The Bloomer Legacy: 3.7 The Power of Intent

Lilah was still escaping into her far away dreamlike worlds. She didn’t quite understand how it all worked, but found her little getaways extremely satisfying.


Her athletic side loved to just run around those places and explore, but there was more to it. For one, it was a great source of inspiration for her writing, but it was also a good time to think.


She was in a particularly beautiful setting today. This has got to be the best one as of yet, she thought to herself. There was only one thing that could make it all even more perfect… But was that even possible?

What were the limits of teleportation? The basic principle was the same, focusing on your intent, picturing it as if it was real, and watching it happen, first in your head and then for real…


She opened her eyes and beamed. It worked!


Peter looked around him, confused. What just happened?


Peter: “Lilah? Where… what…”


“It worked, it worked, it worked!” Lilah was struggling to contain her excitement.

“I don’t understand,“ Peter said, still perplexed, “what is this place?”

“I’m not fully sure,” Lilah admitted, “but I have a confession to make. I’ve been escaping to worlds not unlike this one for quite some time. Don’t ask me how it works… I’ve been teleporting to them through meditating somehow and…”


Lilah: “Today’s world is the best one I’ve seen as of yet… So I wanted to share it with you. I focused all my energy on making it happen… and now you’re here!”


Peter: “I don’t understand any of it! But thank you for bringing me here. You never cease to amaze me with the places you show me! Though you’ve outdone yourself this time!”


Lilah embraced him happily; “I’m so glad you’re here!”


Lilah: “Wait, let me show you the best part!”


Lilah: “The waterfall!”


Peter: “This is just like when I first met you and you showed me the waterfall in Granite Falls! I had such a huge crush on you back then…”

Lilah: “And now?”

Peter: “Now I’m more in love with you than ever.”

Lilah could just explode with happiness. She had a spur of the moment idea. Could she just transport anything here, the way she did Peter?

As soon as she’d thought it, she felt the small item in her hand. Now or never.


She dropped to her knee and revealed the ring in the palm of her hand.

Lilah: “Peter, I want you to be a part of all of my adventures from now on… will you marry me?”


Peter: “Aww man, I was supposed to do the asking!”

Lilah: “Is that a yes or a no?”


Peter: “Of course it’s a yes!”


And that’s how Peter and Lilah got engaged.

Author’s note: She really did have the whim to get engaged to Peter appear right as they were by the waterfall. I may or may not have done a happy dance when it happened.

17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.7 The Power of Intent

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  1. Yeah I agree. I would be afraid she’d turn him down if it was the other way around. She was the one who had to become ready – Peter probably would have married her the day he met her 😀


  2. So beautiful. I’m happy for them.
    I can’t stop thinking of how wonderful lives you create for your sims! Lucky them.
    Your stories made me start my own legacy. 🙂


  3. Oh my gosh, yay! I was so surprised when Lilah proposed, and the fact that she had the whim to do it makes this perfect. I can’t wait to see their future together!


  4. Maladi: Thank you! They do have sad moments in their lives sometimes – in fact, one of the updates next week is going to be really sad I’m afraid. But for the most part I try to have them follow the path that will let them lead the lives they want to. The issues come when those paths are conflicting…

    Christina: Thanks for reading and commenting! Yeah the proposal went down very well. It’s probably more magical than the actual wedding (but we’ll get to that soon)!


  5. Isn’t it just awesome when your Sims do exactly what you want them to do 🙂 It makes them that much more real to me haha! Awesome Legacy just catching up, is there any way to “follow” this page ? x


    1. Thank you very much for reading, and welcome to my blog! 🙂 You’ve come at an interesting time, the third generation is definitely not quite a conventional legacy. I hope you enjoy!

      I used to update daily until very recently, so there is no way to follow or subrscribe at the moment. Probably the closest thing for getting any update would be bookmarking my thread on the forums – I post there every time there’s an update or an announcement 🙂


  6. These screenshots are so perfect! The emotions match up right with their actions in the story. 🙂 And how wonderful was it that she wanted to propose to him then and there! ❤


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