The Bloomer Legacy: 4.4 Strange Days

Since Chell worked during the day and Yenn had evening shifts, the only chance they had to catch up on most days was during breakfast.

They both also noticed that more often than not, they were joined by Keiko, their brother’s new girlfriend, in her bikini munching on whatever food they had in the house. Neither Chell nor Yenn ever commented on it though.

Chell: “Yenn, I’m so glad you’re up. You won’t believe the day I had at work yesterday!”

Chell recounted yesterday’s events over at the lab…


“Don’t just stare at me. Come in here!”


“The door in front of me glided open like it had never been locked. My legs were so heavy I could barely move. That woman is petrifying Yenn! I couldn’t believe she spotted me, I had only just started working there, and I was so sure I was going to get sacked straight away…”


Yenn: “That is horrendous! It’s your dream job!”

Chell: “I told her that!”


Chell: “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to disturb you at all! I was just curious… since curiosity is in the nature of a good scientist. I admire you so much! Working here was all I ever wanted.”

Angel: “A good employee at Future Sims Labs must know that we value privacy. You can’t just peek into any room you like. Don’t you know there are sensitive projects going on here?”

Chell: “I do, I really do. It will never happen again. I’ve only just started, please let me stay and amend my mistake.”

Angel: “I won’t have a liability like yourself running around! I’m terminating your contract. What’s your name?”

Chell: “Chell Bloomer.”


Angel: “Bloomer, you say? Why don’t you have a seat on the couch, we can have a chat.”

Chell: “Yes ma’am.”

Angel: “Tell me about your family…”

Chell: “Excuse me?”

Angel: “The truth is, a long time ago, I knew your parents. I was just wondering how they’re doing? How is building Newcrest going for them?”


Chell: “Oh, really? Well, my dad just opened the library recently, completing his generational task. Him and mom actually decided to go on a round the world trip, they left right after my sister’s birthday. They’re going to…”


Angel: “Your sister? Tell me about her! What does she look like? What is she like? What does she do for a living?”


Chell: “Oh Yenn is absolutely brilliant! She’s gifted mentally, physically and artistically; so talented in so many areas! I’ve never met anyone as intelligent as her, she’s a real genius, and she’s really beautiful too!

She recently started working at a lounge as a pianist, but to be honest, I don’t think the entertainer career is suited for her. She’s a bit of a loner and is non-committal, so I can see her changing her career path soon. After all, she aspires to be a Renaissance Sim!”


Angel: “She sounds like quite a gem, your sister! Tell her that she can get a job here at Future Sims Labs whenever she wants; no need to formally apply! We can use bright minds like her around here.”

Chell: “At least someone in the family will continue to work here if I can’t.”

Angel: “Ah, don’t be silly, you’re not going anywhere!”

Chell: “I’m not?”


Angel: “Of course not! People of your calibre need to be utilised! I have just the project for you, I am overseeing that one personally. How do you feel about genetically modified cow plants?”


Chell: “So instead of getting fired, I got promoted and I get to work on one of the top secret projects! And, you have a job offer there too!”

Yenn: “Isn’t all of that a bit suspicious?”

Chell: “Very suspicious! But nobody knows how Angel Peril’s mind works, so don’t question it! Oh Yenn, wouldn’t it be great if we worked together? Are you going to accept the position?”

Yenn: “I don’t know, it sounds exciting but it’s so dubious! Though playing the piano at the lounge has been making me a bit tense…

I really thought I could just focus on the music, but I can’t filter out all the people. In fact, I took tonight off just to spend some time alone and read.”


Yenn finished reading the Bloomer Chronicles that evening. The old family history and connections fascinated her.

And it allowed her to learn a little bit more about her mother, who apparently had an evil air around her ever since childhood. Her father was still shrouded in mystery though, so little was known about where he’d come from…

Yenn sighed. Perhaps she should read something lighter before bed. Having read all the books they had at the house a dozen times, she headed to the library. Hopefully there won’t be too many people around this late at night!


There was only one other person there. One Yenn instantly reconginsed: “Oh, hi Ethan! Late night reading for you too?”

Ethan smiled: “Well if it isn’t Yennefer Bloomer, at a community lot no less! You seem a lot less angsty than when we first met!”

Yenn glared at him: “Well I do try…”


Ethan: “I’m just joking Yenn. You know, social interaction, you might have heard of the concept? Anyway, what brings you here so late at night?”

Yenn: “I just wanted to read something light before going to bed. I’m a bit of a night owl these days… What about yourself?”

Ethan: “I always like to come here after a match to relax a bit. You see, I play in one of the minor football leagues, and I always feel so pumped after a game that I can’t get to sleep. This place calms my mind after a match!”

Yenn: “Oh, I take it you played a match today then? Did your team win?”

Ethan: “We most certainly did not! They don’t call it minor league for nothing!”

They laughed and carried on chatting for ages. It almost seemed… easy?


“Well Yenn, this has actually been fun,” Ethan remarked as Yenn made her farewell. “Maybe we could do this again some time, grab a cup of coffee in the café downstairs?”

“That would be nice,” Yenn replied with a large grin on her face.


Yenn: Wait a minute! I want to spend time with him? Am I actually attracted to him???


Confused by her feelings, Yenn still couldn’t get to sleep, so she opted for a night time workout to take her mind of such silly things.


But her mind couldn’t help but drift to Ethan every so often. Distracted, Yenn fell off the treadmill for the very first time.

Yenn: “What’s the matter with me?”



Hi kids!

Your mom and I made it to Aurora Skies safe and sound!

I have to say, the northern lights are out of this world! I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life, it feels like the energy of the whole wide world gathers up and shines down on you… wow, your mother’s ways must have really rubbed on me throughout the years; who thought I’d come up with such airy-fairy stuff!

Anyway, we visited the local hot springs and we’re going on an air balloon ride tomorrow, just like the old-fashioned explorers would. Hopefully everything’s alright back at home, we can’t wait to hear from you!


Mom and Dad

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  1. EEeeee<3 I lost internet last night after reading the last chapter, but I wanted to say how much I loved seeing Cassiel! Even as an elder, sooo gorgeous. I actually think she looks better now…she seems wiser.

    As for Chell — she's adorable. I love how enthusiastic she gets about everything.

    Yennefer — YES, date Ethan! I've been waiting for this since the speed dating rounds. xD


    1. I wonder if Cassiel is wiser, and if that’s a good thing or not 😀 But I agree that she does look good!

      Chell is so great, she’s always in a good mood and just as enthusiastic for discoveries as she was as a little girl. I think she’s probably the most balanced of the kids this generation.

      Haha! Yenn definitely gets along with Ethan a lot better than with any other guys she’s interacted with (i.e. she is not tense around him, which is a success when she’s concerned lol). But since she’s a non-commital loner, who knows how this is going to go…


    1. Thank you! I thought the postcards would be fun, and we get to know what Peter and Lilah are getting up to 🙂 (Taking those postcard screenshots was not fun though! Those loading screens in TS3 are a nigtmare!)


  2. Wow when I realised Angel was Cassiel I shrieked with excitement haha! So excited to see her back in the story and not only that but also see her proud of her daughter! Has the old age gotten to her.. does she want to rekindle long lost relationships?


    1. Cassiel has a way of always popping back into the story 🙂 I’m not entirely sure of her motivations, though I think it was mainly curiosity. That, and she probably wanted to know to what extent Yennefer resembles Baato.


  3. Ok…I’m usually not one to peek around the curtain, but I just have to know… Did Cassiel just happened to be the boss, or did you put her there?

    I’m glad Yenn likes man bun man! He’s too cute to pass up. And Chell in love? Yay!


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