The Bloomer Legacy: 3.9 Wedding Crasher

It’s almost time for Peter and Lilah’s wedding. The bride and groom to be head to the park for a yoga session to get their zen on before the event.


I think they’re ready!


Seeing as his future daughter-in-law won’t stop raving about yoga and meditation, Isaac decides to try it out for himself. Seems pleasant enough!

I had a notice pop up that Isaac’s nearing his final days, yikes! I’m not ready to let him go, so I have him down a Young Again potion quickly. He never finished eating the ambrosia that he had with Ruby, meaning it hasn’t affected his age and the potion is fair game. However, it does probably mean that Ruby will be the first to go now… I don’t even want to think about it!


Let’s not worry about the days to come and focus on today! The wedding day. Isaac and Ruby are overjoyed – with Erica’s wedding having happened in secret, they are excited to enjoy this one properly.


Pace: “Oh hi there, I’m back! You might remember me from being the most desirable man in town! Well now I’ve finally settled down with Juanita, meaning I’m practically and honorary family member!”

Emery: “You’re funny!”


Erica gives Peter a huge hug as soon as she arrives. She can’t believe her little brother is getting married!

Where is the bride though?


Lilah: “Don’t let anyone tell you where you can or can’t go Emery! See that cloud there? If you really put your mind to it, you can fly all the way to it!”


Time for the ceremony!


Looks like Erica is more than a little bit teary-eyed…


Peter: “Lilah, my life’s not been the same ever since I met you. Every day is a new discovery with you, and I can’t wait to see how each and every day we have ahead of us makes us grow even stronger.”

Lilah: “Peter, I love you from all of my heart. As far as I remember, I’ve always been thinking about my next adventure. I know that the one I’ll have with you is going to be a big one!”


Ladies and gentlemen, I present the third Mr and Mrs Bloomer!


Lilah: “We did it!”

Surely now is the time for the party to get properly started…


Juanita: “Actually, I think it’s time for me to take off…”



Yes, apparently this is Juanita’s last attempt at stealing the spotlight from the Bloomers.


Grim: “Congratulations to the newlyweds. Don’t you remember that I always love to show up shortly after a family wedding? You’d really just make things simpler if you invited me in the first place…”


Isaac: “Come on Grim, this is my son’s wedding! Please let us enjoy this day together as a family!”


Grim: “Ok then… just this once. But you better save me some cake!”


And Juanita is back! Centre of attention, just the way she likes it!


Lilah: “My wedding day is ruined…”

Baato: “Death has been defeated? A big tribe celebration without any sacrifices? Awesome!”

Vincent: “What a waste of a perfectly good death!”


Isaac and Juanita sit down for a bit of a chat. She definitely owes him one now!

Meanwhile, Erica tries to cheer up Lilah: “Look at it this way… at least your wedding day will be memorable.”


I must say I like the contrast of Lilah and Erica’s outfits. They’re like night and day.


The party was a moderate success – the caterer we hired seems to be enjoying himself at least. However, Grim’s appearance did seem to put a damper on things.


Meatballs are out of here!


All who’s left in the park are Isaac, Ruby and the twins. Ruby, being the party animal she is, tries to bring the life back to the party… but I’m afraid it’s a bit late…


Lilah: “Oh Peter, I’m so sorry the day didn’t really go as we hoped…”

Peter: “Nonsense. We’re together now, Mrs Bloomer. And that’s all that matters to me.”


Lilah: “You know what, you’re right!”


Congratulations, Peter and Lilah! Let’s hope your marriage will be less turbulent than your wedding day!


Pace: “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of scared to go home. Juanita is going to be so mad that it was Isaac and not me who pleaded for her life!”

20 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.9 Wedding Crasher

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  1. Lol I’m sorry but it was so funny. “Yes, apparently this is Juanita’s last attempt at stealing the spotlight from the Bloomers.” Well, I don’t feel that bad because she came back.
    So nice to see Peter happy and marrying Lilah. Emery looks so cute in that outfit! Poor Pace, hopefully she’ll be to excited for what she experienced and doesn’t mind.


  2. YES — thank you for giving Isaac youth potion. ❤ I wasn't ready for him to go either.

    "Yes, apparently this is Juanita’s last attempt at stealing the spotlight from the Bloomers." Plummit, Juanita. *eyeroll*

    The contrast between Lilah and Erica was amazing — literally night and day. They're kinda opposites in personality too — Lilah's carefree, adventurous, and nontraditional, whereas Erica wanted to settle down and have a nice little family in Newcrest since she was a teen. I mean, they're both drop-dead gorgeous though!


  3. Lux: Typical Juanita! The wedding was a complete disaster – there was a glitch where Peter and Lilah kept saying their vows etc. in a loop and it still didn’t count as them getting married, although it does say spouse in their relationship panel. So I just canceled it in the end and was thinking, whatever, let’s have a fun party anyway… And then plumming Juanita decides to die… Peter and Lilah still seemed happy though, in spite of it all.

    Jordan: Isaac is my favourite sim, it’s going to be hard to let him go. That being said, the next chapter is going to be pretty tough on him. I apologise in advance!

    Good point about Lilah and Erica’s personalities, they really are like night and day. They do get along ok, though they’re not really close, I guess they don’t really understand each other all that well.


  4. What a nice chapter!
    Tony: “What a waste of a perfectly good death!” LOL
    I hope the Meatballs will fall in love in the end. Can’t waste that genetics. 😀
    Btw. I played my legacy yesterday and you won’t believe what happened. There was a wedding and the groom died of laughter during wedding vows. Never happened to me before. Such a disaster.


  5. Oh that’s too bad about the glitch. When Forest got married it didn’t accept it right away so I thought it wasn’t working but when they moved to another goal, it marked the married one. The game is weird lol


  6. Maladi: Oh no! And i thought this wedding was bad. I hope the groom wasn’t your heir! I’ve actually been pretty lucky with avoiding the emotional deaths so far, but gosh, definitely gives a new meaning to the term “I’m so happy I could die”!


  7. Fortunately he wasn’t the heir. He was to be the heir’s brother in law. The bride was already pregnant. Now he’s a ghost. I want to resurrect him but I’m still missing the Death flower (not sure if it’s the correct name in english). Where did you get it when you cooked ambrosia for Ruby?


  8. Ah ok, that could have been worse! The Death Flower needs to be grafted – it’s cherry grafted onto an apple to make pomegranate, lily plus snapdragon to make orchid, and then grafting the pomegranate on to a lily.

    It does take death flowers 48 hours to be ready to harvest each time, so don’t worry that it hasn’t worked if you don’t get the produce straight away. Good luck!


  9. AHAHA Pace! Classic dude. xD

    I love that Lilah was cloudgazing with Emery regardless of being dressed up for her own wedding! Very much like her not to worry about grass or mud stains on her wedding dress. 🙂

    Oh, Juanita. xD


  10. Oh Gosh, I started cracking up when I saw Issac doing yoga. And Junanita dying and then coming back to life was just the icing on the cake for this chapter! 🙂


  11. Hahaha Juanita!! And Yay Isaac for pleading for her life. She really does try to be a one upper! Loved the contrast too between Ericka and Lilah. So pretty!


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