The Bloomer Legacy: 3.3 Lollipop Lair (Part 2)

Cassiel opens the door and smiles. This man doesn’t look like a threat to her operation. Clearly he can’t even find all of his clothes.

Cassiel: “You should feel privileged, I never answer the door myself. I have people for that.”


Baato: “I’m so sorry! I was just looking for the local slave market, because the one I was at rejected me and I have nowhere to go… But I didn’t mean to disturb anyone, especially not you… you must be the creator?”

Cassiel: “You mean the boss? I sure am! As for a slave market, I’m pretty certain we don’t have anything like that in the area. Believe me, I’d be the first to know. I’m liking the suggestion though!”

Baato: “That means I’m doomed… I’ll never find a new tribe!”

Cassiel: “Let me get this straight, you willingly want to be a slave? Today just keeps getting better and better!”

Baato: “Well, I am a slave. But I’ve been banished, because I am unworthy, I had such a fit of rage…”


Cassiel: “A fit of rage is the kind of sentiment we’re after here! And I sure can use a servant!”

Baato: “You’re saying you’re asking me to join your tribe?”

Cassiel: “My tribe? I love the sound of that! Now, go make me some dinner!”

Baato: “Of course, creator…”


Gretchen: “Wait a second! I read The Unusual History of Tribe Arayeo. Baato’s name was cleared and he returned back to his tribe. This makes no sense!”

Charlotte: “Have you ever heard of alternate realities? Perhaps there’s a parallel universe out there, where the truth about Baato didn’t come out and he was never allowed to return to his tribe. And perhaps that is the universe we live in.”

Gretchen: “Huh?”

Charlotte: “Have you never heard of the multiverse theory?”

Gretchen: “You’re the genius, not me!”

Charlotte: “Just think of it as an infinite amount of universes, all the same, but different in some aspects. One little decision can set off a whole different reality…”

Gretchen: “So for example, there might be a universe out there where the Meatballs are just one person?”

Charlotte: “That’s a bit unprobable… but sure.”


Charlotte: “Of course, there could be another explanation to this. We don’t really know at what point in time the story of Tribe Arayeo takes place. Maybe this is a time paradox, and our time line is a bit behind, meaning that what’s happening here right now is just shortly after Baato was banished.

Isn’t it exciting that we might have an opportunity to learn what he was up to when he was in exile? That his past may be happening just now? Ooh, the multiplicity…”

Gretchen: “This is gibberish to me. Are you saying that we live in the past?”

Charlotte: “There’s no use trying to debate theories with you! Why don’t we just watch him look hot as he juggles the knives?”


Cassiel was very much a fan of the last approach. Baato looked delicious, whatever he was cooking smelled delicious, what was there to fault? This was probably her best decision as of yet. She sure was going to have fun with this. But first, there was some unfinished business to tend to.


Cassiel: “Gentlemen, I hope you are enjoying the meal. We have our own slave in the house that does all the cooking and housekeeping…”

Tony: “It does smell magnificent!”

Cassiel: “Have you two had a chance to think things over? Will you be joining my operation?”


Vincent: “It will be our pleasure!”

Cassiel launches into an evil laughter: “Muahahahaha! Excellent! World domination, here we come!”


Looks like the Meatballs may have some things to discuss.

Tony: “You agreed to this? You, the one who had all the doubts in the first place? I knew I said we should try something risky, but this place is insane!”


Vincent: “It’s completely insane. But aren’t you curious where this all leads? I want to stick around for the show!”

Tony: “Fine, let’s give it a go. It does look like an amusing scenario. But the moment there’s any sign of trouble, we are out of here!”


Meanwhile, Cassiel gives Baato a bit of a private tour.

Cassiel: “Well, what do you think of my room?”

Baato: “It’s beautiful, creator. But I’m confused. Surely slaves are not allowed in the women’s quarters?”


Cassiel: “Oh, I think you’ll be allowed in my quarters Baato…”

The look in her eyes can only mean one thing…


Baato: “Creator… Do you wish to breed with me? I am honoured, of course, but I’m not really a breeding slave. Some of my traits are not very desirable…”


Cassiel laughs: “Breeding? Who said anything about breeding?”

