The Bloomer Legacy: 3.12 Show Must Go On

Fake officer Baato arrived at the police station bright and early. He located Cassiel’s cell soon enough. Baato: “You, criminal, come with me! You will be tried in front of the goddess now!” Prisoner Guy: “What the plum?” Cassiel hurried out of the cell. Blending in was not Baato’s strong suite, so they better act... Continue Reading →

Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack Review

Let me preface this review by saying one thing: I don’t actually like ice cream. I’m aware that this is not the norm, but I’m not a huge fan of the way the cold substance feels against my teeth or the texture. Now that I got this off my chest, let’s dig in (pun semi-intended).... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 3.8 The Time Has Come

The plotting was in full swing over at the Lollipop Lair. The Meatballs have when working in the field while the girls continued the research in the lab. Cassiel: “Great job everybody, we’re on the verge of having the chaos potion ready! Thanks again gentlemen for scouting the best locations for planting the potions. Once... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 3.6 Hell Froze Over

Surprisingly, Daniel and Erica’s children appear perfectly normal so far. From left to right, we have Amos, a good sim who hopes to become an artistic prodigy, Skylar, who we’ve met before (in case you’ve forgotten, he also wants to be an artistic prodigy, which shouldn’t be too hard, considering he’s creative), Emery, an aspiring... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 3.5 Party Time

It’s Ruby’s elder birthday, an occasion which naturally calls for a party! Lilah is making her a Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake – that sounds awful (maybe apart from the coconut), but I’m curious. Erica is the first guest to arrive, and she goes straight to her mom to congratulate her. And since Erica is... Continue Reading →

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