The Bloomer Legacy: 3.2 Lollipop Lair (Part 1)

Tony Corleonesi and Vincent Salvatore entered the unsuspecting town quietly. The two men had bonded over their shared nickname, “Meatball”. Whether this came from their mutual love of cooking, or their capability of making their enemies faces resemble mince was unclear.

The two men had been running from the law for quite some time. They had just been planning their next steps when they received an interesting preposition.


Tony: “This has got to be it!”

Vincent: “I still think this is a bit mad. This area has virtually no crime, spare the odd pickpocket or vandal here and there – and apparently those are hunted down at lightning speed. Isn’t the local leader also high up in the police force? Colonel Bloomer? Not to mention, isn’t his house right down the street?”


Tony: “I never took you for one to shy away from risk… But if you want to leave, this would be a good time to do so.” He rings the doorbell.


Two women emerge out of the house. Twins, by the looks of it.

“Hi, I’m Gretchen, and this is my sister Charlotte,” the one in the white jacket says. “Welcome to Lollipop Lair!”


Gretchen: “Let me give you a tour of the place. This is the main living space. Naturally, your rooms would be upstairs… as are ours.” She winks at Vincent.

Charlotte: “Ahem, I take it you are more interested in the basement area.”


The group moves downstairs.

Vincent: “This looks like an expensive painting.”

Charlotte: “It is. Naturally it’s stolen. But there are more interesting things to see down here.”


Gretchen: “Officially, all that’s down here is the home gym, and a bathroom to use after your workout.”

Tony: “And unofficially?”


Charlotte: “Unofficially there’s a whole lot more if you know how to work this secret door.”

She takes a seemingly random book out of the bookcase and it tilts back without the slightest sound.


Charlotte: “This is the lab. We’ve been doing quite a bit of research down here.”


Tony: “That’s more like it. Do I spy a one way window?”

Charlotte: “Ah yes, that looks into the cell. Comes in handy.”


Charlotte: “If you just follow me straight through here…”


She walks the group through the corridor by the cell silently. The Meatballs seem impressed.


Gretchen: “This is the main plotting room. Its function is probably quite self-explanatory…”


Tony: “Now this is all very quaint and all, but when do we get to speak to the head of the operation?”

Gretchen: “The leader’s office is just through the door behind you.”


“She’s waiting for you.”


Cassiel: “Gentlemen, thank you for coming. Please have a seat.”


Vincent: “Now, before we get into this, I must say we have some concerns…”


Cassiel: “Naturally. You are probably concerned about the low crime rate in the area, which stems from the head of the founding family being a high ranking member of the police.”

Vincent: “Yes, colonel Bloomer has quite a reputation…”

Cassiel: “Well, what you may not know is that I am actually related to the family, and I can read them like an open book. Isaac is not a complicated man. And above all, his family is everything to him.”

Tony: “Are you suggesting that he will not uncover our mission because he loves you like his own?”


Cassiel: “Not at all. He hates me, in fact. However, I have a double shield against him. The twins. They are his youngest daughters, his babies. That is their biggest value for the operation. Isaac would never presume his precious little girls are involved in anything sinister.

Not to mention, Isaac is stepping to the sidelines now, there is a new heir in the Bloomer house. He’s a big softie, and even considers me his friend. We have nothing to worry about from Peter.

As for the lack of crime in the area, the way I see it, it just means less competition for us. The path to world domination is laid out for us!”


Cassiel: “So, have I convinced you?”

The Meatballs look at each other. Before they can say anything, the group gets interrupted by Gretchen’s voice coming from the intercom: “My deepest apologies, but there appears to be a… disruption outside.”


Cassiel checks the security camera monitor. Who the plum was that? She sighs: “I’ll go deal with it. This is not over, gentlemen. Have a think about it…”

To be continued…

The “Meatballs” are a creation of Rorygilmore34 – If you are not reading her Legacies of the Sims saga, you are missing out! And of course, some of you may recognise the intruder from the last screenshot from Julyvee94’s Unusual History of Tribe Arayeo. Huge thanks to both of the wonderful writers for letting me use their sims!


13 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.2 Lollipop Lair (Part 1)

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  1. Emma: Hehe I love Baato! He’s awesome ❤

    Rory: Yay!!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I had to wait for quite a while to find a place for the Meatballs to fit into the story, but in the end it all fell into place so perfectly! Thank you for letting me use them, I'm having a blast with them 🙂


  2. WoW! The plot thickens! Didn’t see that coming. I’m soooo curious what are the inhabitants of the dark house up to.


  3. So I’m not familiar with the Meatballs but it’s amazing that Cassiel and the twins are all tied up together in organized crime!!

    I feel so sad though that Cassiel is just using Peters family affection to her advantage!

    Nice plot twist here!


    1. Surprised you never heard of Meatball – back when I wrote this he wasn’t all that known but these days he’s in every other story haha! No knowledge of them is necessary here mind 🙂

      Well, Cassiel is evil. Of course she’ll use whatever she can.


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