The Bloomer Legacy: 3.10 The Case of a Lifetime

Isaac looked around his new office at the station proudly. It shouldn’t be too hard to settle in here! The chief of Newcrest – he has officially made it.


Of course, being the chief meant he would now get the most interesting cases. The first case file that landed on his desk was more than intriguing. An evil conspiracy at the heart of Newcrest! He went over all of the evidence, fascinated. He couldn’t wait to get home and tell Ruby all about it.


Sadly, he didn’t really get the chance.


Isaac: “No, no, no, no… Ruby! You can’t leave me… please!”

Ruby: “Isaac… don’t let me be a ghost again. You need to set me free! I won’t… I can’t…”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence.


Isaac: “Grim! Why do you have to take her away from me?”

Grim: “I bet you wish you haven’t wasted your plea on Juanita now…”


Isaac: “What am I supposed to do without her?”


The only thing he could think of was burying himself in work.



The twins got a call from their father in the middle of the day. Surely he was supposed to be at work? He was probably not taking their mother’s death too well. They agreed to come over to see him.


Looks like he was doing worse than they thought, just crying at his desk.

Gretchen: “Dad… you haven’t said a word since we got here… Why are we in the office?”

Isaac didn’t look at her, he just kept staring at the file in front of him.

Isaac: “Why don’t you sit down girls…”


Isaac: “I know everything. About the Lollipop Lair, the chaos potion, the entire operation.”


Gretchen was panicked and speechless. Charlotte, on the other hand, was immediately thinking about survival.

Charlotte: “So… where does that leave us?”


Isaac: “I’m going to do a raid on the Lollipop Lair within the next hour. You can’t go back and get your things, and you can’t warn anyone. You must leave Newcrest immediately. And… you can’t ever come back. You’d be arrested the minute you show up.”


Gretchen broke into tears. As always in difficult times, she looked to her sister to take the lead. Charlotte didn’t seem emotional about any of it.

Charlotte: “How do we know we can trust you?”

Isaac: “I’m your father. If you really need me to answer that question, I’m afraid there’s not much else I can say.”


Isaac: “You need to go now girls.”


They walked out of the room and out of his life. Gretchen was distraught, and turned around briefly to catch a last glimpse of their father. Charlotte nudged her sister to carry on. They better act quick!

Isaac: “What else was I supposed to do?”


He knew he should head to the lair as soon as possible, but he needed a few moments to compose himself. Did he do the right thing? If anyone at the police station found out he let the twins get away, he could end up arrested himself. But he couldn’t let his daughters rot in jail!



He approached Lollipop Lair and looked at the entrance with disdain. It was all Cassiel’s fault!

Side note: This had me thinking – how come that when you go to a crime scene, there is a million co-workers there to get in your way, yet when you are apprehending a potentially dangerous criminal, you’re on your own?


Isaac located the secret lab soon enough. There was plenty of evidence here. If only he could be happy about it.


He made his way to the one that started it all.


Cassiel: “Oh plum!”


Cassiel: “Isaac, what a pleasant surprise! Very unlike you to make house calls…”


Isaac: “Shut it Cassiel! I’m not in the mood. I know what this place is, and I know you’re the one in charge! You’ll spend the rest of your life in prison!”


Isaac: “Cassiel Perrin, you are under arrest!”


12 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.10 The Case of a Lifetime

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  1. I’m glad he gave the twins a chance to get away; they *are* his children after all, no matter how much we neglect them. xD I’ll miss seeing Cassiel around…perhaps a prison break will be in order? Will the twins move to Willow Creek/Oasis Springs, or are they moving to someone else’s game/story? Ahhh, so many questions!

    I’m glad Ruby got some last words out at least; I completely understand that she wouldn’t want to be a ghost again…I mean, she was a ghost for almost all of gen 1!


  2. Whoa! He found out about it before they could have ruined everything! But still so sad that he had to tell them to leave. He just lost Ruby, it was so touching when she said she couldn’t be a ghost again. Poor Ruby, how did the kids take it? Or if they don’t see it happen, it’s as if they didn’t know her?


  3. Jordan: I actually considered doing the room challenge with Cassiel when she’s in prison, but she’s a loner so that disqualifies her for that one. I will do a couple updates on her though… As for the twins, you’re right on your money, they will be moving to someone else’s story, potentially sooner than you think 🙂

    Lux: I was actually really glad Isaac was there when Ruby died and they were able to have that last exchange. I wouldn’t want her to have to be alone in her last moments. The kids were affected (well, aside from the twins who didn’t seem to care much) but not really as devastated as Isaac.


    1. This was really hard. But I felt like letting the lollipop lair operation succeed would go directly against the whole story behind the Build Newcrest challenge (with the new community starting in Newcrest because there’s so much crime elsewhere) .So it had to come to this.


    1. They had to get caught eventually. Making Newcrest the centre of all crime would sort of go against the whole idea of the challenge 😀 I did feel really bad for Isaac too though!


  4. Awwww poor Isaac lost his love when Ruby died and two of his daughters now too! Good thing the girls had a sense of self preservation and didn’t tip off Cassiel!


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