The Bloomer Legacy: 3.17 Adventurers

Chell woke up full of excitement. This was the coolest weekend of her life. For starters, she was in a tree house!


She ran outside on the balcony and looked around hopefully. What would today bring?


Her father emerges from within the treehouse: “Come on Chell, let’s have breakfast. We have a busy day of adventuring ahead of us!”

Needless to say, Chell cannot wait.


As they hike through the woods, Chell looks up to her mother. She is such a bold explorer, and amazing in every way possible. In Chell’s eyes, no woman is smarter, prettier and braver than her mom.


Little does Chell know that Lilah looks at her with the same pride and admiration.


Peter calls the girls over: “Look what I found, looks like a mysterious path leading deeper into the woods. For once, I was the one to discover something new!”


Lilah: “Well Chell, why don’t you go ahead and lead the way?”

Chell: “Me?”


Lilah: “Don’t worry honey, we’re right behind you.”


Soon enough, Chell is running miles ahead of them.

Chell: “Wow! Look at this!”

The huge grin on the little explorer’s face is the best sight of the day for her parents.


As Chell runs towards the epic scenery, Peter looks over to his wife: “You knew about this place, didn’t you? That’s why you let her go first.”

Lilah smiles with a nod: “There isn’t an inch of Granite Falls I haven’t seen. But look at her, so excited. This way it’s all new, and the discovery was hers to make.”


They reach the epic water mass that has given Granite Falls their name, even though it’s not seen by any of its visitors.


Lilah leans over to her little girl: “You see that, Chell? If you can only take away one thing from this trip, try to make it this – the solid proof that good things come to those who are not afraid to follow their sense of wonder.”


While Chell runs around, the couple saviour a little moment. Peter grabs his wife’s hand nd looks at her lovingly:

“You’re such an amazing mom Lilah… maybe we should have one more.”

Lilah agrees. She had thought being a mother would change her, and it did, but not for the worse. She’d realised that kids didn’t mean she would have to let go of her traveller spirit, they would let her discover even more through their eyes.


The family roasts a modest dinner of hot dogs by the nearby camp fire, and they return back to the tree house.


Chell and Lilah play a round of chess before bedtime. It’s been an inspiring day, so peter tries to get some writing done in the meantime. No, wait, looks like he’s just checking his email:

Peter: “Ooh, I got another email from Jaxen! Says he has a crush on an athletic girl called Bliss…”

Lilah: “You mean Bijou…”

Peter: “It definitely says Bliss. Actually, it sounds like he’s in a different place altogether – a city in the desert that has been overseen by the same family for 6 generations…”

Lilah: “Looks like he’s moved again! Who knew Jaxen would become such a traveller!”

Chell: “Or maybe he’s in two places at the same time!”

Peter and Lilah chuckle. “Perhaps that’s another possibility,” Peter smiles at his daughter.


Chell claims she’s going to bed afterwards, but there is no sleep for those who want to learn. Not when she has a chemistry kit in her room!


So much to discover in so many ways! Chell makes a mental note to ask her parents for a kiddie lab set when they get home.


While Chell experiments away, Peter and Lilah get started on baby number 2.


Sadly, the following morning Lilah finds out that they’ve failed to conceive. Possibly not being able to have a second child makes her realise how much she’d wanted one.


Peter: “Oh Lilah, don’t you worry. It will happen for us, sooner or later.”


Try sooner! When the family gets back home from their trip, there is a baby on their front porch.

Lilah: “Look at you little one! Who brought you here? Who are your parents?”

Peter can’t help but beam when he sees his wife with the baby. Then he notices something in the crib.


A picture of Cassiel and Baato, in a place he doesn’t recognise. There’s a short message at the back of the photo:

Once a family, always a family? Give her the love I didn’t have in me, so that all of this was not in vain. –C.


There was no indication of a name anywhere. Since Peter and Lilah were to raise the girl as their own, they’d also name her as their own. And so Yennefer joins the family, getting her name after the Witcher 3’s powerful sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg.


19 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.17 Adventurers

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  1. “Once a family, always a family? Give her the love I didn’t have in me, so that all of this was not in vain. –C.”
    Oh, my, I almost cried reading this. It’s a surpisingly selfless thing to do, especially in Cassiel’s case.
    And Yennefer is a great name! My BF would approve! 😀


    1. I think that was Cassiel being sentimental. I bet she knew Baato was going to leave her when she was giving the baby to Tony.

      Hehe I like the name a lot. I’m not a huge fan of the actual Yennefer from Witcher, but I think the name suited Cassiel and Baato’s daughter perfectly.


  2. That’s weird, I couldn’t find the comment section on the latest post.
    I go away for about a week? maybe more, lost track of time and so much has happened. Peter looks better with age. So nice that you got to keep Baato and Cassiel’s baby, I’m sure she’ll do much better with the Bloomers than she would have with her parents.


    1. Thanks for mentioning the comments issue! I published the last post on my mobile on a train and clearly something must have gone wrong… I re-posted it and it should be working now…

      Peter does look better with age! And I’m glad the Bloomers are raising Yenn too, so far she seems happy with them 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for reading ❤ I can't recommend this challenge enough, I think it's a great way of ensuring every generation is different and also helps you get more into building 🙂


  3. What an amazing family trip! I agree with Peter, Lilah’s such a wonderful mother. And yay for sweet Yennefer! Cassiel’s note and picture with Baato tugged at my heartstrings. I’m glad that she was able to remember Peter’s kindness to her when they were growing up.


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