The Bloomer Legacy: 4.14 The Last Time I Played the Piano (Part 2)

Devlin snuck a tiny pink robot into the house, hoping Cassiel would not notice. Since this toy was significantly smaller than the previous one, she figured she had a better shot at succeeding this time around.


Her previous toy, Mr Bubbles, had not been as conspicuous, and saying goodbye to him was very hard for Devlin.


Cassiel suddenly appeared out of nowehere like a shadow: “Devlin! What have I told you?! No toys in the house!”

“Fine, you big meanie,” Devlin stomped outside of the house.


Cassiel followed her. Of course she was going to play with Rodney.


Cassiel: “How many times have we been over this Devlin!? Do NOT go near the cow plant! It’s dangerous, and you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Devlin: “But it wants to play! YOU never play with me…”


Devlin also got into Cassiel’s way when she was trying to work.

Cassiel: “Muahahahaha! Finally, I have been able to…”

Devlin: “Cassie! Can I have candy?”

Cassiel: “Do NOT call me that!”


Devlin: “I wish we could live in a house made of chocolate, and invite loads of kids to play with… ooh, and have a swing!”


It was official. Somehow, Cassiel had ended up with a child in her house, against all odds, and her old age.

The constant chatter and whining and attention seeking was getting on Cassiel’s nerves. She barely had any time alone anymore.


Finally, when Devlin disappeared somewhere for a moment, Cassiel would be able to enjoy a nice drink in solitude. Where has that stupid clone gone anyway?


Devlin: “Mmm, cake!”


“Devlin, no!” Cassiel ran outside as she realised her suspicions had become reality. “Let go of the plumming cake!”

But it was too late.


Cassiel: “Rodney, what have you done?”


Cassiel was on her own again, with nobody but ghosts of the past to talk to.

Cassiel: “Why is everything crumbling down again Baato? But I can overcome this! Like a phoenix, yet again, only to return bigger and better. I’ll get Chell to make me a new clone, and this time, it will go right! And then we’ll take over the world together!”


Cassiel walked outside of her house, into the sun. She’d make a comeback, yet again. But everything was strangely blurry, and her body seemed to be acting slower than her brain. Like a phoenix, she thought.

Suddenly, she spotted a strange shadow in the corner of the garden.

“Baato?” She called out. At that moment, her body betrayed her as she fell to the ground.


The shadow was getting closer, although she could barely see it for this strange purple light surrounding her. But what did it matter?

“He’s returned at last,” Cassiel whispered, a single tear sliding down her cheek.


But it wasn’t Baato that had come to Cassiel. It was the reaper.

Only those with regrets should fear death.


The house was empty now, and it seemed like a bit of a waste to not enjoy it. So the reaper lingered.

Grim: “And that, Yennefer, is the story of the last time I played the piano. I hope you enjoyed it.”


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  1. Awww. It’s hard seeing these gen 3 (2 1/2?) Sims die… I get so attached to your Sims. </3 But it was a beautiful "goodbye" chapter for her, so that makes up for it.


    1. Thank you! I was definitely attached to Cassiel. I like to pretend there’s probably more frozen clones of her somewhere at the lab so she could hypothetically “come back” (I don’t think she will. But the possibility makes me feel better about her being gone.)


  2. I love this series. Its always so sad to see a sim die that you’ve played for a while. I cant wait to see what Yennefer is gonna think/say about it. Cant wait for the next episode.


    1. Ooh, more readers I haven’t seen here yet, thanks for commenting! 🙂 Yeah with Cassiel her death was especially sad, because I know she wasn’t all that happy. But it was the choices she made that got her there… You will see what Yenn’s reaction was soon, though not in the very next chapter 🙂 Thank you for reading!


  3. Wow, she kept waiting for him until the very end ❤ It's hard to see her go like this (because part of me was hoping that even villains can have happy ending), but Grim comes for everyone, even the gorgeous, brilliant evil souls like Cassiel. At least she can rest in piece, knowing that she was possibly the greatest sim villain in the history of sim villains (and a wonderful, inspirational character)!
    Goodbye, Cassiel.
    And also, goodbye Devlin. I know her life was short, but she still deserves some attention for being so funny and adorably annoying, right? 😀


    1. Yeah she never stopped loving Baato, so sad. I would have loved to give her a happy ending, but I couldn’t come up with anything sadly. Hopefully she’ll be remembered for her awesome villaining at least 🙂

      Devlin, she was so funny. It’s interesting how her and Cassiel looked completely different, I feel that traits like good or evil really change the sim’s physical appearance.


    1. From a writer’s point of view, I really enjoyed writing this one. But as a simmer, ugh, I loved Cassiel and it pains me that she had to go like this. She did make her own bed mind. Thank you for reading!


  4. Hi, reading your story veeeery late so I don’t know if you’ll even see this comment. But I had to stop by and say that these past three chapters were just so wonderfully written. Very very touching, they compelled me to drop a message 🙂 x


    1. Thank you for reading – and for taking the time to leave a comment, especially as the story was written so long ago! This was an emotional time in the legacy for sure, grim was basically a permanent fixture so I had to get creative with how to present it! Definitely a rough time for Yenn!


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