The Bloomer Legacy: 4.11 Keiko’s Day

Keiko can barely eat any of her breakfast.

Keiko: “It’s my day! MY DAY! I hope you have something sparkly to wear ladies!”

Chell: “Sparkly?! Oh boy…”


Keiko: “Isn’t it great that soon we’ll be family? I’ll be a Bloomer just like you guys!”

Peter: “Um, sure, that’s very nice Keiko…”

Peter and Lilah were not sure what to make of their new daughter in law. But as long as Booker was happy, so were they.


Since Keiko wanted her wedding to be unique, the wedding took place on the roof top terrace.


Keiko: “Welcome everyone! I’m so happy you’re all joining me on my day!”

I can’t help but notice there seems to be far less guests than at Knox and Chell’s wedding…


But the, erm, blushing bride does not seem to care one bit. I must admit she scares me a tad right now. Are you sure you don’t want to change your mind, Booker?


The does ceremony go ahead, and it’s lovely… for the most part.


Keiko: “And now you’re officially mine… forever!”


The guests watch the pair’s first kiss as a married couple with mild enthusiasm… To the free bar!


Keiko: “Isn’t this a glorious day Lilah?”

Lilah: “Why don’t you pour me some more punch dear…”


Well at least someone’s happy…


“I love that there’s so few people and so much space… this is my kind of wedding,” Yenn proclaims.

Ethan chuckles: “Oh, are you into weddings now Yenn?”

“Shush you!”


“Congratulations little bro,” Yenn turns her attention to Booker, “You should be smiling more! It’s your day too you know, contrary to what Keiko’s been saying!”


Over at the bar, the “party” continues. At least Knox is dancing… then again, when is Knox not dancing?


Lilah spontaneously hugs her eldest daughter: “Oh Chell, thank plumbob you have such a wonderful husband!”

“Thank mom, but this is so innapropriate,” Chell whispers.

“Pff, when you’re my age you’re allowed to say whatever you want,” Lilah grins conspicuously. “I’ve earned it!”


Keiko plays with the chips in her bowl poutily: “Well I still think this has been a nice wedding… even though not as many people showed up.”

Peter looks at his daughter in law. It seems just like yesterday when his very own bride was upset about her wedding day being disturbed by grim reaper’s appearance.


He hugs Keiko warmly: “You’re right, it’s been a wonderful day. I’m glad we got to share it with you.”


Ethan: “Yenn, I realise you’re pleased that all the guests have gone, but you should probably not be so outward about it.”

Yenn: “Why not? This is the best wedding I’ve experienced so far! Cheers!”


The newlyweds retreated to the sauna. Booker was still somewhat torn about it all, but he didn’t want Keiko to be upset today of all days; when she finally got what she wanted.


And besides, the part Booker had been looking forward to has just started. The honeymoon!

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  1. Kaylan is at every big event. I love it! It’s so fun to see one of your sims in another story! Congrats Keiko at scoring this big fish 😉


  2. Awww. At the line, “Keiko plays with the chips in her bowl poutily: “Well I still think this has been a nice wedding… even though not as many people showed up.” I started to feel bad for her. Sure, she’s self-centered and stuck up and probably a gold digger who’s going to steal the family fortune and run off to marry next Sim millionaire, but that line just really got me. Don’t be sad, Keiko! Your viewers are in attendance too! (Granted, this one is sitting in bed in pj’s…but in attendance nonetheless.)

    Yenn has very, very quickly become one of my favorite Sims ever. Thank you Baato and Cassiel for your beautiful gift to the world ❤

    I'm also loving Elder-Lilah. Though I might not agree with her about Keiko (I really hope she sticks around), she's damn right about by that age they've earned the right to say whatever the plum they want. xD

    Can't wait for moaaarrr<3 (-cough- I heard you were quite ahead in writing… -nudgenudge- Feel free to, ya'know, gift us with daily/double feature posts… -cough- xD)


    1. I felt really bad for Keiko too, I don’t know why people didn’t show up, poor thing. I mean, sure she has a lot of bad qualities, but she’s not all round awful, and the wedding did not go great. (Also, Booker did not look at all happy to be getting married. Oh dear.)

      Cassiel giving a gift to the world? Don’t tell her that, she’d have a tantrum 😀 But I agree, I love Yenn 🙂

      Yeah it’s funny, Lilah has changed a fair amount as an elder. She’s definitely not a fan of Keiko’s, while Peter is trying to connect with his daughter in law a bit.

      Hehe there will be a lot of updates coming up this week – not entirely daily, but close! and there will also be one double update 🙂


  3. Okay…Keiko kills me! I love her and hate (hate is a strong word…she definitely pushes my buttons, though) at the exact same time! I know she was just excited, but she really needs to remember there are TWO people in the relationship. Lol.

    I die every time I see Yenn. She is so beautiful.


    1. Oh yes. It’s very easy for Keiko to only focus on herself and disregard the other party in the relationship and what they’re feeling. Though Booker is guilty of doing this a lot too. They really need to learn to communicate, now that they’re married. *sigh*


  4. Well, I’ve never thought he would actually marry her. I’ve considered them a quick teenage romance or so. But I’m glad he did! I don’t like Keiko, but the urge to see their genetics mixed up is too strong! xD


    1. The prospect of seeing how their genetics mesh is definitely a big part of why I brought Keiko to the family. Getting married was Keiko’s whim, not Booker’s, hence the previous post when he was asking everyone for advice. Only time will tell if these two can make it work.


  5. First of all, yeah, I’m totally procrastinating while enjoying this wonderful story. Kind of sorry but not really.
    And I love Keiko! Since the Twins are gone and Cassiel’s story got serious, it’s good to have a not-really-positive, hilarious character around. Plus, due to her childish trait she likes being around children, so looks like she’s going to be enthusiastic about bringing potential heirs to the Sim World.
    Oh, BTW ( I try not to spam all of your posts), I read some of your Liebster answers and I want to high-five you in a dorky manner, mostly because of the love for the planning part of travelling 🙂


    1. Haha excellent! Glad you’re having fun 🙂 Keiko was great, I like my imperfect sims 😀 The Lollipop Lair storyline did get serious, due t the nature of the Build Newcrest challenge that could have never ended well!

      Do feel free to comment away, I love hearing my readers thoughts! And yay for travel planning haha!


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