The Bloomer Legacy: 4.12 Another Adventure

Knowing they all only had limited time left, Peter and Lilah invited Erica and Daniel over for a small family gathering.


They all chatted away about the recent weddings; Peter and Lilah gave a detailed summary of their travels and Erica and Daniel gushed about their grandchildren.

Erica: “It’s so great to catch up with you guys! If only Gretchen and Charlotte could be there.”

Peter: “Don’t worry, sis, we’ve both seen that they’re doing well with our own eyes. They’re probably having their own mini gathering just now!”


Erica: “Well, I’m going to nip to that fabulous pool of yours!”

Lilah: “Be our guest, Erica!”

Peter: “No, don’t be our guest. Make yourself at home!”


Peter joined his sister on the pool side: “Look at us, how far we’ve come!”

“I know,” Erica beamed, “You’ve got a library and several books under your belt and you’ve seen half the world; I’ve painted all I could have possibly imagined and married the love of my life; and most importantly, my babies are living the lives they’ve wanted and so are yours. If I was to die today, I would die happy.”

“Don’t say that, Erica,” Peter frowned.


Maybe she had an inkling.


Peter was with his sister in her final moments, somewhat unexpectedly joined by Keiko, who was just on her way to bed.


What do you say to someone who had just lost their sibling, Keiko wondered. Keiko was not spiritual, and for the most part, she’d always let her body do the talking; deep meaningful conversations had never been her forte.

Still, she liked her father in law, especially after he’d been so nice to her at her wedding, and she wanted to try to cheer him up. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

Keiko: “Is there anything I can do for you Peter?”

Peter: “Why don’t we watch the stars together, Keiko?”


It was an odd wish, but Keiko obliged.

“You know, I’d like to believe that my sister is up there now, with the stars,” Peter said, half to himself, half to Keiko. “You must think I’m a silly old man…”

“Of course not! She’s probably… right there?” Keiko pointed towards a constellation.

Peter smiled softly. His and Lilah’s worries had been unnecessary. Booker was in good hands.


“You’re a nice girl, Keiko,” he said to his daughter-in-law. “And I know there’s more to you than meets the eye. I know my time will come soon, and I will join my sister, but I know my son will still have you when I’m gone. Look after him.”


With Erica gone, the Bloomers moved Daniel into the house; since he was not capable of taking care of himself. The first thing he did in his new home was watching Keiko sleep, naturally.


Peter made sure to spend a lot of time with Daniel, he couldn’t (and didn’t want to) imagine how losing his spouse must have felt for Daniel.

Peter: “We’re all here for you Dan, I know it must be hard for you…”


Daniel looked at Peter and smiled: “Hard? It’s not hard for me at all. I know I’ll be with my wife again soon. And then we’ll ride the rainbow together, like we were always meant to.”


He was right. He joined Erica on that very day. He looked peaceful in his death, as if he was dreaming.

I hope you and Erica have a wonderful time on the rainbow, Daniel!


The only person that witnessed Daniel’s reaping was Lilah.


The experience has shaken her. She knew she would follow the same suite soon, and it terrified her. She had lead such a wonderful life, but she did not quite want to leave it all just yet.

Luckily, Grim Reaper stayed behind for a bit of a chat.


Lilah tried to choose her words carefully as they sat down at the table: “It’s not that I have anything against you, per say. I know you’ll come to all of us eventually, and I’ve done all I’ve wanted to do in my life but still… I can’t help it but, well, I’m afraid.”

Grim nodded understandingly. “Don’t worry Lilah. Only those with regrets should fear death. For a sim like you, death is nothing but another adventure.”


As Death left the house, Lilah was feeling a whole lot better. She’s done so much in her life, but the explorer in her found something about the thought of one last adventure quite appealing. And so, she feared no more.


It appeared that Grim Reaper had one final stop before he left the Bloomer residence. Lured into Yenn’s quarters by the sound of the piano, he sat down and listened to her play for a moment.


“You’re a talented musician,” Grim complimented the girl.

Yenn looked up. The presence of death did not shock her, she knew he’d been lurking around the house. But what did he want with her?

“What are you doing here?”


“I have a bit of a penchant for the piano myself,” Grim continued without answering Yenn’s question. “I love to play after reapings, or when I frequent lounges; any time I come across a good piano, really.”

Yenn was groing impatient: “Are saying that you’re here because you want to play my piano?”

“No, the time for that will not come for quite some time,” Grim replied matter-of-factly.


“The reason why I’m here is because I want to tell you a story,” he continued. “I was thinking you might be interested to hear about the last time I played the piano…”

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  1. This was suuuuuch a great update, despite it being so sad.

    Here’s the thing, the way you wrote it didn’t make it feel all that sad. It felt exactly like it was meant to…time moves forward and Grim comes and that’s just natural. I really appreciated it.

    Great job!


    1. Thank you! They have had really good and happy lives, and no unfinished business, so it’s not been to hard to portray it this way. Still, I wish they all didn’t get old at the same time 😦


  2. Oh, I’m glad Daniel followed Erica so quickly. It’s easier when they go together. Although it seems that it didn’t really matter in Daniel’s case…
    And Im glad to see Keiko is acting like a decent sim! Maybe she’s not that bad, after all!


    1. Agreed, it always makes me sad to see one of the spouses left behind. I think that when the founder couple died at the same one, that was by far the best for them – even though it was really sad for those left behind.

      I think there’s a mixture of good and bad in most people/sims, including Keiko (heck, even Cassiel to some degree). Keiko’s first priority is herself, and a lot of her reactions are ruled by her childishness, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about anyone else. When people are nice to her and humour her conceited ways, she does become fond of them.


  3. RIP Erica and Daniel! They were so content when they passed, I can’t really be sad. And Daniel’s outlook on death was the sweetest thing ever. Wishing them the best rainbow journey ever. 🙂

    Also, I love how you wrote Grim. He was so kind to Lilah. ❤


  4. Ahhhhhh, this was such a great generation and now they’re all dying. 😦 It was sad, but well done. I love Yenn, she’s my favorite. This generation will be fun too.


    1. Oh yeah. These were a hard few chapters. And a hard time to play through too, with everyone’s time coming in such quick succession. It was almost as if Grim was an annoying housemate…


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