The Bloomer Legacy: 2.13 Little Girl

Erica: “Oh mom, I finally get it all, what you and dad have, it’s so amazing!”

Ruby: “Sounds like someone is in love… I told you you’d meet someone else and forget about the boy with the girlfriend!”


Erica: “Well, no, it’s him…”

Ruby: “Wait, what???”

Erica: “It’s complicated… I have to go to school now, but I’ll explain it all when you get back from work!”


Of course, school finishes a lot sooner than Ruby and Isaac’s work does. And Daniel comes over just like he promised yesterday.


Daniel: “Woah, that’s a lot of kids! Are all of them your siblings?”

Erica: “Just some of them. They’ll be all over the upper floor. But don’t worry, we can hide from them…”


“…in my parents’ bedroom.”


Daniel looks into Erica’s eyes and she gets lost…

Daniel: “So, when exactly do your parents get home?”


The answer is too soon.


Isaac: “What the plum do you think you’re doing with my daughter!?!”

Erica: “Daddy, stop, he didn’t…”

Isaac: “I want you out of this room Erica, this is a man’s discussion!”


Daniel: “A discussion?”

Isaac: “Of course it’s not a discussion! I don’t discuss things, I lock people up! Do you even know who you’re messing with?!?!”


Ruby and Erica can hear the yelling all the way to the living room.


Erica: “Oh mom, do you think he’ll be able to leave in one piece?”

Ruby: “Here’s to hoping…”


Ruby: “Erica, what got into you?”


Isaac joins the two at the table. Erica wants to be a million miles away.


Ruby: “You said the boy has a girlfriend, and now you’re… doing things with him… did you even use….”

Isaac: “A girlfriend? Son of a plum! You can never see him again!”


Erica: “I’m not a little girl anymore! You can’t tell me what to do!”

She storms off.


Ruby: “Oh Isaac, what are we going to do? Things were so easy with her when she was a little girl! I don’t even want to think about what the twins will get up to, they’re such rascals! And they’ll be aging up so soon.”


Isaac: “It’ll be ok. We’ll be ok. I’ll have a talk with them all.”

I’m still debating whether to keep Isaac’s tache… I was hoping it’ll make him seem more detectivey, but in reality he looks more like Mario… Sigh.

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  1. Emma: Oh I know, I still think Daniel is trouble… but only time will tell I guess.

    SummerFalls: Yeah, she really should have tried to explain the situation to her parents… don’t think her reaction will help Isaac warm up to Daniel much.


    *deep breath*
    Anywho, I loved this as usual. “The answer is too soon.” Been there, done that. I feel Erica’s pain.
    The mustache is actually starting to grow on me…but I see you got rid of it in the next chapter, which looks good too. Isaac’s my Simcrush regardless.


  3. Hayley: I went through phases of thinking the tache looks good and phases when I found it creepy. The latter prevailed in the end 😀

    Jordan: You were actually part of the reason why I ultimately decided against the tache – I was thinking you wouldn’t forgive me for making Isaac look creepy haha


  4. LOL he looks more like Mario!
    Oh man, how many chapters did I miss? Okay, so I just read the last three chapters in reverse order. Anyway, I can’t believe they got caught!


  5. Oh no!!!! Yeah, I have to agree with the others, I’m not sold on Daniel yet. His explanation of he only torments those he likes was a red flag to me!

    I love Erickas face with her hand up when Isaac joins them at the table!!


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