The Bloomer Legacy: 2.10 It’s Just a Little Crush

Yes, I get it Erica, you want love in your life. Sigh.


Why don’t you give Jaxen a chance? He’s a nice boy… and by the looks of it, the only boy around. Perhaps the two of you could head out together and explore if we can manufacture that spark for you?

Erica: “That’s not romantic?”

It’s that or being lovelorn, take your pick!

Out on a night in the ever so empty Newcrest they go…


It appears there is one other teenage boy in the neighbourhood after all. Meet Daniel Agustin. He even looks like a bit of a bad boy, just like Erica wanted. As soon as she sees him, she forgets all about poor Jaxen.

Random girl #1: “Oh hello there, I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m…”

Jessica barges in: “Hi, I’m Jessica!”

Daniel: “Ladies… one at a time please!”

It’s going to be hard for Erica to get his attention though, with so much competition around!


He passes by on his own a little while later. Quick Erica, say something, anything!

Erica: “Watch out! There’s a giant parrot coming from the sky!”

Anything but that, perhaps…


Daniel: “You’re weird… I like it!”



The two get talking and Erica learns Daniel is not only creative, but also a music lover. On top of that, I have a bit of a sneak peak in CAS and it turns out he’s also dastardly. If that’s not Erica’s artistic stranger with a bad boy edge, no one is!


Cousin Cassiel! What are you doing here all alone in the middle of the night?

Cassiel: “You don’t want to know…”


It’s Ruby’s birthday, she’s finally becoming an adult! I also decided to give the living room a bit f a makeover and recoloured everything to more of a cream tone – It’s about time that Ruby and Isaac put their own stamp on the house!

That’s not all though, Peter is aging up today as well!


Everyone dresses up for the occasion, of course, and Isaac is as smitten with his wife as ever.


The angsty teens arrive first. Oh boy, I cannot wait to have four of those in the house!


The Perrins turn up shortly after.

Cassiel: “Yes! People getting old… muahahahahaa!”


Isaac and Ruby are not paying attention though.


Allen: “Happy birthday mom!”

Ruby: “Allen! I’m so excited we’ll finally be a bit closer in age!”

Note: It looks like the three kids didn’t quite affect Ruby’s body the way I’d imagined. While she does seem to have some curves now, her waist looks even slimmer in comparison. Life’s unfair.


Erica seems to have invited a guest of her own. Daniel cleans up nicely!


Time for the first age transition of the night! Allen sure knows how to party in spite of his age!


Aside from being a geek, Peter has now also become a goofball who wants to become a computer whiz… basically, he’s turning into his mom.


…speaking of whom, Ruby’s now a fully mature adult. Supposedly. Those wrinkles make me sad. Time for a quick makeover me thinks.


Looks like there’s quite the age division going on, while the grown-ups remain in the living room…


…the teens retreat to the study and play games. Peter is stoked to be the same age as his best bud Jaxen again!


Erica and Cassiel just observe the boys being boys in mild amusement.


Juanita: “I hope you’re not thinking you’ll be the most attractive mature vixen around, Ruby. Because that’s me!”

Yes Juanita… so mature!


Ruby: “Of course not Juanita, nobody does the vixening quite as well as you!”


Allen: “Please excuse my family… they do strive to be normal, I swear!”


Cassiel: “Hi Peter, you’re so tall now! I want to be just like you… but more cunning!”


Cassiel: “Can I follow you around everywhere?”

Peter: “Err, no!”

What were you saying about your family Allen?


Meanwhile, Erica’s crush is getting a bit emotional looking at the family graves. This is your chance to get him on his own and in a vulnerable state Erica! Come find him!

To be continued…


13 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.10 It’s Just a Little Crush

Add yours

  1. Yeah I’m afraid poor Jaxen is friendzoned for the time being. But who knows what could happen.

    The Perrins… they’re quite an interesting family in their own right haha


  2. I loved Rudy’s dress at the party and her wardrobe change lolz.
    I like this new love interest for Erica too! He’s cute *wink wink*


  3. Haha I always give my sims makeovers mid-party haha!

    I think at this point Erica would be willing to develop a crush on anyone, but him being creative and music lover helped heeps.


  4. I wish I got to see more of Cassiel – most of the family dislikes her so she doesn’t really come round even when invited, usually she only comes to parties or I bump into her randomly.


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