The Bloomer Legacy: 3.5 Party Time

It’s Ruby’s elder birthday, an occasion which naturally calls for a party! Lilah is making her a Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake – that sounds awful (maybe apart from the coconut), but I’m curious.


Erica is the first guest to arrive, and she goes straight to her mom to congratulate her.

And since Erica is here, that means Daniel can’t be far…


Daniel: “Hi Isaac, I missed you. I love watching you sleep. You look so peaceful…”

Err, moving on…


Juanita arrives next, shortly followed by the twins and their… business associates.


And last but not least, Cassiel and Baato make an entrance.

Peter: “Hey cousin Cassiel! Is this your new boyfriend?”

Cassiel: “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my slave.”

Peter: “Uh, no need to involve me in whatever roleplay you two have going on! Um, would you like to borrow one of my shirts Baato?”


Tony: “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear this is your young adult birthday! I don’t look a day older from that teen spin!”

Putting the moves on Ruby, Tony? (I think it might be working…)


Meanwhile, Vincent seems to be sticking to Gretchen. I wonder if these two are just friends…


Peter: “So, Baato, are you sure I can’t interest you in a top?”


Lilah: “I think it’s great that you feel comfortable walking around topless and shoeless! It’s like ditching the unnecessary, connecting with the nature and feeling its vibrations fully…”


Juanita: “Absolutely! I think you look great!”


Cassiel: “Hands off, mother! Don’t you dare flirt with him! He’s mine!”


Peter: “Relax Cassiel, nobody’s trying to steal your boyfriend!”

Cassiel: “My slave!”

Peter: “Uh, whatever… why don’t you try some yoga out on the deck? It always calms me.”

Also… Ruby! Are you checking out Tony? Your husband is right there!


Cassiel gives it a go.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that it’s worked too well.

Cassiel: “Stop looking at my mother Baato! I forbid you to speak to her.”

Baato: “Yes, creator.”


Charlotte: “Oh the heat!”

Erica and Daniel seem completely oblivious of the drama around them. Also, the cake doesn’t look too bad!


It’s time for the big twirl!


I don’t think any of my birthday parties have seen this much confetti thrown at once!


Welcome to elderhood Ruby! You’re still cute!


Juanita: “Join the old lady club! It’s not all that bad, really. For starters, I’m in it!”


Meanwhile, Isaac bonds with his first born grandson.

Skylar: “Oh, I know my dad is a bit cuckoo. Don’t worry, I take good care of him.”


It’s a lot later in the night by the time everyone leaves. Isaac and Ruby finally have some time on their own.

Ruby: “There may have been attractive young men at the party, but you’re still the most handsome of them all!”


Sorry, Meatballs. Isaac and Ruby are still going strong.

17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.5 Party Time

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  1. Lolz. baato wouldn’t be baato if he wore a shirt. I love Erica and Daniel, they are so cute together. The party look amazing by the way!


  2. “Daniel: “Hi Isaac, I missed you. I love watching you sleep. You look so peaceful…”” hahahaha this chapter has been the most amusing of all I would say. So many weird sims in one place. Cassiel, the twins, the meatballs and Juanita. A typical party in the Bloomer family. But I like that the family is getting bigger and it looks like despite everything they had a good time.


  3. Emma: Thank you! Usually my sims disperse all over the place when I have parties, so this time around I locked all of the bedrooms/office spaces to make sure they stay in the kitchen and living area. Works wonders!

    Lux: Haha gosh I know, there’s mot many “normal” family members at this point! 😀 Gives a whole new meaning to the term crazy family reunion!


  4. Your characters are so amazing. I can’t even choose who is my favourite. Cassiel is the real evil femme fatale, the twins are so cute in their own mischievous way, Daniel is… I don’t even have words for him. And then there’s Peter with his good heart and Lilah with her free spirit… I really really admire your work with these characters, they are the best!


  5. I have been quite fortunate in collecting a very eclectic mix of characters. But I don’t really do that much, I just let them guide me and tell their stories.

    I think my favourite is Isaac, since I got so attached to him over time, but definitely closely followed by Cassiel and Lilah, who are each awesome in their own ways. But then I always enjoy the crazy supporting characters like Juanita and Daniel hehe


  6. Hehe it was fun having them around for family parties – eye candy is always nice to have 😀 I thought it was very thoughtful of Tony to pay so much attention to Ruby on her birthday, I’m sure it made her feel a lot better about becoming an elder 🙂


    1. I always struggle figuring out where I last left off when I’m revisiting stories after a while. And usually end up rereading parts by accident too, but I think it helps wi getting into what’s going on!


  7. Things I loved: Daniel watching Isaac sleep!

    Cassiel yelling at Juanita for checking out Baato

    The idea that no shoes or shirt must be very liberating

    Peter *really* wanting Baato to put on a shirt!!


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