The Bloomer Legacy: 3.18 Best Friends

With two kids in the house, it was time for a bit of a re-shuffle in the Bloomer residence. We extended the kitchen to make it ideal for those bonding family meals, and turned the remainder of what used to be Peter and Lilah’s bedroom/office into an office only environment, or writer’s paradise, if you will. Though the kids are welcome there at any point too!


Upstairs. We added a corridor (equipped with skill building objects) and divided up the rooms to create a new master bedroom where Isaac and Ruby’s office used to be. We also somehow managed to squeeze in 3 kids’ bedrooms: a nursery, since Peter and Lilah are still trying to have a second biological child; Chell’s room fitted for discovery in the middle and Yenn’s room at the back.


Speaking of Yenn, here she is all grown up, cute as a button. I was pleased to see she has Baato’s blue eyes and blonde hair, although the actual shape of her eyes and lips might look more like Cassiel’s. It’s hard to tell at this stage.

An honorary picture of her parents is displayed in Yenn’s room, although as far as she’s concerned, they are simply her godparents who live far far away. It’s going to be a tricky conversation one day…

As for her traits, I did the initial roll based on Cassiel and Baato’s traits, though the next one will be based on Peter and Lilah’s. Yenn ended up getting Cassiel’s loner trait (it could have been a lot worse!).

She looks up to her big sister Chell, so she wants be a whiz kid just like her.


Family breakfasts are a time for sharing news in the Bloomer household:

Lilah: “I’ve been to one of the most magical worlds I have ever seen through meditation last night! There were ruins and natural pools… it felt like the future! I can’t wait till you kids are old enough for me to be able to take you with me.”

To be honest, Lilah rarely ever travels to her magical getaway worlds anymore. There is so much going on in the house, and she gets to see so many new things in her kids every day she rarely feels the need to escape these days. But when she does, she makes it count.


Another morning…

Peter: “The new Captain Duckhorse adventure is ready for publishing! Captain Duckhorse is going to Sixam! And guess who gets to read all about it first?”

Chell: “Me me me!”

Yenn: “No, me!”

Peter: “You both do! I got two copies ready for you to read before it goes off to the publisher. You be the judges, it’s not getting published without your approval!”


Yet another morning…

Lilah: “Guess what girls? You’re both going to be big sisters! Mommy has a baby in her belly, and soon you’ll have a younger brother or a sister that you get to show the world to!”


Yenn: “So how do you think the baby got into mommy’s belly?”

Chell: “Hm… she must have eaten it I guess? More importantly, how is it going to get out?”

Yenn: “Maybe she’ll just have to wiggle her plumbob a bit. Or maybe they’ll use a crane-like machine to pull the baby out!”

Chell: “You mean like a claw machine? That sounds scary!”


Yenn and Chell spend a lot of time together since they are working on the same aspiration. And even when they aren’t together, much of what they’re doing is not all that different. Only a thin wall separates their experiments.


But they both like to unwind from a hard day of science with a relaxed session at the doll house.


It’s no surprise the sisters become best friends.


Meanwhile, Peter and Lilah are hard at work in their office. While Peter focuses almost exclusively on children’s literature with his Adventures of Captain Duckhorse, Lilah likes to write motivational books about self-improvement through yoga, meditation and exploration.

Although the piece Lilah is the proudest of has to be her book From a Fatal Weenie Roast to the Love of a Lifetime (and beyond) – a true story love story of Isaac and Ruby.


To follow Isaac and Ruby’s suit, the couple try to still find enough time to maintain the flame (though let’s face it, they’ll never be as lovey-dovey as Isaac and Ruby were… but I can’t blame them, those two are hard to live up to!)


Peter and Lilah each work one of the weekend days, so they each get to spend a day with the girls on their own. Being the sports enthusiast she is, Lilah decides to take this as an opportunity to teach Yenn how to swim.

(I had no idea this was an interaction! I do wish it was slightly more fleshed out, but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose…)


Soon enough, both of the girls are splashing around with no help!


Lilah: “Girls! The baby is kicking! Would you like to feel it?”


They absolutely do! The two can’t wait to expand their little group (mainly since I’ve done a poor job at finding any other kids their age they could befriend in the neighbourhood…)


Chell: “What do you think the baby will be like?”

Yenn: “Who knows… I hope it’s blue!”

Chell: “I’d prefer purple!”


When it’s Peters turn to look after the kids, they all stay indoors and geek out over games. Because a family that plays together stays together.


Peter watches his two little ones with a satisfied grin on his face. With so much Lilah in both of them, he’s pleased to see they take after him too.


And soon enough, there’s a third child to coo over. Meet Booker, named after Bioshock Infinite’s Booker DeWitt. The game’s storyline is easily my favourite story of any game out there… although I’m still in denial about the DLC – Burial at Sea never happened! (Geek rant over…)


The girls both got a positive New Sibling moodlet – so far all Bloomer children have adored the new additions to the family. I wonder if it’s random or if it’s because I always involve the kids in the pregnancy, share the news with them and have them feel the belly, so they are ready for the new arrival…

Yenn: “Look at him all bald and funny looking!”

Chell: “Don’t worry, he’ll grow out of it – you did!”

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  1. Ha! Comments are functional again.
    Yenn looks so adorable and so much like Baato.
    What’s your legacy rules anyway? Can adopted children can become heirs? Could be worth carrying Baato’s genes into next generations. 😀


    1. I had to re-publish the post, no idea what happened with the comments there *shrug*

      The Build Newcrest challenge doesn’t state anything against adoptive children – as long as someone carries the legacy on, it’s all good. As you know I’m never too strict when it comes to rules anyways, although I did originally think of this as a traditional legacy. Erica never had that much of a chance of becoming the heir because that would have meant losing Kirk and Isaac’s genes. Though I did entertain the thought of her being the heir briefly.

      Yenn is a blood relative though, through Cassiel, so technically that would mean keeping the family genes in a way. She is my favourite at the moment, and had this been a regular legacy I’d probably make her the heir. With Building Newcrest, the next generation needs to be in the athletic career and build the gym. Whether that’s something Yenn would be interested in, I don’t know. Only time will tell…


  2. Sounds like you’ll definetely buy GT. Lilah is already in love with Windenburg!
    Bill used to teach Amelia how to swim.. he constantly yelled at her!


    1. Well Lilah most definitely will not be around by the time GT comes out. I do intend on buying it, but pretty much purely for the new world. I’m not too sold on the actual gameplay features.


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