The Bloomer Legacy: 4.9 Happily Ever After

Yenn stood over the tombs of her ancestors with quiet appreciation. These were the remarkable people of generation 1 and 2 who had shaped the legacy in its beginning.


It all started with Kirk and Maranda, the founder couple who slept in a hut, built the park, and brought Ruby back to life.


To Yenn, Ruby was the one who tied it all together. She changed the generation 2 heir Isaac when he was a child, and then she changed him yet again when he grew up into a young man. She was the one who made him the worthy heir he was.

And of course, Ruby was also related to Yenn twice over; she was her great-grandmother through the Perrin line and her grandmother through the Bloomer line.


It was now time for another Bloomer wedding; although not long till Chell will become a Mrs Hankins instead.

Yenn had the old home of generation one and two converted into a wedding venue specifically as a wedding gift to the newlyweds, but her reasoning behind creating the new venue was twofold: Not only was it a place to celebrate the current and future Bloomer unions, it would also become a place to celebrate the Bloomers past, commemorating the deceased family members at the cemetery at the back.

Bringing the family together in more ways than one, Yenn thought. But perhaps that was too morbid of a thought for a day like this.


The rest of the Bloomers were here already of course, eager to celebrate.


The Agustins start arriving shortly after, and as you can see, they now have offspring! The girl in the pink dress is Alice, Skylar and Audrey’s daughter. She doesn’t seem happy to be here!


Liam, Amos and Jenny’s son, on the other hand, is having a great laugh dancing with Keiko. As a childish sim, Keiko is enjoying the company of the kids the most.


Finally, I think there’s no need to say whose daughter the girl in the blue dress is, Josephine looks so much like her mommy!


But let’s turn our attention to those who today is all about and gather around for the ceremony.

(Note: The combination of the wedding arch with the candle holder from Spa Day was not my idea, I shamelessly stole this from the fabulous Jordan and her version of the Build Newcrest challenge.)


Yenn seems genuinely happy for her sister. Keiko, on the other hand…

Keiko: “I’m going to need a drink to get me through this boring ceremony!”


As for Peter and Lilah, they couldn’t imagine a better place to be.


Introducing Mr and Mrs Hankins! Let’s get this party started!


Keiko: “Their love… it’s so infuriating!”


By the looks of it Keiko has had just a tiny bit too much to drink. In fact, I haven’t seen her without a glass in her hand all day! As the day progresses, she continues to get angrier and angrier.


“Why are you not paying attention to me?” she yells at Booker.

Booker has no idea what’s come over his girlfriend. “Babe, what’s the matter?”

“You are… so lame,” Keiko slurs.

Very mature Keiko, very mature.


Keiko refuses to talk to her boyfriend for the remainder of the party. She won’t even look at him, resulting in awkward angry dancing…


Elsewhere, Peter and Lilah are oblivious to their son’s relationship drama.


And as for the newlyweds, it appears that all of the women at the party are swooning over Knox’s magical proposal story. Yes, you’re right ladies, he’s a catch and Chell knows it!


Yenn is not sharing the enthusiasm of the other wedding guests. As much as she’s enjoyed celebrating her sister’s big day, she’s gotten to the point where she can no longer handle being around all those people.


She’s joined at her most remote table by Kaylan and Amelia.

Kaylan: “Sorry Yenn, we know you’re trying to hide from all the people, but we need to hide from all the pesky kids!”

Amelia: “Don’t worry guys, it’ll be over soon.”


Amelia was right, by sun down, the guests were worn out, and aside from the overjoyed newlyweds, there was almost no one left at the lot.


With no people around, Yenn was finally at peace again, able to get lost in her thoughts. She stayed back in the garden even after everyone else had left. Seeing her sister so happy moved something inside of her.

Suddenly, she realised that she had been looking at the same house for the last few minutes. What am I doing, she thought to herself…


Her whole body started moving ahead, even before her mind had made the decision. She was running, no, she was flying.


Ethan opened the door: “Yenn! What’s going on? Did something happen? Are you alright?”

“Yes… no… I don’t know!”

Puzzled, Ethan wasn’t sure if he should laugh or worry. Before he could decide, Yenn grabbed his hand.


Yenn: “Ethan… let’s do this! Let’s give us a try. No labels. No boyfriend and girlfriend, no talk of marriage and kids and the future. Just you and I. Together. What do you say?”


Ethan’s response was eloquent.

The Bloomer Wedding venue/cemetery can be downloaded here.

20 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 4.9 Happily Ever After

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  1. Awwwwww<3 Yes yes yes. So much yes.

    That wedding venue is GORGEOUS. I love the idea of a wedding venue and a cemetery in one. I think I'll build a wedding venue in Magnolia Promenade next, since I'm running out of room in Newcrest and I've got a Soulmate heir on my hands, lol.

    Chell and Knox are so perfect for each other! So glad to see them happily married. And I lol'ed at Yenn and the Hates Children-couple hiding out at the wedding — so me. xD I knew Keiko would slip up at some point or another…I kinda like her though, so I hope she gets her plum together and sticks around.


    1. Thank you! I’ve been intending to build that venue for several generations now, but the timing was never right. I don’t really like having graveyards in the family home, so here’s where all the Bloomers will go… Eventually. 😀

      I like Keiko too, but then again I also love Cassiel so my affection for a sim has nothing to do with how nice they are lol. I have no idea what set her off that day, I think she was pissed off that it was Chell getting married and not her.


  2. Great chapter and so many beautiful screenshots! Yenn looks so impressive in that black gown with her angel wings showing on her back! And Keiko’s expressions are just priceless! And Agustins kids are so cute! And, of course, Chell and Knox are absolutely perfect together!
    Okay, I guess that’s enough of crazy fangirling for today xD


    1. Aww I hope you aren’t too overwhelmed! I actually considered splitting this into two chapters since a lot went on during the wedding, but it seemed silly considering it’s just one event.

      Yenn… She’s my favourite sim that I’ve ever played, at least in TS4 for sure 🙂


  3. What a gorgeous venue! The ceremony was so beautiful as well. 🙂 Oh Keiko. D; The Bloomers seem to have a lot of drama at weddings! (Then again, so do most weddings in legacy games… xD )


  4. Yaaay Yenn! Oh, and congrats to the Hankins too lol. And Keiko…you are a lot more disposable than you think! Get it together. Although…I have an idea of why she was, ummm, a bit out of character lol.


    1. Haha Keiko has very interesting character development over time. I found the amount of juice she drank during the wedding and her increasing anger during the wedding hilarious.


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