The Bloomer Legacy: 4.1 Taking Over

Peter finished typing the last word and hit the save button. He felt immense satisfaction. The Bloomer chronicles were complete.

They recounted the lives and times of the first three Bloomer generations, including the side branches and references to families related to the Bloomers, such as the Perrins, the Agustins and the Belles. Though a family like the Belles would deserve their own chronicles, he thought.


Peter smiled to himself when he thought of his recent trip to the Belle estate to see the twins in the whole other town called Newcrest. It was amazing to see the lives his little sisters have built for themselves.

Anyone with a set of eyes could clearly see that the two Charlottes adored each other. Peter was not so sure about Gretchen’s home life; he hadn’t met her husband and there seemed to be something slightly fishy about him.

But then again, Gretchen has changed a lot, she was no longer the baby of the family that just follows her sister around, she was a strong and resilient woman now. Peter had no doubts Gretchen could handle anything life throws at her.


But it’s not only Gretchen that’s done a lot of growing up. When Peter returned from the other Newcrest, he suddenly saw his children in a whole new light.

They had managed on their own for few days without burning the house down or doing something crazy (though Yenn did get a tattoo). They grow up so fast…


The book on the first three generations was complete, but Peter was excited to see what generation 4 of the Bloomer clan brings. He himself had managed to achieve a lot more than he had ever thought possible.


For starters, he was now sitting in the brand new Captain Duckhorse Library. The building itself was not new, as this used to be the family home not too long ago, but the inside had been completely revamped.

There was the computer area, where he just finished writing typing his last book ever.


The old hallway had been turned into a reading area full of light.


Of course, as you would expect from a library, there were lots and lots of books. But that was just the upper floor. Captain Duckhorse Library had much more to offer on the ground floor.


As you walk in through the reception area, you are greeted by the friendly librarian, a single mother Lin Uchiro.


On your left is the comic and gaming room, Peter’s favourite. It caters to children, geeks and gamers alike, and is never empty.


And at the back is the café, where you can grab a snack in between books/comics/gaming sessions.


The café extends to the back deck as well, and is attached to the chess section. There is also a small area for painters, to entice Erica to come over.

Peter smiled to himself. His accomplishments have been numerous; Bestselling Author, Creator of Worlds… but the library was the one he was the proudest of.

It had quickly become the preferred hangout of his first born daughter, Chell, as well.


Chell aged up into a young adult not too long after Peter and Lilah got back from the Belles.


A bright lady, she gained the ambitious trait. She also decided that while she gave painting a good shot, she was never going to be as artistically creative as she would have liked and returned to science as an aspiring Nerd Brain.

Chell applied for a position at Aperture Science Future Sims Labs, but while she was waiting to hear back, she was volunteered at the library.


Chell: “Hi everyone, a very warm welcome on the behalf of the Bloomer family! My name is Chell and I’d be happy to help you find any particular books or answer any questions.”


“Actually, I have a question,” said the bearded man. “I’ve been looking for the Captain Duckhorse series section, where can I find that?”

“You have an excellent taste,” Chell marvelled. “I grew up on those books!”

“Me too!”

And that’s how Chell met Knox Hankins, a romantic bookworm and a fellow perfectionist. Yes, Peter was not worried about Chell.


It was his middle child, Yennefer, that troubled Peter the most. She was beautiful, smart and talented at anything she touched. And yet, she couldn’t seem to find inner peace. There was always a bunch of boys around her, but even the one who she seemingly liked the most seemed to irritate her.

Peter hoped that Yenn would become more comfortable with the world and herself on her young adult birthday, which was quickly approaching.


As for his youngest, Booker, his focus has always been crystal clear. Fitness. The young heir hadn’t been able to work towards his Bodybuilder aspiration until Peter completed his generational task, but he had taken an interest in yoga and built up quite a bit of core strength through it.


Now, with the library built, the young heir could finally start working on his athletic skill. With an indoor and outdoor gym to choose from in the new Bloomer house, he was spoiled for choice. No wonder he suddenly got so buff!


As Peter returned to the newly built Bloomer residence, he smiled.


What a home it was! (Author’s note: A proper tour of the generation 4 complex is coming in the next update.)


Perhaps the only thing that didn’t seem quite right was the state of his wife, Lilah. Peter had noticed that since their return from the Belles, she had been restless.

Visiting the twins in the other Newcrest gave Lilah a whole new taste for travelling, and with the kids practically grown up, there wasn’t much to distract her.


But Peter was going to fix that. She had sacrificed a lot for the legacy and now he wanted to repay her.

Peter: “I hope you can take a few days of work, Lilah. I’ve planned a secret getaway for us.”

Lilah raised her eyebrows: “You mean leaving Newcrest? We’re not allowed to do that… Perhaps there was a bit of a loophole with the other Newcrest having the same name as our town, but other than that…”

Peter: “We’ve done our duty to the legacy. It’s the new generations reign now. Surely that should entitle us to bend the rules a little.”


Peter: “Pack your bags, darling, because we’re going on a trip!”