Cassiel hates children and never plans on having any. She wants the world to be hers and hers only. Successors are just unnecessary competition. But woohoo of course, is a whole other story.


Baato: “Creator… may I ask something? Does this mean I’ll be sacrificed?”

Cassiel: “Are you crazy? How often do I come across a servant who also doubles as a woohoo toy? You, Baato, are here for the long haul!”


Cassiel: “Welcome to Lollipop Lair!”

Once again, Baato has of course been created by the wonderful Julyvee94 – I don’t normally read amazon challenges, but hers is worth checking out if you haven’t already! All credit for creating the Meatballs goes to Rorygilmore34. The season 2 of her Legacies of the Sims story is just about to come out, making it the perfect time to start reading her amazing work!

For those of you interested, here is the floor plan of Cassiel’s Lollipop Lair:


The ground floor with the kitchen/dining/living space, a shared toilet/shower, Cassiel’s master bedroom with an en suite and Baato’s room (with an adjoining door).


The upstairs, with the bedrooms for the twins and the Meatballs and two bathrooms.


And of course, the most important part; the basement equipped for all of your world domination needs: A home gym with its own bathroom, a secret lab, a cell, a plotting room and Cassiel’s office.

The house will be available on the gallery soon (my Origin username is ThePlumbobBlog), with a few touches it could probably be turned into your regular family home.


16 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.3 Lollipop Lair (Part 2)

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  1. I still can’t get over how cute and sexy Cassiel is. And so evil. I wonder what they are planning. Oh and Baato!!!!!!


  2. Hahahaha — I loved this! I reminds me of my Evil Sim days…ahhh…good times. I mean, on one hand, I’m like ‘aw poor Isaac and Peter and hopefully Lilah — they don’t even know what’s coming’, but on the other hand I wanna see where this goes. (It does help that everyone in that house is totally gorgeous.)


  3. I can’t handle how amazing this all is!! Also, an alternate universe where there is a single evil meatball? I love it! Muahahahaa! 🙂


  4. Wow, talk about a turn of events. I should have known Cassiel had to be in on it. The twins have been busy, are they trying to bring crime to Newcrest? Could it be that they felt neglected they figured this was a way to get attention? lol

    Do male sims also get to wear gloves? I didn’t know that.


  5. Emma: I’m so obsessed with Cassiel lately! She has the most bizarre personality and is so beautiful – I don’t think I ever would have made a sim like her in CAS. Her and Baato have really good chemistry too (much more effortless than Peter and Lilah tbh)!

    Jordan: I’m so glad you liked it – I remember you mentioning that the whole villain angle is your least favourite aspect of the game, and I’ve pretty much gone full on villain LOL I’ve only planned things loosely so far and don’t want to spoil anything, but I can say that this will affect Isaac and his family… And yeah, how come all the evil people get to be so attractive! Life’s unfair 😀

    Rory: Haha yes I enjoyed throwing that reference to your story in there 😀 So pleased you’re happy with this, it’s been great fun!

    Lux: I simply couldn’t have all these evil/mean/dastardly sims in my game and not do anything about this, Cassiel was born to be a villain leader. I really like your explanation behind the twins’ motives, I think that makes a lot of sense! (As for the gloves, I would have never noticed either, I was surprised the Meatballs were wearing them!)


  6. “I was just looking for the local slave market…” I couldn’t stop laughing. This is priceless!
    I wonder who will get kidnapped and locked in the cell. Lilah? Their baby? Or Peter’s and another woman’s baby?
    Meatballs look hot. Definitely breeding material. Muhahaha!


  7. Haha it was really fun to write Baato’s lines since he comes from such a different background to everyone else! As for the cell, who knows, it could be anyone 🙂 The Meatballs are very yummy indeed 😀


  8. Haha!! I loved the twins discussion of alternate universes!!

    And I’ve never read an Amazon tribe challenge but this idea of breeding and woohoo slaves is intriguing for sure.

    Rawwr. *wink*


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