The Bloomer Legacy: 3.20 Speed Dating with the Agustins (Part 2)

Time for the Agustins to spend an evening with the date of their choice. Skylar greets Audrey with a compliment – he’s so smitten!


Next up are Amelia and Kaylan.

Amelia: “You dressed to match my dress! How thoughtful!”


Emery: “Let’s do this!”

I’m not too sure what pearl is thinking. Hopefully she’s not having second thoughts?


And last but not least.

Jenny: “I’m here!”

Amos smiles at her approvingly. He seems happy with his choice.


Look who else we’ve bumped into!

Lana: “Life is great! I don’t need Skylar. There’s so many other eligible men around.”

Like Grim Reaper?


Audrey: “Now this environment is more my style! A classy place, a classy man, and his undivided attention!”

Audrey seems transformed. Maybe the quiet mysterious woman act was just a strategy. Worked a treat. Because let’s face it, she had Skylar’s undivided attention yesterday already.

Side note: Who is the bearded hottie and why have I not seen him before?


Skylar continues to gush over Audrey for the remainder of the night. Yawn. What else is new?


It appears Pearl is quite the dancer with her suave sexy moves. Emery has definitely noticed!


He joins her on the dancefloor, in spite of his moves being a bit more underwhelming. Pearl adapts to his style quickly though. Only the truly graceful dancers take it down a notch for the benefit of their dancing partner.


Pearl: “Look at you and your swagger, mister!”

If that’s not flirting, I don’t know what is. Because it certainly isn’t true!


Meanwhile, Kaylan’s casual dancing (it can’t be his looks, surely) seems to have attracted a female fan.


Amelia notices the random girl dancing closer and closer to him: “Why don’t you come to me, Kaylan? A little slow dance maybe?”


Amelia: “I’m so glad you didn’t ditch me for that woman!”

Kaylan: “What woman? I only have eyes for you.”


Amos: “Jenny, you should probably know that I sometimes talk to myself. There’s so many different mes that they need to have a good old discussion at times. But I’m not crazy. Really.”

The random girl at the bar seems to disagree.


Jenny lets that information sink in for a while. The cocktail helps.

The couple are joined by Kaylan and Amelia at the bar. And it looks like they’re holding hands! Aww.


Meanwhile, Pearl continues to dance seductively, probably thinking that Emery should man up and do something…


If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Emery gets a whim to ask Pearl to be his girlfriend immediately afterwards. She must be an excellent kisser!


Amelia: “Look at them kissing! I want a kiss too!”

Very mature Amelia! I thought you were meant to be a genius…


It seems to have worked nonetheless! Hopefully Kaylan’s chin doesn’t get in the way too much…


The two couples that have kissed already rejoice at the bar together. They all feel so relieved tings went well they can’t seem to stop laughing.

Skylar watches them with apparent jealousy.


He finds Audrey and asks her to come outside with him… to watch the sunrise.


Skylar: “Audrey… I knew you were special from the moment I saw you. So I wanted to make this moment special for you, with the rising sun and…”

Audrey: “Just kiss me already!”


That works too!


The new couple look into each other’s eyes as the first rays of sunshine hit the town.


Amos: “So, Jenny, are you still interested in me even though I’m a bit of a weirdo?”


Jenny just plants a kiss on his lips in response.


Jenny: “I think I like weirdos…”

And that concludes our quadruple date. Phew!

The lots used for the speed dating and for the one on one dates were the Museum of Fine Arts by dracifer and the Sun Club by simnopsis.

Once again, big thanks to all who donated their sims for the speed date!

14 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.20 Speed Dating with the Agustins (Part 2)

Add yours

    1. I did a call for potential spouses in my thread on the sims forums last week. I should have mentioned it directly on the blog too – if I do something similar in the future I will announce it directly on the blog too!

      Of course if you’d like to contribute a sim in general, feel free to upload someone on the gallery and maybe tag it #BloomerLegacy – I’ll see if I could find any use for your sim in my story. Mind you it might take a while, the Meatballs had to wait for almost two generations to finally appear in the story. But if I find a good opportunity, rest assured that quality sims are always needed 🙂


  1. I’m glad Skylar liked Audrey! It’s so fun to see she has a life in someone else’s game. (She would never get enough space in my game and it would be a waste.)

    But I love everybody’s sims! Especially Pearl. I love the photo where she dances and Emery passionately pushes the chair away just to join her. So intense! 😀


    1. Skylar was very obviously smitten with Audrey from the beginning, figuring out who he picked was probably the most straightforward out of all of them!

      It was a really fun event, I wish everybody’s sims could have gotten picked – I didn’t expect to get so many participants! It definitely worked out very well for all Agustins.

      Yeah I loved how Pearl seduced Emery with her dancing! Btw I believe Audrey and Pearl made friends 🙂


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