The Bloomer Legacy: 2.11 Girlfriend

Erica spots Daniel alone in the garden. She’s so nervous her legs can barely carry her as she approaches him: “Hey Daniel! What are you doing out here all on your own?”

Daniel: “Oh, uh, I was just checking out the graves in your back yard. You don’t see that often!


Erica: “They’re my grandparents, actually. When I was a little girl I believed I saw my grandmother’s ghost once. Silly, huh?”


Daniel: “Oh no, ghosts totally exist, one could come out and take your soul this very second.”


Erica: “Holy plumbob a ghost! For real!”

Daniel: “Hahaha, can’t believe you would fall for that!”


Daniel: “Obviously ghosts do not exist!”


Daniel: “You’re such a silly gullible girl…”


Daniel: “…but I like you anyways. I’ve never met anyone as awesomely weird as you…”

Erica’s heart starts beating faster and faster… could he be saying what she thinks he is?


Suddenly, a stylish looking girl with short hair joins them.

Phoebe: “Yo, Dan!”

Daniel: “Hi Pheebs! This is Erica. Be careful around her, she spooks easily haha!”


Phoebe: “Hey Erica, nice to meet you! I’m Phoebe, Dan’s girlfriend.”

Erica: “Girlfriend? Oh no…”

She covers her mouth… has she actually said it out loud?


Phoebe: “What’s up?”

Erica: “Oh… uh… I just… didn’t want anyone else to know I thought I’d seen a ghost.”


Erica is mortified. Please let this be over already!

Phoebe: “You’re funny!”


Daniel: “Wait a minute, Erica – behind you!”

Erica: “What is is it?”


Daniel: “Bleuhbleuhbleuh I’m a ghost!”


Phoebe and Daniel start laughing while Erica just wishes she could dig herself a hole in the ground. How could everything go so horribly wrong all of the sudden?


Phoebe: “Anyways, as fun it was to meet you we gotta get going. Got stuff to do, don’t we Dan?” She winks.

Daniel: “Uh, yeah, sure.”


Erica just stands still as they walk off. Phoebe looks at Daniel and giggles.

Daniel: “What the plum was that?”

Phoebe: “What? Just a bit of fun! What’s up with your face?”


Erica stumbled into her room. She can barely see through the tears and all she wants to do is to hide under her bed sheets and cry. But she’s been working all her life to defeat her gloomy trait and she’s determined not to let it get the best of her now.


She goes downstairs to talk to her mom instead.


Erica: “Mom, why does everything have to be so difficult with boys?”

Ruby: “Oh honey…”

Erica: “I met this amazing guy and it turns out he has a girlfriend! He’d never mentioned her once!”


Ruby: “It’ll get better, you’ll see! You’ll just have to weed out the bad ones first. I know how you feel sweetie, trust me. Allen’s father even failed to mention that he had a wife to me… until it was too late, and then he wanted nothing to do with us. But it all turned out ok, because I met your dad and I couldn’t be any happier!”


Erica: “I know mom… but will I ever have what you two have?”


I’m testing the moustache look on Isaac. I was going for Magnum PI, but Isaac is no Tom Selleck and the taches in The Sims 4 leave a lot to be desired. I have yet to decide if Isaac can pull this off.

Ruby seems to think he can!


17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.11 Girlfriend

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  1. OH GOSH, the first thing I thought when I saw that stache was Pornstache from OITNB.
    But…the more I look at it, the more I kind of sort of almost like it…

    Poor Erica! Eh, the girlfriend isn’t really a problem…Erica could totally steal him. My issue is that I can’t decide if he’s mean/rude, or if he’s just teasing her in that flirty way…either way, I’m not really digging it. And, he’s not even that cute. You can do better, Erica. *passes the chocolate icecream* (Also, amazing job with the, the expressions fit SO perfectly.)


  2. Emma: One vote pro-tache! I keep going back and forth on it haha!

    Jordan: LOL! I wish TS4 had a better moustache selection…

    I feel the same way about Daniel – I’m a few chapters ahead in gameplay and still don’t quite know what to make of him!


  3. Haha when I first saw him, I was like who’s that? Then I realized it was Isaac. Mustaches are weird in this game. But I think he looks older and mature.
    Aww poor Erica, I thought the chapter meant he’d ask her to be his girlfriend. She can go cry on Jaxen’s shoulder.


  4. Haha I know, we need better taches! Maybe they’ll release some come Movember time…

    I do feel bad for Erica when she pulls those sad faces… But it’s her own fault for wanting the bad boy and not a nice guy like Jaxen!


  5. It seems like Daniel really likes Erica. Well, guess we’ll see what happens! You do a fantastic job of letting the game present stories and characters and then spinning them out to magic with your words!


  6. What a meddler! Daniel should have stepped in and set the record straight there and then. I hope his failure to do so doesn’t break Erica’s heart too much… *hugs her and brings her ice cream*


  7. Oh no!!! Poor Ericka. I seriously thought Daniel may be the one. Not sure I like him much now anyway thought pulling those tricks on Ericka.

    So cute the way the ghost was in that scene too. And Ruby’s yellow is so beautiful with her deep skin!! Love it!


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