The Bloomer Legacy: 2.17 Honeymooners (Part 1)

Author’s Note: I’m trying out something a bit different; the following 2 honeymoon instalments are going to be narrated entirely by Peter.

Also, I didn’t build the house Peter, Erica and Daniel are staying in, it’s one of the awesome creations by TheSimSupply called Digging Down.

We arrived at our accommodation in Granite Falls at dusk. Erica and Dan were being all mushy and newlyweddy during the entire journey. A part of me regrets saying yes to this already. But hey, at least I’ll get to see somewhere new, right?


My room is pretty small, but it will do for the duration of the trip. We arrived pretty late, so I decided to go straight to sleep.


Since my sister’s room was just next to mine, I can tell you that the newlyweds most definitely did NOT go straight to sleep though. Eww.


The following morning, we were all pretty pumped to go out to explore Granite Falls. There’s a bunch of spa type buildings in the area for all the tourists – I hear they’re all really new, so we might be one of the first ones to try them out. Sweet!


Erica and Dan went to get a romantic couple’s massage or something. For obvious reasons, I didn’t feel like joining, though from what I saw I could swear the massage therapist was perving over my sister… so gross.


I went to sit by the pool of the spa and enjoy the view of the lake. Well, at least I tried to. There were so many pesky flies around I had to retreat back indoors. Man, I wish I could be playing games on my computer back at home!


Erica seemed impressed with the whole massage deal, so I decided to give it a go too. Let’s just say it’s not really my thing!


The newlyweds invited me to the sauna with them, but I knew better than that. They’ll probably be all lovey dovey in there and make me real uncomfortable…


What did I say?


Me: “Hey guys, so what are the plans for the evening?”

Daniel: “I was thinking we could watch the sunset from the terrace here…”

Erica: “The spa mixologist heard that it’s our honeymoon and he made us this special cocktail called Young Love! Isn’t that sweet?”


Needless to say I didn’t stick around to watch the sunset with them… I’ve never tried fishing before, it’s kind of relaxing! Maybe I could incorporate it in my Captain Duckhorse game somehow!


Didn’t see Erica and Dan for the rest of the evening, but I’m sure I can imagine what kinds of things they got up to… not that I would want to!


I walked home on my own around midnight. While it was kind of weird to be tagging along for my sister’s honeymoon, I must admit the nature in this place is beautiful. And you can actually see the stars!


Me: “So, lovebirds, what are we gonna do today?”

Erica: “We were thinking of trying some yoga! What do you say, Petey?”



Me: “Guys, there’s still time to leave… I mean, is this safe? I’m pretty sure I could find a yoga simulation game we could on a laptop back at the house…”


It was too late though, and we had to go through with the lesson. Dan was actually pretty good at it – maybe it’s his insane side. Me and Erica were pretty wobbly to be honest. She was pretty determined to make it work though! Personally, I just decided to do my own thing.


Dan got so into it he then suggested we all go meditate. Luckily I was facing the other way than the two of them, so I had a little nap instead. I’m not sure if I’m feeling the whole spiritual thing…


When we got home in the evening, we all went to try out the hot tub. And, you guessed it… they just started making out AGAIN.


Why the plum did I think it would be a good idea to join them again?


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  1. Looks like Erica and Daniel had a great Honeymoon. And petey did not enjoy himself not one bit. What was he thinking joining them on their honeymoon?


  2. Awww, hahaha. Poor Peter. I totally relate — I love the idea of vacationing in the mountains, but…Squeamish. Too many bugs, too little wifi.

    Erica and Daniel are actually pretty cute together. I LOVE the idea of Granite Falls spas for honeymoons…definitely going to have to go place some there before Yusun and Fred go on their honeymoon. (He’s an Outdoor Enthusiast and hasn’t made any progress on it whatsoever…the trip will be his wedding present from me. ^.^)


  3. LOL All the faces and poses Peter did here are so funny! Poor thing, I don’t know if he was expecting something else when he said yes or what but going on a honeymoon when it’s not yours sure sounds like it can be pretty awkward. I hope he meets someone while he’s there. Unless they’re already home, then forget I mentioned it XD


  4. So you took the Camping grounds that come with Grante Falls and put a now Community building?

    If you can change the different community lots or did you keep some of the buildings?

    Just wondering.


  5. Emma: I know, it’s a honeymoon after all! Hopefully he’ll find a way to keep himself busy till they get back 🙂

    Jordan: I’ve essentially turned my Granite Falls into a modern spa resort – I placed all of the 4 new Spa Day venues in there and the campgrounds was replaced by the modern home these three are staying at. Not a cabin in sight! I didn’t feel like there was much to do there before, unless you’re into collecting bugs, but now it’s pretty fun, and you can still enjoy the nature aspect. The spas are great for honeymoons, I’m sure Yusun and Fred will love it!

    Lux: He was so not a happy bunny! The last picture still cracks me up. There’s still one and a half honeymoon chapters left, so let’s hope things change for him!

    Lindsay: I explained most of this in my reply to Jordan, basically I swapped out all of the cabins for spa venues. Yep you can change the lot type, not sure if you can have any type of venue in. Granite Falls, but spas and gyms seem to work just fine.

    Rory: Yes! The moon is so huge in Granite Falls! The newlyweds had a great time there I think.


    1. Haha! It was too funny. The real reason why I sent him there with him was I figured it will be incredibly boring if it’s just newlywed mushiness. I needed an additional element… queue uncomfortable teenage boy 😀


  6. Haha! Poor Peter, we knew that joining your sister on her honeymoon was a bad idea.

    I do love how you have Granite Falls decked out as a spa retreat. What a great idea! To be honest I haven’t even played in Granite Falls yet. I may adopt this idea once I actually visit it as more a camping experience!


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