The Bloomer Legacy: 2.15 Scandal

Peter dashes towards his sister, looking positively distraught: “Erica! She’s gone!”

Erica doesn’t understand: “What’s going on Petey?


Peter: “Melody… my fish… I wanted to invite her to your party, but… she moved out of town and I have no idea where to…”

Curse you culling!


Peter: “I’m sorry, I know it’s your birthday… and I should have known… she did say that her family moved around a lot, changed identities…”

Erica: “Oh Petey, I’m so sorry. Don’t worry about my birthday, I’m here for you, always! You’re my best friend!”


Peter’s heart might be broken, but we still have a birthday party to throw. The Perrins are here, of course, and so is Daniel. Erica figured he could use the opportunity to impress her father.


So far, it’s not working too well…


Isaac: “What is your problem? I told you that I don’t want to see you anywhere near my daughter, and instead you come to my house and try to scare me? Me? Who do you think you are?!?”


Meanwhile, the dastardly twins are bonding with evil cousin Cassiel.

Charlotte: “So we were thinking about setting up intricate traps throughout the community park…”


Cassiel: “That is so last year, I’m way ahead of you! But you two do have potential.”


Isaac: “What are you still doing here, I told you I wanted you out of my house? Are you deaf?”

Erica: “Daddy, it’s my birthday…”

Isaac: “I don’t want to hear it!”


Erica: “This is the worst birthday ever!”

Juanita: “Aah, Isaac and his fits of rage… classic!”


Erica blows out the candles and only has one wish – for her father to accept her boyfriend.

Since the challenge allows me to pick the third trait, I pick family-oriented for Erica – she’s always been so great with her siblings I feel like she should have had that trait a long time ago.


Jaxen: “Hey Cassiel, I hear you like superheroes?”

Cassiel: “Supervillains. Big difference.”

Poor Jaxen. He’s just too nice for the girls in this town.


Erica and Daniel spend most of their evening in the garden, away from Isaac’s anger.

Erica: “I don’t think my dad will ever accept us Daniel… maybe we should run away, start a legacy of our own.”


Daniel: “Don’t worry pumpkin, we’ll be fine. Your dad will have no choice but to acknowledge we’re together.”

Erica: “But how?”

Daniel: “Well, there’s two options really. We could plant a bunch of marshmallows around his bed, and that way he won’t be able to get out of it and do anything about us…. Or, we could get married.”

This may be a good time to mention that the third trait Daniel gained upon turning into a young adult is insane.


Erica: “Married… Daniel…”

Daniel: “I already have a ring. I mean, it’s from a gumball machine, but it sparkles. Like you.”


Erica: “You know what… let’s do it!”


And just like that, they get married in the backyard.


Cassiel: “Now this is juicy!”


18 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.15 Scandal

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  1. Haha Cassiel is pretty unpredictable, so it’s a possibility. Though I’m pretty sure Isaac hates her, so I don’t know if they’re on speaking terms 😀 He’s bound to find out sooner or later in any case…


  2. What?! They got married! Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Deep down I still hoped she changed her mind lol
    Aww poor Jaxen, stay away from Cassiel. Come to my save, maybe we’ll find someone for you. Wait, I don’t think anyone is as nice as him. 😦
    Why did they cull Melody? That’s not fair. We didn’t see Peter much after that, I hope he’s okay.


  3. You can absolutely have Jaxen in your save if you like! I feel like he doesn’t really have many options in mine: evil Cassiel, the dastardly twins or married Erica! Any of your Disney kids still single? 😀


  4. HEY, guess who’s single right now in my Simself legacy? The heir.

    I didn’t really see this coming, but I guess I should have, knowing what a hopeless romantic Erica is. Well, now I see how Isaac has grandkids already. xD


  5. Jordan: That would be an honour for Jaxen! If you think they’d get along I can put him on the gallery for you 🙂

    I didn’t even see the impromptu wedding coming, it was a spontaneous one – it wouldn’t have happened but for three elements: Erica being a huge romantic, Isaac hating Daniel and Daniel becoming crazy 😀

    Lux: That would be a shame! How sweet that they all have partners, I’d probably end up neglecting half of them 😀 you’re such a good simmer!


  6. Daniel: “I already have a ring. I mean, it’s from a gumball machine, but it sparkles. Like you.”

    Oh! This is soooooooooooo sweet!! 🙂


  7. Oh man. This is really and truly a scandal! D;

    Somehow, I feel like Cassiel will turn out to be like a leader of a crime ring or something and the twins will be her lackeys. D:


  8. Haha I love that Isaac positively hates Daniel and yet ‘here’s you’re new son in law!’ Haha

    Also surround his bed in Marshmallows that’s a brilliant plan!! No detective could ever figure that one out! (Obviously you eat your way out!)


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