The Bloomer Legacy: 3.21 The Aspiration Race

Watch out, the Bloomer siblings are coming!

Booker: “To boldly go where no man has gone before!”

Aah, seeing the combination of Lilah’s adventure seeking and active nature combined with Peter’s loveable geekiness makes me so proud!


Booker has grown up to look like a slightly more tanned male version of Lilah. He is a perfectionist and an aspiring Rambunctious Scamp, making him a prime candidate for the next generation’s bodybuilder gym-building heir.


Although Chell might give him a run for his money after all. It turns out you can max out your motor skill purely by using the computer. As Chell has achieved her Whiz Kid aspiration, she moved on to the the rambunctious Scamp one and maxed out her motor skill using Cathy Tea’s Arithmetic Attack trick. She was able to reach her second aspiration thanks to this in no time!

Having used the corresponding Keyboard Commander shortcut, she has also maxed out her creativity skill and is now working towards completing the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Note: I have discovered that it is not necessary to stop at level 9 – having the appropriate skill maxed out will still do the trick in rapidly gaining skills whilst playing the games above. This glitch/Easter egg is insane!


Chell: “Must. Paint. Faster. Birthday. Is. Coming.”

Yenn: “You can do it sis!”


Meanwhile, Booker is working on his aspiration the good old-fashioned way, out and about, on the monkey bars.


Success is all around for the Bloomers these days it seems…

Peter: “You got a promotion? Me too!”


Adventures of Captain Duckhorse have reached an all-time high, and Peter is now considered a Best-Selling Author. Only one more level to go until he’s reached this generation’s task!

Meanwhile, Lilah has become a Regular Contributor over at Sims’ Health magazine. Since her career and aspiration have no effect at the generational task, I have been able to take a much more relaxed pace with her. In fact, she didn’t even have a formal job until her and Peter got engaged. I think I’ll have her pursue the journalist branch for a bit of variety.


Yenn: “Booker! The big day is here! Chell’s growing up! What if she doesn’t want to be my best friend anymore?”

Booker: “Then I’ll always have a spot on the playground for you!”


Chell: “I haven’t managed to achieve my third aspiration. I guess I’ll never be creatively gifted. I pass the torch on to you Yenn, you can do three… or all four, even?”

Yenn: “What, me? I can’t be faster than you! And there’s no way I can be a social butterfly… you know I don’t like strangers!”


Yenn: “I think you’ve done great on the aspirations sis!”


We threw a proper party for Chell and invited all of the Agustins over, but not a single soul showed up. I guess the younger Agustins are way too busy with their love lives. At least we have everyone in the immediate family celebrating with the firstborn. At least the cake wasn’t a lie.


Chell: “This is so exciting! So much to see and do! Discovery awaits! But, if I’m to do something, I better do it right!”


Chell has become a perfectionist, just like her mom and her younger brother. Not having been able to complete the Artistic Prodigy aspiration as a child must be really bugging her, as she’s decided to pick Painter Extraordinaire as her teen aspiration.

She got herself a cork board and a new filing system to track her progress. Let’s see if she can manage to complete this one by the end of her teen years!

14 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 3.21 The Aspiration Race

Add yours

  1. Wow, your kids are gorgeous! And I just love perfectionist–do you? I think it might be close to my favorite trait.

    That’s awesome that you were able to get Jordan and my super-skilling trick to work! On my latest kids (gen 8) we couldn’t get the Arithmetic Attack/bonus physical to work, but the Keyboard Commander/bonus creative worked like a charm!

    It’s possible that it’s only later generation kids that can complete all four–my kids didn’t start doing this until gen 5. Around gen 5, kids become scary smart.


    1. Thank you! I really like the kids this generation 🙂 I’m quite neutral on the perfectionist trait, a lot of sims I loved had that trait but my favourite sims are probably the slightly flawed ones.

      It’s a brilliant trick! I vaguely came across it with my rambunctious scamps in previous generations but never gave it much thought until you pointed it out! How odd it’s only worked with some kids for you. I think I’ll only use it with certain sims though, I felt like it fit with this generation’s kids but not all of them need to know everything 🙂


  2. The kids are indeed gorgeous. Now I can’t pick a favourite between Yenn and Booker.
    I love your legacy. I keep lurking around and watching for every new chapter. How crazy is that? 🙂
    Anyway, if you ever want to use any of my creations, my origin ID is “maladi”.
    Keep those chapters comiiiing!


    1. Nah, not crazy at all haha (though I have an obsessive personality in general so I may not be the most objective lol) I’m so happy you’re liking the story 🙂 I’ll definitely check out your sims next time I’m in game!


  3. The glitch is cool, but it’s sadly not useful for me. Kids on a short lifespan normally hardly even master one aspiration (especially whiz kid, because you need an A and kids born shortly before the weekend normally reach that goal on their last day at elementary school), so even if i train the other skills with this, there is just not enough tine to finish the other goals 😦


    1. Yeah it’s still a tight one to make. I don’t think I’ll use it with most kids to be honest, I lrefer for them to have their “thing” to focus on. But Chell and Yenn were such inquisitive kids shooting for multiple aspirations seemed to suit them 🙂


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