The Bloomer Legacy: 2.9 It’s Not Raining Men

There comes a time in the life of every teenager when your family, no matter how much you love them, becomes downright embarrassing. Instead of the god-like figures who have answers to everything, your parents turn into silly oddballs desperately trying to pretend they are not middle-aged. And the siblings are not much better either…... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 2.8 Babysitting

Twins are awake, I repeat, twins are awake! This is not a drill! Time to let everyone fight over the 2 available toilets and hope for an accident-free morning. Erica tries to get some painting done in her room before the chaos starts fully. Mornings are a hectic time in the Bloomer house now. It’s... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 2.6 Family Matters

All is well in the Bloomer family. Baby number three should show up any minute, Isaac is still a great husband and dad… …and has the work routine down: crime scenes, witness reports, interrogations… …and, of course, dealing with Juanita’s frequent visits at the police station. Isaac lets out a deep sigh: “Ok Juanita, what... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 2.5 Ghosts

Ruby has wonderful news for Isaac – their third child is on the way! I’m sure the couple could handle even more children, I on the other hand, could not. Since the Big Happy Family aspiration does not require more than three kids, baby number three will be the last bundle of joy in the... Continue Reading →

Spa Day – First Impressions Review

If you have been wondering whether Spa Day is a pack for you, you’re in the right place. I’ve been exploring what the new pack has to offer all evening, and although I have not yet played enough to provide a detailed in-depth review, I’ll do my best to share as much information as possible... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 2.1 Changes

Allen moved to a new house right across the street from the Bloomer house. Strictly speaking I’m only meant to move Isaac’s children into the neighbourhood, but Allen IS technically Isaac’s stepson. Also, the challenge rules don’t explicitly mention anything about not being able to populate Newcrest with the children your spouse had before her... Continue Reading →

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