenge, despite gen 2’s craziness!


  6. Haha the locker room approach is awesome! I guess I could pretend all of the kids are on a football team haha!

    Yeah I’ve been thinking about doing the Disney Challenge or the Time Lord one after I’m done with Building Newcrest… but that won’t be for a while! I’m more of a one family I’m mega attached to at a time kind of simmer, so I don’t know if I could do several at a time like you. Then again, I might be so sick of Bloomers once I get several generations in that I might just need something else on the side 🙂


  7. Yes, they’re a scary dish – though so far I’ve been lucky on the emotional death front! For some reason Ruby loves to make them a lot, she must think they’re the quintessential family meal.


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