The Bloomer Legacy: 3.14 Chell

Was this what giving birth felt like? Lilah was surprised. It was not unlike having to pee really badly, and then suddenly a poof of confetti exploded and baby Chell was with us.


Since Peter is a bit of a gaming geek, all of his kids will be named after characters from games (MY favourite games, because I’m selfish like that). His first born got her name from the silent protagonist of Portal, test subject #1498, also known as Chell.


The couple celebrated their adult birthday modestly. Having become parents, they no longer felt like young adults anymore, so they didn’t feel like a party to celebrate a transition was necessary.


Instead, they focused all of their attention on their baby girl, taking naps in turns to keep going.


Peter aged rather gracefully. With Isaac gone, it is now your job to be the stud of the family, Peter, so don’t let me down.


Chells’s infancy passed quickly, with both parents either catering to the baby’s needs or writing.


They wondered what their little girl would grow up to be like. Well, the wait is over.


Chell grew up into the cutest little aspiring whiz kid – the first Bloomer child to roll this aspiration. She is also an art lover, perhaps she got that from her aunt Erica?

You are adorable… but you’re not going to build Newcrest a gym, are you?


Peter: “You are perfect the way you are, Chell. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.”


Lilah has the day off today, so she will be spending Chell’s first day of childhood with her. First, they read one of Peter’s books from the Captain Duckhorse series.


And then they play a few rounds of chess. Chell will be able to beat Lilah in no time!


When Peter comes home from work, he helps his daughter with her homework, so that she’s ready for her first day of school. But that’s not going to happen all that soon, since the weekend is just about to begin.


The family gets up extra early on Saturday and have their breakfast in a bit of a hurry. Peter and Lilah have a surprise for Chell.


They are going away for a weekend trip! Chell can barely contain her excitement.


But when she finds out that they will be staying in a tree house, the whole trip just gets a whole lot better.

Note: The awesome tree house was built by no other than The Sim Supply. You can download yours here.


14 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.14 Chell

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  1. Oh Chell that is so cute! I love portal but I forgot the protagonist’s name was Chell hehe x I was a tiny bit disappointed there wasn’t a “The cake is a lie” joke haha


    1. LOL! I’ve pre-written several chapters and I think I did make a reference to that a bit later on haha 🙂

      Don’t blame you for not remembering the protagonist’s name, it wasn’t really made that prominent in the gameplay. I didn’t want to call her GLaDOS though 😀


  2. Awww<3 Chell's so adorable. And…Peter…*cough* Yes, I highly approve of the new look. (I swear, I have Simcrushes on all your Sims. Plum you.)

    Do you roll all traits at once, or do it as they age up? I prefer to roll all at once so I can prepare myself for any unwanted traits/aspirations, but I've been doing the latter in my Newcrest save…(I also forgot I can *choose* the third trait because I'm so used to Pinstar legacies. XD But, so far it's worked out in my favor, so I'm not complaining.)


    1. Hehe, I figured I needed to make Peter look a bit more manly, he used to look like a puppy!

      I roll them as I go – sometimes maybe a couple sim days before the birthday if I’m impatient. It’s never occurred to me to roll them all in one go actually! That’s probably a good idea in terms of story-telling, since you can make their character development believable… But I quite like the element of surprise 🙂


  3. Yes, I love Portal! Cell is a really cute name, too, and I love the fact that you’re naming Peter’s kids after video game characters. This was a fun chapter, and I can’t wait for some cake references in the future. 😉


  4. Chell is cute. I love Peter’s new look. I wonder if any child will inherit Lilah’s blonde hair. 🙂
    Noticed Chell’s stockings too. LOL


  5. Congratulations to Peter and Lilah! Chell is such an adorable cutie! I’m glad to see she inherited her dad’s hair and colouring. And little glasses and mismatched socks! *squee*

    And I agree with you, Peter’s a looker!


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