The Bloomer Legacy: 3.1 On the Move

Two new houses appeared in Newcrest, and old fashioned homey one and a crisp and clear modern one. (Actually, there might be a third one, but more on that next time…)


The Agustins admired their new home. Erica couldn’t wait for the memories she was going to make here with her beautiful family.


The home was modest, but just artsy enough for them, and it was a huge improvement from the tiny starter home. Here is the downstairs with the kitchen and dining, Erica and Daniel’s bedroom with an arts corner and Skylar’s room.


The upstairs is the triplets’ kingdom. Let’s hope the Agustins will be happy here!


This of course means that the shiny modern house is the new home to the legacy family, complete with a pool!


Isaac: “Well Peter, it’s your turn to make the big decisions now! I’m excited to see Newcrest grow with you and your family, and I’m sure looking forward to that arcade of yours. It’s going to be… um… quite something!”

Peter: “Actually, dad, I’ve reconsidered my priorities a bit. I still think an arcade would be fun and hope to build it someday, but perhaps it might be a better idea to start off with a library… you know, to improve the community and all.”


Isaac cannot believe what he’s hearing. He hadn’t even dreamed Peter would make such a responsible choice!

Isaac: “That is a great decision, Pete. I’m proud of you.”

Peter: “Well, also, since I want to turn my Adventures of Captain Duckhorse into a book series for kids, I think a library would be a great place to really push my books… but mainly, the community thing. Yeah.”


Since it’s the time for the new generation to shine, the downstairs is very much theirs. The kitchen, living room and Peter and Lilah’s bedroom with a writing corner are all very fresh and bright, although they’re mainly using affordable furniture.


The upstairs, on the other hand, is completely Isaac and Ruby’s, and as that it’s furnished quite lavishly. They’ve earned it! They have a fabulous bedroom, a luxurious bathroom and of course a nice new office for Isaac’s detective activities and Ruby’s programming.


And for those of you who have been with the Bloomers for quite some time, rest assured that the family goldfish Steve has made the move as well.


The first person to come over was Erica. With her and Isaac freshly reconciled, they were overjoyed to have their relationship on the mend again.


As Erica enthused about the babies, Isaac couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. Both of his older children were doing so well, and have come so far already. He was sure the twins, who have now freshly moved out, would now follow in their older siblings’ footsteps.


Happy Isaac makes me happy. Also, I think he’s still got it.


With a large young family like Erica’s, the oldest daughter’s visit was quite brief. (I wouldn’t trust Daniel alone with the kids for too long either!) Isaac and Ruby went to enjoy their new office space once she’s left.


Meanwhile, Peter had a visitor of his own, his old pal Jaxen. Lilah decided to just casually strike a “natural” sexy pose in the background. Nice one, Lilah.


Jaxen was actually feeling quite blue. He had no family left in Newcrest, and things were not really going his way. He had tried inviting evil cousin Cassiel out on a date, but she just laughed at him. For several minutes. It was painful.

Lilah: “What you need, Jaxen, is a change! You should go travelling, explore new places, meet new people! I say every place becomes dreary after more than two years. Being on the move is where it’s at!”

Jaxen: “You know what, I’ve actually been thinking about it too. You always talk about the places you’ve seen Lilah, maybe it’s time for me to go have a look at some of them myself.”


Peter: “Are you sure? Newcrest is such a great place! We have all that my family’s built, not to mention the community lots I’ll be building! You’ve grown up here, you know everyone here…”

Jaxen: “That’s precisely it, Pete. I know everyone in here! I’ve had no luck here. And… I don’t want to end up alone.”


Lilah: “Go Jaxen!”

Living vicariously through Jaxen much?


Peter, on the other hand couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live anywhere but in Newcrest. It was his home, a place full of familiar faces and places. Not to mention he had the opportunity to shape it exactly the way he wanted it to be! What could be better than that?

But at the end of the day, he wanted the best for his friend Jaxen, and if leaving Newcrest will make him happy, then so be it.

Peter: “Just stay in touch, ok? And remember you have a home here to come back to if everything goes to plum in the big world out there!”


Peter and Lilah spend the rest of the evening doing yoga. Lilah is just a touch better at it than Peter – in fact, she has now maxed her wellness skill.


Peter: “Do you think Jaxen will be happier somewhere else?”

Lilah: “Of course he will! Don’t worry about him. I gave him tips for all of my favourite spots to visit. Not to mention those he’ll discover on his own. He’s going to have the time of his life!”


Peter wrapped Lilah in an embrace. He still couldn’t believe his luck that she picked him: “I’m so glad you’re here with me, Lilah.”

“Yeah… me too.” Lilah returns the hug briefly and then backs away.


Peter: “So… should we maybe go check out the new bedroom? It’s pretty sweet that we finally get to share one now, right?”

Lilah: “Actually I am pretty tired. Going to sleep sounds like a good idea.”

Uh-oh. I don’t quite think that’s what he had in mind…


14 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.1 On the Move

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  1. Erica has a big home but I think with the triplets, it won’t be that big lol. Such a nice thing that Peter is thinking of the community and he’s building a library. Very interested to see how it’ll look. Is that the next thing the third generations has to do?
    Aww poor Jaxen, he left to be happy I really have to get him to meet Pearl and hopefully she’ll make him happy. Peter is such a nice friend.
    I have a feeling Lilah won’t stay there long, I hope I’m wrong though.


  2. It’s all she could afford right now – I gave them some of the money from the legacy family household funds to help them get on their feet!

    Yep, the library is the generation 3 task. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll use the current house for it or tear it down and build it from scratch once I’m done with Peter’s aspiration and get him to the top of the career (I wish he had better grades in school so he could star higher on the career ladder – he was only a B student so he started on level 2)

    Let’s hope Jaxen finds happiness, but if not, as Peter said he can always come back 🙂

    I don’t know if this legacy is compatible with how Lilah wants to lead her life. But those things can change, so who knows what happens with them.


  3. “(I wish he had better grades in school so he could star higher on the career ladder – he was only a B student so he started on level 2)”
    Ohh so that’s how that works I kept trying to figure out why in my disney legacy all the children kept jumping the ladder.I was going crazy. its because they all had to have A’s in school for the challenge. Lolz I’m a mess.


  4. Yeah if your teenager is getting As when they age up they they start on level 3 of their careers – great for getting a bit of an edge!

    Not everyone jumps into commitment I suppose, I actually share Lilah’s love of moving around and travelling (the awkwardness between them is real in game, it’s ridiculous, but the reasons behind it are very much inspired by my own attitudes :))

    I guess it is quite a contrast with both Kirk and Maranda’s and Isaac and Ruby’s relationships being pretty natural and effortless… but not all relationships are like that.


  5. I came over to read Jaxen’s plans again and I just noticed this. When he’s with Peter and Lilah it says he’s there to see Daniel.
    By the way, Jaxen came over to the park where Ash was hanging out with his niece and he came over angry. Any idea why he could have been angry? lol Did you ever see him like that?


  6. Poor I love the two new homes. I always enjoy seeing how others decorate too.

    I definitely think that Ericka and Daniel will have their hands full with all those kids and Daniels insane trait.

    So good to see Isaac and Ericka reconnecting!

    Hmmmm Lilahs idea that you get wander lust after about two years doesn’t match well with our Petes idea that Newcrest is home and why would anyone want to leave. Interesting opportunity for drama there for sure!


    1. Thank you, I’m always curious about other people’s builds and interiors too 🙂

      Erica didn’t choose an easy route, but she’s tougher than it may seem. And there definitely is a bit of a clash between what Peter and Lilah want from their futures (which is actually based on my own experiences a fair bit!)


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