The Bloomer Legacy: 2.12 Fish in the Sea

Peter: “Get up sis, I know you’re not sleeping! Time to end this moping over whatshisface and start a new adventure! And what exactly is this creepy painting?”


Erica: “It represents love.”

Peter: “This will be tough…”


After a fair amount of convincing, Peter got Erica to get dressed and go outside with him. While she was still feeling blue, she did appreciate that her brother was trying to help her get her mind of Daniel.


There was only one slight problem with the plan… Daniel.


Erica: “Oh plummitty plum, he’s here, yougottahelpmethisissoembarrasing…”

Peter: “Calm down I got you!”


Peter: “Hi there, I’m Peter! Mind if I join you?”

Daniel: “Dan! Not at all. Friendly word of advice, that lady over there pickpockets people…”


Peter: “Oh, how do you know that?”

Daniel: “Easy, she’s my mom!”

Peter: “You know, my dad’s a lieutenant over at the police station…”

Daniel: “Aah… I just remembered I have places to be… see ya!”


Peter: “The coast is clear sis!”

Erica: “He’s gone now…”

Peter: “I thought that’s what you wanted?”

Erica: “I did… but I didn’t.”

Peter: “Look sis, you got to get over this bloke. I mean, his mom’s a thief! There’s plenty of fish in the sea!”


That’s easy for you to say Peter, there’s plethora lovely ladies in town. The male selection… not so much.


To prove his point about the fish in the sea, Peter heads to the bar section of the park in a search for new sims.

Melody: “Hey, we seem to have matching hats!”


Melody: “Hat buddies!”


Peter is temporarily stunned and unable to produce any coherent words. A cute and cool looking girl wants to speak to him?


Erica retreats to the bench to give her brother a bit of privacy with the new girl. But she doesn’t stay alone for long.

Daniel: “Hi there, crazy lady!”


Erica: “Could you stop making fun of me for once? You can’t possibly embarrass me more, so why not just let it go… and shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend?”

Daniel: “You got it all wrong. For starters, Phoebe’s not really my girlfriend. We go way back, best friends since we were in diapers, and we live together on our own now, because our parents got into the whole crime scene in Willow Creek and we wanted to get away from it all. She calls herself my girlfriend as a joke. I mean, sometimes she calls herself my wife! But… it’s not really like that. Not with her…

And as for the whole making fun of you bit, I only make fun of people I like.”

Erica: “But you called me crazy, and a weirdo.”

Daniel: “Yeah! I love crazy weirdos!”

Erica: “Love?”


Melody: “Yeah I’m new in town. My family, we’ve been moving around a lot. We’re under the witness protection programme, you see. I shouldn’t have really told you that…”

Peter: “I can keep a secret! That is so cool though!”

Melody: “The best part is, you get to pick your own name! I went for Melody, because I love music.”

Peter: “Oh yeah me too!”

Melody: “Really? Who’s your favourite band?”

Peter: “Errr…. Captain Duckhorse!”

Melody: “Hmm, I’ve never heard of them…”

Peter: “They’re, uh, a local band. Pretty alternative… only really cool people know them.”

Melody: “Well naturally, if you know them! Anyways, I got to go. It was nice to meet you!”

Peter: “Wait, did you just say…”


I think she likes him too.


Meanwhile, Erica bonded with Daniel. They talked about his troubled childhood, and his ambitions of becoming a famous musician one day (he should consult Peter for potential band names, that’s for sure).

Erica knew it was getting late, and that she had to say goodbye.


Except that she didn’t want to let go.


So she went for a kiss instead.


And Daniel kissed her back.


She suddenly forgot all about having to go home and spent hours kissing him, although it only felt like minutes.


Erica: “I really have to go now… But why don’t you come by tomorrow after school?”

Daniel: “Awesome, I’ll see you then, you weirdo… my weirdo!”


Erica dashes off home. Her legs feel so light as she’s running and her heart is singing. She couldn’t wait to paint what she was feeling.


Peter: “Hey sis, welcome home!”

Erica: “Petey! Were mom and dad mad I didn’t come home earlier?”

Peter: “Pff, they barely noticed. You know how crazy the house gets…”


They recounted their evening to each other, full of excitement.

Peter: “You know, the thing I said about the fish… I was wrong. When you find that special fish, you know it is THE fish… you know what I mean?”

Erica: “Totally!”


12 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.12 Fish in the Sea

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  1. Aww that’s so sweet. Seeing her so happy made me change my mind about Daniel lol
    So funny about his mom though. I just hope he didn’t run away when Peter said his dad was a cop/ detective/ lieutenant because he’s also in trouble.
    Oh Melody, should she be safe saying that…


  2. Hayley: I’m afraid only one of the two turns out well… That being said I do hope everything works out for the siblings, I love these two!

    Emma: He is! I think around this part he’s sort of stepping up from the younger sibling role that just follows the other’s footsteps to actually being awesome 🙂

    Lux: I personally don’t really like Daniel too much, but Erica was so head over heels for him since the beginning it’s adorable. He better not hurt her!


  3. I love the relationship these two have. I don’t know what it is with older sisters and little brothers, but those relationships are so special!

    And yay for new, young love!


  4. Aw! Love for these two! I’m so glad that everything worked out between Erica and Daniel. They look so happy and sweet together. 🙂

    And Melody’s one cool cat! Love her fashion sense. And way to go, Peter! I actually am all in favour of a band called Captain Duckhorse. xD


  5. Hahahhaa smooth thinking Peter with the bad Cpt Duckhorse. And umm Melody? Witness protection is a secret honey!! Thank goodness we can trust Peter! 😉

    And Ericka and Daniel. Hmmm yes a bit of snogging is fun, but still not sure I trust this whole thing with what’s her face. ‘Sometimes she calls herself my wife’??!! Red flag they are only teens!!! Ericka, enjoy yourself honey, just be careful!!


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