The Bloomer Legacy: 3.23 Boys Boys Boys

Being a gifted genius, all of Yenn’s pursuits came to her easily. She had an ear for music, soon adding the piano and the guitar to the list of instruments she played…


And she was athletic, excelling at both cardio and strength exercise.

yenn 1

As for the matters of the mind, homework barely took her any time at all. She was fully capable of obtaining whatever she set her mind to… As Sawyer watched her through the glass door, he knew she was the perfect woman for him. A loner through and through, Yenn immediately noticed she wasn’t on her own.

yenn 2

Yenn: “Why the plum are you staring at me! And what are you doing here anyway, sulking on our porch like a creep?”

Sawyer: “I actually came to see your sister. I’m Chell’s old childhood friend, Sawyer! Don’t you remember me? I’ve aged up recently… and seeing that you also have, I just wanted to say… wow! You are so…”

Yenn: “Whatever. Chell is upstairs. Bye.”

Social butterfly she is not.


Chell brought up the encounter over a game of chess, when she knew Yenn was feeling at ease.

“Why don’t you give Sawyer a chance, Yenn? He’s a great guy! I know I’d say yes if he asked me out… but I think he only sees me as a friend. Let me live vicariously through you!”


Yenn always valued her older sister’s advice, so she reluctantly agreed to meet Sawyer at the park the next day. It was the first date she’d ever been on, and it actually wasn’t half bad! Once they got past the initial awkwardness, they got on pretty well!


So well, in fact, that Yenn decided Sawyer was the one she wanted to share her first kiss with.


She regretted the decision immediately.


Yenn: “Listen, Sawyer, this was a mistake. This was way too close for comfort. Let’s rewind.”


Sawyer: “But Yenn, I thought the kiss was magical!”

Yenn: “That’s great. Bye now.”

Ouch. Poor Sawyer burst into tears and ran off.


As far was Yenn was concerned, the experience was underwhelming. Maybe romance wasn’t for her after all.


She may have decided not to seek romance, but romance was seeking her out anyway. She caught the eye of a passer-by on her sulky walk home.


“Someone as pretty as you shouldn’t be this sad on a beautiful day like this,” the blonde approached her, “I’m Tate, by the way!”

“Uh, hi.”


Before Yenn knew it, the sun has set and Tate was still talking.

“I should really get going now,” she tried to excuse herself.

Tate grabbed her hands and pulled her towards him: “Just hold on a moment!”


And suddenly, he was a whole lot closer. Yenn definitely felt more of a spark than with Sawyer.


Yenn: “I really do need to go.”

Tate: “That’s cool. I just didn’t want you to leave without a kiss. See you soon?”

Yenn: “Right.”


But it didn’t feel right. Yenn was more confused than ever.


Her sister Chell had no such troubles. She focused most of her time on painting.


Although more often than not, her paintings somehow turned into diagrams and mathematical equations. Chell had to admit to herself, that as much as she liked the look of art, her mind was much more geared towards science. No harm in trying though!


The sisters practiced yoga together the next afternoon. While Yenn moved much more gracefully and Chell still struggled to keep balance, Yenn couldn’t help but think that her sister was much more centered in other aspects of life. She was so calm and collected, never distracted by boys.


Perhaps she’d have some guidance to give her? Once they were done with the yoga routine, Yenn recounted the date debacle and the second kiss that felt right, but not quite right.


Chell: “I’m not sure what you expect me to say! I’ve never even met a boy that would want to kiss me! So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll focus on painting, maths and chemistry and let the boys be boys. Things will fall into place eventually. Maybe you should try the same.”

She was right, Yenn thought. Why was she even thinking about all this? She headed out for a quick run, and then went to the bar in the backyard to grab herself some water.


Just as she sat down, she was greeted by yet another boy.

“Hi there, I’m Remington! I think we must have the same running route!”


Yenn: “I’m really not in the mood. This is my family’s garden, you know.”

Remington: “You can’t be this tense right after a jog! Why don’t I give you some workout tips?”

The conversation about working out quickly turned into Remington gushing over Yenn’s beautiful blue eyes. And soon enough…


Remington: “Please let me be close to you! You’re like a goddess!”

Yenn: “For plum’s sake…”


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    1. I was thinking that too! Although I don’t think Yenn tries to be mean to them on purpose, she just doesn’t know how to handle all the attention.

      Wow, I can’t believe you took the time to do that! I love how you highlighted the heirs and adopted children, that’s a really good idea. The names all seem accurate too, with the exception of Yenn’s last name being Bloomer, since she was adopted by the Bloomers, but I don’t think I ever emphasised that! Thank you so much for creating this.


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