The Bloomer Legacy: 2.14 The Talk

Isaac has been pretty busy at work, and even arrested Daniel’s mom, with the help of valuable witnesses, such us… the reaper. (I was so tempted to arrest Grim instead, but he did not even vaguely match the suspect description).


Finding out that Daniel’s mother was a criminal did not help Isaac like him any better, but he was pretty pleased she was locked up and even cracked a joke with his creepy looking coworkers.

Looking at the trio, I finally admitted to myself that the tache is just not working for Isaac, and opted for way more facial hair.


It’s birthday time… which can only mean one thing.


The twins are now teenagers! 4 teens under one roof… oh boy!


Isaac sits knows he can’t put the talk off any further, so he sits them all down.


Isaac: “As you all know, our family is not quite like any other family in Newcrest. We have obligations, and our duty is to build this place up from the ground.

Your grandfather has created the park you all love so much, and my generation’s duty has been building an affordable neighbourhood where some of you will end up starting your own families.

But the legacy must move on, and there is so much to be built… so there has to be an heir. I love you all equally, and I wish each and every one of you could be the one to carry on the family’s name, but that can’t be the case.

To be as fair as possible, and to ensure the best for our town of Newcrest, me and your mother have come to the conclusion that the best way to determine the heir would be what each of you would like to build. The one that comes up with the idea that will be the most useful for the community will become the heir.

Erica, you’re the oldest, so you can start.”


Erica: “Well daddy… I know how this is to you, but… to be honest, I don’t think I want to build any community buildings… I want to become a famous artist, and paint all of the sim emotions, and also have a large family with the love of my life… just like you did! Please don’t be mad!”


Isaac: “Well, there is no reason why you could not do all that AND build the community lot… not to mention you still HAVEN’T met the love of your life, so you’ll have more time to focus on other things than family to begin with.”

Erica: “If that is true, that adds meeting the love of my life to the already long list of things I want to do.”


Isaac: “Does that mean you’ve stopped seeing that plum from a filthy criminal family?”

Erica quickly changes the subject: “I just want to make sure I do things right daddy… And I feel like if I focus on too many things it won’t bode well either for the community, or for my aspirations.”

Isaac smiles: “Fair enough. Not everyone has to want to contribute to the legacy, it’s perfectly fine for you to want to start a legacy of your own. That’s why there’s more of you, after all.”


Isaac: “So, what about you Pete?”


Peter: “Well, as you know I’ve had this whole idea for Captain Duckhorse for quite some time…”

Erica lets out a giggle.


Peter: “So I was thinking that the theme would work best for a video game. Just picture it: The Adventures of Captain Duckhorse! It could be this epic RPG saga!”


Peter: “So the obvious choice to go along with that would be building an arcade!”


Everyone bursts into a fit of laughter.

Isaac: “Oh Pete, you crack me up!”


Isaac: “What about you, Charlotte? How would you like to contribute to the community?”


The twins look at each other for a moment.


Charlotte: “Help the community? I don’t want to do that at all!”


Charlotte: “To plum with the community, I’d rather egg their houses and do all sorts of pranks on them rather than help them in any way! I want to be the Chief of Mischief in this town!”


Charlotte: “I agree completely. Or rather, I think egging their houses might be just a bit too mild. Personally, I’d rather be the Public Enemy than do anything nice for them.”

Oh, yes, that miniscule detail. Not only did both of the twins inherit Isaac’s mean trait upon transitioning into teenagers, but they also both got deviance aspirations, making them both dastardly as well. Yikes!

I feel like this was caused by my benign neglect during their childhood – I mainly left them to their own devices while focusing on Erica and Peter… grave mistake, it turns out!


Isaac bursts into a fit of hysterical laughter… or is he crying?

Erica: “Daddy? Are you ok?”

Isaac: “An arcade! AN ARCADE! I have 4 children and the only one that wants to contribute to the town’s legacy wants to build an arcade!”


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  1. LOL, this was amazing. The twins might be mean, but at least they look good! I’m really rooting for Erica or Peter, I like them the best. (Whoops..there goes our neglect of the twins again.)
    Heeey…that rpg series Pete’s talking about…an arcade library might not be so bad. It could have a cafe where they can rp (lord, I’m such a D&D nerd) and a sci-fi comic book section, and yeah. And of course, he could write down his Captain Duckhorse adventures and become a best-selling author! ;D I’m digging this idea.
    But Erica’s super creative, so I could see her picking up the writing skill too. She could feature some of her paintings in the library and such.
    Ah, I can’t wait for more! I love this blog a little too much.


  2. SummerFalls & Hayley: It absolutely isn’t! I’m thinking I may have Peter build an arcade regardless of who the heir is 🙂

    Jordan: Haha don’t neglect the twins! (I still do LOL) My approach to the twins so far has been very “oh, you two are cute, and you look identical, how cool… Now go do your thing”… I feel a bit bad – this is precisely why my sims don’t normally have more than 3 children!

    Regarding your scenarios for Erica and Peter, one of them is very much what I envision 🙂 In any case, I do think both of them would make a good heir. Funnily enough I always intended for the third child to be the heir, but the twins sort of changed that…


  3. I just realized I didn’t read this yesterday. I thought I had, that means I read chapter 26 before this one 😐
    No wonder the twins were older
    “The one that comes up with the idea that will be the most useful for the community will become the heir.” That is an awesome way to choose the heir. Way to go Isaac, making it a competition but not one that could create chaos and everyone had a chance to be heir.
    Lol, so is Peter the only one that can be heir? Or will Erica change her mind?


  4. Yeah it’s not a bad idea in theory, too bad the kids are not all that cooperative… At the moment Peter or Erica are both possible options, though each of them would need to adjust their ideas a bit. I really don’t see it happening with the twins. They’d give me a heart attack lol


  5. I thought this update was hilarious. Poor Isaac, but really this isn’t as bad as the hard time he gave his parents as a teen. Love this story!


  6. The way the twins looked at each other was priceless. And I love how they are twins with (almost) matching aspirations and personalities… it’s like the random trait generator is making fun of us 🙂


  7. The twins… I think that was my punishment for thinking I got away with no kids inheriting Isaac’s mean trait. I got cocky. And then the random trait generator was like “hahahaha plum you!”


  8. Hey! Don’t laugh at Pete’s arcade, Isaac! Giving kids a place to go will keep off the streets and out of trouble…or something like that lol.

    Love his new facial hair!


    1. Yeah! At least he wants to contribute haha 🙂 thanks, I just couldn’t keep the tache any longer – he looked so creepy, especially with his creepy coworkers enhancing the creepiness lol


  9. Kudos to Peter for at least coming up with something. And an arcade is a pretty cool idea.

    Those twins though…I’d sleep one eye open for them if I were their parents.


  10. Mmmm Isaac with that new mini beard. I love that so much more than ‘The Stache’ (TM).

    The twins are so beautiful and I love they are identical and both grew up with the designs of the deviant aspirations and both are dastardly!

    So much fun for them to be twins and I can see this being very interesting with Dad on the police force.

    You also crack me up with your commentary and Peter is very handsome I love his little geeky self.


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