The Bloomer Legacy: 3.19 Speed Dating with the Agustins (Part 1)

We interrupt the regular scheduled programme today to bring you a speed dating feature on the Agustin siblings. The last time we visited Daniel and Erica’s house, the triplets had just aged up into teenagers. But here we are, with 4 young adults in the Agustin family, and all of them looking for love.

(And yes, we’re letting them leave Newcrest for this one. Since they’re not officially a part fo the legacy anyway. In fact, I shouldn’t even be playing them. But shh…)

Before we get started, let me do a quick overview on the hopeful love seekers, from left to right:

Amos, the good art lover, was the one to inherit Daniel’s insane trait. Just like with Daniel, it didn’t hit until adulthood. I guess it had to happen with one of them…

Skylar, the creative and squeamish big brother appropriately rolled the bro trait. That will go nicely with his party aspiration.

Emery has cemented his tortured artist position – he loves art and music, but like many artists he gets gloomy often.

Amelia, the token daughter, is a creative genius. However, by the looks of it she has no desire to make anyone carry on those good genes, as she now also hates children.

Let’s hope each of the Agustins will be able to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with today (no pressure). They have 12 sims created by other players to meet, so let’s get cracking!


Emery: “Ok then, let’s pretend this is a natural situation… right… either of you like arts or music?”

Clare, who is sitting further away answers first: “Well, I want to become a famous writer one day, so I suppose you could say so…”

The girl with the pink hair barges in: “Oh I love music! Especially at parties! I do have a creative side though! The name is Lana, by the way!”

Emery is intrigued: “Really? A creative music lover? We sure seem to have a lot in common! So what kind…”

Lana: “So where is your brother Skylar? I was hoping we could party together!”

Emery: “Never mind…”


Shiew, who is here to represent the Blancs, seems rather taken by the hunky Ethan, nodding enthusiastically at everything he says. I can’t say I blame her!


Amelia: “I can’t help but notice that you two seem to have spent the whole morning together. Are you guys a couple?”

Shiew: “We most certainly are!”

Ethan: “Wait, what?”


Waiting for the Agustins to have time for you can become quite boring. Lana and Pearl bond over the colourful hairdos. Meanwhile, Amos seems to be bonding with Jenny…

Jenny: “I’m not really all that special, I just love all the good things in life. You know, the outdoors, the good food, the creative outlets… I want to experience it all fully!”

Amos: “I like the sound of that! Living life with vigor! People tell me I have a bit too much vigor sometimes. Like my dad… but I keep it under control for the most part.”


Hey guys, you do know that the point of this is to get to know new people, not spending quality time with the siblings…

Skylar: “I don’t know what you’re talking about! We’re all talking to Audrey. Because she’s just amazing!”


When Amelia finally stands up, Ethan quickly uses his chance to approach her: “Amelia! I just wanted to tell you that, about earlier, I really don’t know that girl! She’s definitely not my girlfriend…”

Amelia: “I hoped you were here to meet me! We should probably get to know each other a bit more, what… Woah! Look at that chin!”

Kaylan: “I’m glad you noticed! It’s a Turpis family feature, I got it from my mother.”


Ethan: “You see, Amelia, I really am just looking for the one, that special person to spend the rest of my life with. Many people I meet tend to not pay attention to my personality because of my looks…”

Kaylan: “I have the exact same problem!”


Amelia laughs: “So what is there to know about you Kaylan? Are you also looking for your one true love?”

Kaylan: “Well, love is great, I guess. I’m not really sure if I ever want to have a family though. It’s a bit overrated. My mom barely ever made time for me… Not to mention, I can’t stand children!”


Amelia: “Oh my gosh! Me too!”

Well that’s unexpected…


Jenny seems to be the light of the room, with her penchant for enjoying life to the fullest. Everyone’s listening to her story. And yet, Skylar can’t seem to take his eyes off Audrey.


“We haven’t really had a chance to talk yet,” the girl second girl with the colourful hair smiles at Emery. “I’m Pearl!”

Emery smiles back: “Nice to meet you! I like the colour of your hair! It reminds me of the way I feel about life sometimes.”

Pearl: “Blue?”


Emery: “Life is full of beauty, but we all also carry tragedy in our blood…”

Pearl: “Oh my plumbob!”

I can’t tell if she’s taken aback in a good or a bad way…


Amelia: “Um, excuse me? I thought perhaps we should talk, given that you’re the only guy I haven’t met yet…”


Eric: “Can’t you see I’m trying to concentrate? Ugh!”

Amelia: “Oookay then…”


Skylar: “Audrey! Are you leaving? The night has only just started!”

It’s rather obvious who Skylar has picked. He’s following Audrey like a puppy.

Amos is just returning back inside from a quick chat he had with himself. Who else would be a better love adviser, after all?


Scarlett: “Soo, who are you betting on, Raha?”

Raha: “Well, Audrey and Skylar are pretty much a done deal. And I think Amelia likes the ugly guy. Mark my words…”


Amos: “Ladies! Are you making bets on our love lives?”

Scarlett: “It’s just a bit of harmless fun!”


Raha: “Well, what do you expect us to do to entertain ourselves? You’re not paying any attention to us! I took this speed dating session seriously!”


Yes, seriousness is the approach we have here… not! Kaylan and Amelia spent most of the night running around together and laughing at people. How nice…


Amos: “Jenny, I haven’t met anyone who enjoys life as much as you do! Will you be my date for tomorrow?”

Pearl: “What is there to be enjoyed… life is so fleeting!”

Poor Pearl still seems to be bummed out from Emery sharing his melancholy thoughts.


Emery swoops in to fix things: “I’m sorry if I burdened you with my thoughts Pearl! I didn’t mean to. I just felt like I could really open up to you!

But there’s an equal portion of misery and joy in life… so why don’t we focus on the latter together – tomorrow night?”


The wee hours of the morning. Having recognised that Skylar only has eyes for Audrey, Lana decides to spend the rest of the night productively. With blick block. Clare takes it to a whole other level and has a little snooze.


Amelia: “I’m sorry that my brother didn’t pick you, you seem like a nice girl.”

Lana: “It’s ok, I’ll stick around for a bit anyway. See if there’s anyone else I could meet…”


Everyone is exhausted after spending almost 24 hours on the lot, so coffee consumption grows high.

Skylar and Audrey remain inseparable, of course, even though they don’t seem to be saying much. Audrey has actually been really quiet all day. Not that Skylar cares, he could stare at her for hours. I can’t decide if that’s creepy or romantic.

Kaylan joins Pearl and Emery: “Guess what guys! Amelia chose me as her date for tomorrow!”


Raha: “Called it!”

Scarlett and Raha may not have found a man, but it sure seems like there’s a friendship on the horizon.


Everyone calls it a night after sunrise. It’s been an intense one.


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