The Bloomer Legacy: 2.22 End of an Era

Daniel is playing his guitar in the kitchen naked. Not an unusual occurrence in the Agustin household.


Not any more unusual than anything else, that is. Aside from naked solos, Daniel also enjoys fighting with his food.


He knows it’s out to get him!


Luckily, Skylar has turned out perfectly normal. He’s definitely a momma’s boy – he is creative and wants to be an artistic prodigy.


Daniel: “Aaah are they after me?”

Skylar: “Don’t worry daddy, you’re home!”

Erica hugs her boy proudly. He’s so great with his father, she has no doubts he’s going to make a great big brother.


Which will probably be soon! The baby is coming!


Or rather, the babies! Welcome to the world Emery, Amos and Amelia!


The whole family gathers around the triplets to admire them. It is then when it occurs to Erica that the whole family should be here. This is a time for celebrations.


She invites everyone over, including Isaac. She’s not sure what to say to her father though. He rushes straight to his grandchildren anyway.


Everybody gathers in the kitchen. There’s another reason for celebrations, it’s the twins’ birthday.


The perfect occasion to sing your hearts out (Charlotte) or half-heartedly throw confetti around (Juanita).


The twins age up into beautiful young women. Forgive me, but I have no idea what their final traits are. There’s too many crying smelly babies around! (I know, I know… this is yet another instance of my complete neglect of the twins. But I’ve been so consistent… so why change things now?)


The best part of the evening, in any case, is that Isaac and Daniel are in one room and both of them are smiling.


Erica couldn’t be any happier. Her family finally has a place in her… family. Not only that, but even though she’s not the heir, she’s contributed to the legacy significantly.


Isaac’s aspiration is now complete, meaning that we can officially get started on the generation three task!

Ahem, it only took playing Erica’s family for a few sim days, which is explicitly forbidden by the challenge rules, but hey ho, we made it here and I’m taking all the credit!

It’s time for everyone to move – Erica and Daniel’s family has outgrown their house and will be needing a new place, the twins can take over the two starter homes and of course, the rest of the family will be needing a fresh new lot to get started on the next community lot for the challenge. Building time!


18 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.22 End of an Era

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  1. Wow triplets?! How cool! “half-heartedly throw confetti around (Juanita).” classic Juanita LOL
    Poor twins but at least they’re alive and look how far they made it.
    Yay, congrats on getting to generation 3.


  2. Emma: Yep there’s been loads! I hope you’re happy with the turn of events, I know Peter was your favourite 🙂

    Lux: I just never really connected with the twins, and when they aged up into mean dastardly teens I didn’t even want to go there… They are very pretty though. I will be playing them a little bit so maybe they’ll finally get the attention they deserve.


  3. Thank you! Erica has the fertile trait and I had Lilah give her a fertility massage. Though that was the case with the her first pregnancy too and she only had Skylar, so it seems very on and off. I’m excited to move on now!


  4. Juanita’s not impressed face is everything.
    Also, triplets, oh my, I had troubles with single babies… Did they happen naturally or was it Lilah and a very special fertility massage? 🙂


  5. The triplets were so not natural – Erica has the fertile trait AND had a fertility massage. Though that was the case for her first pregnancy too, so who knows what the secret is…


    1. Yep, I was hoping for two sets of twins actually, but I guess this turned out the same. There’s a big difference between mine and your triplets though – As soon as these were born and the party was over, I left that household and didn’t come back till they were kids 😀 I couldn’t possibly deal with three screaming babies 🙂


  6. Oh wow, triplets! Erica and Daniel look like super proud parents in the second last screenshot; I love it. It captures the mood so well.

    Wishing this (not-so) little family all the best for their future, and looking forward to seeing what Peter and his twin sisters get up to in the next generation! 🙂


  7. Was it against the challenge rules to play ericas family? Im a bit confused with the rules!
    This is awesome reading, I’m obsessed!


    1. Thank you so much for reading, I’m happy you like it!

      Yes it was against the rules, you’re only meant to play the main household. You’re also not supposed to leave Newcrest. I definitely haven’t stuck to the rules all that much throughout the generations, especially later down the line. But hey, it’s more about having fun, right? I see them more as guidelines 🙂


  8. Ooh excited for Gen 3 and the next part of the build challenge.

    Glad that Isaac can be in the same room with Daniel and not be angry!!

    Triplets wow!! I’ve never even had twins in my game yet. 😀


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