The Bloomer Legacy: 3.8 The Time Has Come

The plotting was in full swing over at the Lollipop Lair. The Meatballs have when working in the field while the girls continued the research in the lab.


Cassiel: “Great job everybody, we’re on the verge of having the chaos potion ready! Thanks again gentlemen for scouting the best locations for planting the potions. Once they take effect, we’ll easily take over Newcrest, and then the entire world!”


Gretchen: “Um, Cassiel, could we hold off putting the plan in motion for just a few days? It’s just… our brother is getting married this Sunday. Can we unleash the chaos after the wedding?”


Cassiel gave Gretchen a cold glare. I sure wouldn’t want to make her angry!

Cassiel: “Fine… we’ll carry the plan out after the wedding. At least that gives us a bit of extra time to perfect the potion. But no holding back once the time comes!”


Meanwhile, Baato was enjoying the sunshine in the garden, blissfully unaware of the plotting. Cassiel has let him start a little herb batch in the backyard – she didn’t really get why he was so into gardening, but she figured perhaps she could score a cow plant from his efforts eventually.

After the birthday party incident, she also made Baato start wearing a top – she was not willing to share him with anyone!


Aside from the compulsory top, Baato has never experienced so much freedom in his life. He was able to just come up to Cassiel and kiss her whenever he felt like it. He had never thought it was possible to have that kind of a dynamic with a woman.


As for Cassiel, she was barely able to control herself around Baato. It was for the first time in her life that she felt a desire to express affection towards anyone. Sometimes she got carried away and let her feelings be seen in front of her subordinates… she’d then have to make sure to drag Baato to her bedroom quickly, so that her weakness wasn’t on display so much.


Truth is, she was afraid of that soft, tender side of her that Baato brought out of her…


Of course, that was not the only side he brought out.


Seeing all the flirtation between Cassiel and Baato has definitely sparked something in the twins as well.


Both of them seemed to be crushing on Vincent a fair amount. For the most part, he’d humour them, although he was probably more interested in the delicious food Baato prepared than in either of the twins.


As for Tony, he had little patience for the hormones that were dominating the house. He was ready for the plan to get rolling. Soon…


Tony was of the opinion that Baato was just distracting Cassiel. If she focused more energy on their plan rather than wooing the servant, they could have taken over Newcrest ages ago…


There may have been a bit of truth in that, but Cassiel still had her eyes on the prize. She knew that her evil plans would come to fruition soon.

I wonder what Baato thinks when he sees this evil side of Cassiel come to the surface…


Apparently, he’s not concerned. He gets to serve a beautiful woman who can’t seem to get enough of him. He’s rather impressed with himself, in fact.


18 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.8 The Time Has Come

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  1. I see 🙂 I don’t generally see the point of long engagements, either in the sims or in real life. So normally I have them happen as soon after the proposal as the majority of the family has a day off 🙂


  2. Cassiel!! You ol’softy! I love that Baato has her flirty and all romantic!

    Also all the henchman plotting.

    The idea that the chaos has to wait is hilarious! Planned mayhem. Love it!


  3. I love how you just don’t give a plum about gender stereotypes. Lilah proposing to Isaac was the cutest and we have kind of reversed 50 Shades of Grey thing going on with Cassiel and Baato :D. But seriously, I love them together and I can’t wait for more. Good thing I don’t have to.


  4. I meant proposing to Peter! Aaagh, now that would be kinda awkward. Was it a Freudian slip caused by my subconscious crash on Isaac?


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