The Bloomer Legacy: 3.12 Show Must Go On

Fake officer Baato arrived at the police station bright and early.


He located Cassiel’s cell soon enough.


Baato: “You, criminal, come with me! You will be tried in front of the goddess now!”

Prisoner Guy: “What the plum?”


Cassiel hurried out of the cell. Blending in was not Baato’s strong suite, so they better act quickly.


The duo make their way out to the lockers swiftly… not suspicious at all!

Luckily the only officer around is too immersed in a game of Sims Forever.


Cassiel quickly changes clothes and tosses a wig on. She is pleased with her escape look. Sure, it could be better, but she just needs to get through the door and then she’s free!


She walks out unnoticed.


Baato leaves the station shortly after, also appropriately disguised. So long Newcrest!



The news of Cassiel’s escape spread quickly. Erica and Daniel were one of the first ones to hear.

Erica had stopped dying her hair recently, and was surprised to discover she had more gray hair than anticipated. But she didn’t care. This was not a time for beauty. This was a time for family.


Since the triplets were about to age up, Erica and Daniel decided to throw a family gathering. Hopefully it would distract Isaac a bit.


Only immediate family was invited. Nobody knew how Isaac would react if he saw Juanita.


Erica got to baking while eaves-dropping on Isaac and Peter’s conversation.

Isaac: “It was probably about time for me to retire. I just couldn’t bear the thought of even one more case. I’ve had enough… and being at home will let me spend more time with my grandchildren. In fact, let me go check on the little ones…”


Peter: “Plum Erica, why do your kids have to become teenagers already? Dad really needs a distraction now!”

Erica: “You’re completely right, Petey. You and Lilah have to have a baby!”


Candle blowing and triple spinning time!


The kids quickly headed to the bathroom for their makeovers. Daniel followed them and continued to sing happy birthday… because what are dads for, if not for making sure to embarrass their teenage children?


Emery (denim jacket, on the left) takes after both of his parents – he’s inherited gloomy trait, and he’s a music lover like Daniel. He aspires to be a musical genius. His good-natured brother Amos (right, orange shirt) wants to be a friend of the world. He is an outgoing art lover.

Now that the boys are teenagers, it’s become apparent how much they resemble their father. I’m actually shocked at how similar they look.


Completing the triplets is Amelia, the family smarty pants. A hopeful renaissance sim, her traits are genius and creative. Skylar, the triplets’ older brother is creative as well, but he also have a squeamish side. He hopes to become a full on party animal one day. Like, not just silly family birthday parties.


Their parents stole a quick moment alone on the balcony.

Daniel: “I can’t believe they are already so big! Thank you for never leaving my side for all those years. You, me, the kids and the leprechauns… we have it good!”


In spite of all of Daniel’s crazy, it seems he’s still making Erica happy.


Peter: “So, me and Erica were talking, and she came up with a good way to cheer up dad…”

Lilah: “Oh yes, poor Isaac. I was thinking some meditation could really be good for him.”


Peter: “Yeah… or we could have a baby.”

Lilah: “Say what?”

While many sims have left my Newcrest in the last few chapters, it’s likely that this is not the last time we have seen them. There will be at least one additional update on Cassiel and Baato in the near future, where we’ll catch up with them and their new life in Oasis Springs.

The twins may have been forced to cut ties with the Bloomer family, but you do not need to part with them. They have found a new home in the Belle Legacy by iheartdinosx3. Her story started with one of the most adorable founders around, but now that the not-so-adorable generation 3 heir will be taking over, who knows what’s in store for the legacy…

Finally, Rorygilmore34’s Meatballs are an elusive duo, but with their charm and connections within the Sim Nation, they are bound to pop up in someone’s story again sooner or later…

13 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.12 Show Must Go On

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  1. So cute trying to be a cop “You, criminal, come with me! You will be tried in front of the goddess now!”
    The boys do look like him a lot, wow that’s awesome! I love the genetics of this game. Nice to hear Daniel’s been happy with his family including the leprechauns.


  2. Happy birthday to the triplets and Skylar! Such gorgeous, well-rounded children. I hope that Isaac finds some happiness and peace in knowing his grandchildren are growing up well. 🙂


  3. Time has flown by. Seems like just a few chapters back they were in their bassinets. Wait, they were. Lol.

    On the other hand, sim cops are as bad as horror movie cops. Such incompetence.


  4. This post made me laugh so much! The whole “sneaky” getaway, the triplets aging up and their dad embarrassing them, the leprechauns, and the final line of the chapter…well written! Your sassy side is so much fun to read!


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