“Venice,” Lilah breathed out excitedly. She could smell the fish in the air, sense the history around her, yet she was still struggling to believe she was truly there. So many years have passed since she had done any real travelling – unless you count her escapes through meditation.


They were running around in excitement all day. The local market, the river boat rides, the taste of coffee and cannoli. It was a dream come true for Lilah.


Towards the end of the afternoon, they got to a particularly breathtaking spot. Peter grabbed her hands. It felt like he was going to propose, but of course that wasn’t the case, they had been married for decades.

Peter: “I’ve been thinking Lilah… I’ve always wanted to give you the world, and now I can. The kids are big enough now, and eager to start their own lives. The library is built. All the books are written.”

Lilah: “What are you saying?”

Peter: “I’m saying that after Yenn’s young adult birthday, we should take a trip around the world. See the Great Wall of Shang Simla, the pyramids of Al Simhara…”

Lilah; “But Peter, do you truly want to see those things?”

Peter: “Of course, who wouldn’t? They’re the world wonders, after all.”

Lilah: “Peter…”


Peter: “I want to see you see them.”


And just like that, it was settled. Time for the new generation to take over.

The Captain Duckhorse Library is available for download here.

As for the beautiful Venice lot, I did not build this myself, it was created by a talented builder called anja_gersti and can be found here.



17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 4.1 Taking Over

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  1. Aww. This was a very sweet update. And that library is INCREDIBLE! I just love how you take what used to be their homes and turn them into amazing lots. Is that what you’re supposed to do? Or was it just easier that way, since you have the build the neighborhood, to use the pre-existing home as the next community lot? I’m not going to lie, I have not yet read the rules. 😛 I’m more interested in your story than the rules.

    Also, I can’t wait to see the grand tour of their new home.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment!

      You can do either actually, knock down the house your sims used to live in and build a brand new building in its place, or add to it and convert the family home into the community lot once you’re done with the generational tasks. The latter seems to make more sense to me, so I try to build my homes with the future community lot in mind, to make it easy enough to adjust 🙂


  2. Oh, I will miss Peter and Lilah. They were my favourite couple. I’m definitely going to use that library! I already have the park in my Newcrest. I like your creations.
    And the Venice… wow, just wow. I wish I was skilled like that with the build mode. 😀


    1. It’s not the last we’ve seen of Peter and Lilah – they’ll come back once they’ve seen it all 🙂 I just feel they need to do this now so that they have no regrets.

      The Venice build is pretty amazing. I’d never be able to make something as elaborate myself!


  3. The library is AMAZING! I have the strongest urge to make a mirror of your Newcrest for my own Sims to enjoy… XD The reading area, arcade, and cafe are my favorite parts — that reading area looks so (I don’t even know, inviting? Comfortable? Cheerful? I just want to read there), and the arcade/cafe is where I would be spending ALL of my time. The cafe reminds me of a Barnes and Noble I went to a lot when I was at boarding school; it’s just perfect.

    Chell looks great with her YA make-over! Her crush (I’m assuming) is pretty good-looking too… ;D Ah, you make me want to go in-game and play Hani and her crush, but then I remember the other six family members and cringe. xD I love them all, but I literally cannot play all of them at once without pausing every minute. Drives me crazy.

    I’m glad Lilah’s getting to travel again. Do you have ts3? It would be awesome to see them as TS3 Sims traveling through the *actual* Al Simhara and such. xD (I would get out my ts3 and offer to do it, but I fail at ts3 CAS Dx)


    1. Thank you! Peter has really defined the look of this library; when I first started this challenge, I wantd the library to be really old-timey using all that nice vintage furniture you get as career rewards… But that’s not the kind of space Peter would create. This is very him!

      If you remember the second Agustin speed date chapter wher I pointed out a bearded hottie at the lounge, that’s actually Chell’s crush! He seems pretty perfect for Chell. Also, he is apparently a level 10 journalist, so I guess he’s Lilah’s boss 😀

      I can relate to the huge family thing, I’ve been refusing to let anyone move out this generation so I pretty much have a full house at the moment, and noone’s even had kids yet! What I’m doing to keep myself from going nuts is that every half sim day, I only focus on two or three of them tops, and I let the rest of them do their own thing. Then I shift my attention to someone else for the next half day.

      Yes I have TS3 and though we won’t exactly see TS3 versions of Peter and Lilah (because the graphics make me cringe now), I will be incorporating it into future chapters 🙂 I already took all the pictures I wanted for that, and let me tell you the loading times are unbearable!


  4. What a gorgeous library! I like that you kept the general structure of the home intact, but revamped the interior. And yay for a gaming and comic section and cafe! How fun. ❤

    The end was so sweet for this couple. I'm glad that Lilah will be able to travel to her heart's content now. 🙂


    1. Yes I like to build the homes with the future community lot in mind and then just adjust it, am,es much more sense than knocking the existing building down and replacing it I think!

      I was so glad to send Lilah travelling, I felt like I owed it to her!


    1. Thank you so much! Funnily enough when I first set out to do this challenge, I wanted to make a really old-timey looking library with lots of wood and victorian furniture. But that’s so not Peter at all. I just wish Get Together was out in his time – he would have loved those arcade games!


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