The Bloomer Legacy: 2.19 Back to Reality

Their stay was coming to a close. The trio spent one of the last evenings camping, together with Peter’s new friend Lilah. Erica tried to get to know the girl as much as possible, she didn’t want her little brother getting hurt again.

She couldn’t really fault Lilah though. The girl was active and cheerful, and she wanted to make sure that everything she did she did perfectly.


Erica: “I must say, I do quite like Lilah. She seems like a great girl.”

Peter: “Yeah… I like her too.”


Truth was, Peter liked Lilah a lot. Naturally he spent his last day in granite Falls with her.


She made everything seem so bright and so easy. Peter admired how she just picked up everything and moved to Granite Falls without knowing anyone there. When she talked about all the places she’s seen, it made his imagination run wild. She was only two years older than him, how was it possible she’s already seen and done so much?


He wanted to hold on to at least a little piece of her, so he took a picture with her. It might well be all that he’ll have left once the holiday is over. That, and the memories, of course.


They said their goodbyes and promised to stay in touch. Only time will tell if they can keep their promise.


Meanwhile, Erica was packing at home. She was feeling incredibly sick. She knew things did not feel quite normal, and had a sneaking suspicion…


Erica: “Guess what Petey, guess what?”

Peter: “You’re really proud of me for finishing this short story about Captain Duckhorse?”

Erica: “Um… well of course I am!”

Peter: “I’m just messing with you! What is it?”


Erica: “I’m pregnant!”

Peter: “You do realise that the whole point of this trip was staying clear of dad so that he’s less angry… and now we’ll come back with a bombshell like this?”

Erica: “But Petey… a baby! A new life! Dad has to come around for that!”

Peter: “Uh, if you say so…”


In any case, it was high time for them to return back to Newcrest.


Only the twins were at home to welcome them, everyone else was at work.


Gretchen: “Hey guys! We missed you!”

Peter: “We missed you too! How’s everything going here? Is dad still mad?”

Charlotte: “Um… we better sit down.”


They all went inside and set around the dinner table. Peter felt uneasy, he was worried about his sister. If things were still wrong now, how was his father going to react to Erica’s pregnancy?

Peter: “So what is it? Has dad really not had a change of heart at all?”

Charlotte looked at her brother and sighed: “It’s not dad… it’s mom.”

Peter and Erica looked at her, confused.


“Allen’s dead.”


“He was really old, of course, so it wasn’t unexpected. But it still really hit mom. She hasn’t really been herself since.”


Ruby arrived from work just a few minutes later. She seemed to be muttering something to herself. Erica rushed to her.


Erica: “Oh mom, we’ve just heard the news… I’m so sorry!”

Ruby: “Oh honey… it’s so good to have you back.”

The women hugged each other tightly.

Erica: “I do have something I need to tell you… Daniel and I… we’re expecting!”

Ruby looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes: “You should probably tell your dad too.”


Erica approached Isaac nervously. In spite of what she said to Peter, she was really nervous to tell her father about the baby. When she was trying to convince Peter that everything will be fine, she was trying to convince herself just as much. She took a deep breath:

“Daddy… I know that you don’t agree with some of the decisions I’ve made… but you should know that you’re going to have a grandchild.”


She expected Isaac to start shouting, but he just stared at her. Was this good or bad? She wasn’t sure. He didn’t look angry, at least…


Finally, Isaac moved, and he hugged his little girl: “We can use a bit of joy around here!”


13 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.19 Back to Reality

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  1. I hope she visits. Ooh, what if when they move back they realize she’s closer than they thought. I don’t know how it works, wait is she an NPC? Because I heard that the ones that go to Granite Falls while your sims are there usually live in one of the worlds. Although she already said she moved there. I’ll wait and see what happens.
    Aww, Allen, poor Ruby. For a second there I got scared because I didn’t see her but it turns out it was her son. At least Isaac is happy about the new baby.
    What was Daniel’s reaction to the baby news?


  2. Lux: She was an NPC generated for the spa – the spas come with yoga instructors, reflexologists and massage therapists who will come to perform their job. I had to move her in to a random lot and load the household for her to loose the yoga instructor role to make their day out happen – otherwise her work hours apparently were 24 hours a day – talk about extortion!

    I think Daniel was happy about the baby? I can’t actually remember but he definitely wasn’t unhappy…

    Rory: I knew it was going to happen soon since be’s been an elder for a while. Ever since Ruby’s resurrection he was double her age, and I was dreading it – so horrible for her to outlive her child! But I knew it would have to happen eventually (unless she managed to die in another freak accident again…)


    1. I know, I’m kind of glad I missed it when the rest of them were on holiday. I always knew it would have to happen, because of their age difference, but it was still so sad!


  3. Who gets mad about babies? Chill out, Erica. Smh lol

    Allen dying is pretty messed up though. Dying before your mom of old age before she even reaches elder. Ghost stories, I tell ya, it’s a trip.


  4. Awwww!!!! I’m so sorry about Allen. Ruby has got to be a mess!

    Can I just say how much I love how edgy Charlotte and Gretchen are??

    Yay Nooboo!!! Ericka and Daniel have to be so happy!

    Glad Isaac resigned himself to the situation at least enough to wish Ericka congratulations!


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