The Bloomer Legacy: 4.4 Strange Days

Since Chell worked during the day and Yenn had evening shifts, the only chance they had to catch up on most days was during breakfast.

They both also noticed that more often than not, they were joined by Keiko, their brother’s new girlfriend, in her bikini munching on whatever food they had in the house. Neither Chell nor Yenn ever commented on it though.

Chell: “Yenn, I’m so glad you’re up. You won’t believe the day I had at work yesterday!”

Chell recounted yesterday’s events over at the lab…


“Don’t just stare at me. Come in here!”


“The door in front of me glided open like it had never been locked. My legs were so heavy I could barely move. That woman is petrifying Yenn! I couldn’t believe she spotted me, I had only just started working there, and I was so sure I was going to get sacked straight away…”


Yenn: “That is horrendous! It’s your dream job!”

Chell: “I told her that!”


Chell: “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to disturb you at all! I was just curious… since curiosity is in the nature of a good scientist. I admire you so much! Working here was all I ever wanted.”

Angel: “A good employee at Future Sims Labs must know that we value privacy. You can’t just peek into any room you like. Don’t you know there are sensitive projects going on here?”

Chell: “I do, I really do. It will never happen again. I’ve only just started, please let me stay and amend my mistake.”

Angel: “I won’t have a liability like yourself running around! I’m terminating your contract. What’s your name?”

Chell: “Chell Bloomer.”


Angel: “Bloomer, you say? Why don’t you have a seat on the couch, we can have a chat.”

Chell: “Yes ma’am.”

Angel: “Tell me about your family…”

Chell: “Excuse me?”

Angel: “The truth is, a long time ago, I knew your parents. I was just wondering how they’re doing? How is building Newcrest going for them?”


Chell: “Oh, really? Well, my dad just opened the library recently, completing his generational task. Him and mom actually decided to go on a round the world trip, they left right after my sister’s birthday. They’re going to…”


Angel: “Your sister? Tell me about her! What does she look like? What is she like? What does she do for a living?”


Chell: “Oh Yenn is absolutely brilliant! She’s gifted mentally, physically and artistically; so talented in so many areas! I’ve never met anyone as intelligent as her, she’s a real genius, and she’s really beautiful too!

She recently started working at a lounge as a pianist, but to be honest, I don’t think the entertainer career is suited for her. She’s a bit of a loner and is non-committal, so I can see her changing her career path soon. After all, she aspires to be a Renaissance Sim!”


Angel: “She sounds like quite a gem, your sister! Tell her that she can get a job here at Future Sims Labs whenever she wants; no need to formally apply! We can use bright minds like her around here.”

Chell: “At least someone in the family will continue to work here if I can’t.”

Angel: “Ah, don’t be silly, you’re not going anywhere!”

Chell: “I’m not?”


Angel: “Of course not! People of your calibre need to be utilised! I have just the project for you, I am overseeing that one personally. How do you feel about genetically modified cow plants?”


Chell: “So instead of getting fired, I got promoted and I get to work on one of the top secret projects! And, you have a job offer there too!”

Yenn: “Isn’t all of that a bit suspicious?”

Chell: “Very suspicious! But nobody knows how Angel Peril’s mind works, so don’t question it! Oh Yenn, wouldn’t it be great if we worked together? Are you going to accept the position?”

Yenn: “I don’t know, it sounds exciting but it’s so dubious! Though playing the piano at the lounge has been making me a bit tense…

I really thought I could just focus on the music, but I can’t filter out all the people. In fact, I took tonight off just to spend some time alone and read.”


Yenn finished reading the Bloomer Chronicles that evening. The old family history and connections fascinated her.

And it allowed her to learn a little bit more about her mother, who apparently had an evil air around her ever since childhood. Her father was still shrouded in mystery though, so little was known about where he’d come from…

Yenn sighed. Perhaps she should read something lighter before bed. Having read all the books they had at the house a dozen times, she headed to the library. Hopefully there won’t be too many people around this late at night!


There was only one other person there. One Yenn instantly reconginsed: “Oh, hi Ethan! Late night reading for you too?”

Ethan smiled: “Well if it isn’t Yennefer Bloomer, at a community lot no less! You seem a lot less angsty than when we first met!”

Yenn glared at him: “Well I do try…”


Ethan: “I’m just joking Yenn. You know, social interaction, you might have heard of the concept? Anyway, what brings you here so late at night?”

Yenn: “I just wanted to read something light before going to bed. I’m a bit of a night owl these days… What about yourself?”

Ethan: “I always like to come here after a match to relax a bit. You see, I play in one of the minor football leagues, and I always feel so pumped after a game that I can’t get to sleep. This place calms my mind after a match!”

Yenn: “Oh, I take it you played a match today then? Did your team win?”

Ethan: “We most certainly did not! They don’t call it minor league for nothing!”

They laughed and carried on chatting for ages. It almost seemed… easy?


“Well Yenn, this has actually been fun,” Ethan remarked as Yenn made her farewell. “Maybe we could do this again some time, grab a cup of coffee in the café downstairs?”

“That would be nice,” Yenn replied with a large grin on her face.


Yenn: Wait a minute! I want to spend time with him? Am I actually attracted to him???


Confused by her feelings, Yenn still couldn’t get to sleep, so she opted for a night time workout to take her mind of such silly things.


But her mind couldn’t help but drift to Ethan every so often. Distracted, Yenn fell off the treadmill for the very first time.

Yenn: “What’s the matter with me?”



Hi kids!

Your mom and I made it to Aurora Skies safe and sound!

I have to say, the northern lights are out of this world! I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life, it feels like the energy of the whole wide world gathers up and shines down on you… wow, your mother’s ways must have really rubbed on me throughout the years; who thought I’d come up with such airy-fairy stuff!

Anyway, we visited the local hot springs and we’re going on an air balloon ride tomorrow, just like the old-fashioned explorers would. Hopefully everything’s alright back at home, we can’t wait to hear from you!


Mom and Dad

The Bloomer Legacy: 4.3 Angel Peril

Chell was giddy with excitement. Her application for the role of Junior Tinkerer at Future Sims Labs has been accepted! She couldn’t wait for Monday to come!

Know grinned at her: “Congratulations! I knew they’d love you!”


Chell and Knox have been spending a lot of time together at the library. At first, it was just a coincidence, but eventually they started arranging their schedules so that they could meet up there. It was no surprise that they also decided to meet in the library café for their first official date.


They chattered away about books, just as they always did; and they discussed the latest news. Knox actually happened to be editor in chief over at the paper that Lilah worked for. Although the lovebirds didn’t feel much of a need to discuss their mutual connection at all.


They had far more important things to do! Chell tried to be responsible and end the date early so that she could get plenty of sleep before her first day of work, but she struggled to part with Knox.

It was well worth it, she thought to herself as she dragged herself to bed in the middle of the night, tired but overjoyed.


It was well worth it, she thought to herself as she dragged herself to bed in the middle of the night, tired but overjoyed.


Luckily Chell had a handy glass of sleep replacement to help her spruce up on her first day of work.

She had to get up extra early, since she had to commute all the way to Oasis Springs for her new job. The distance didn’t matter to her though. There were no science facilities in Newcrest, and most definitely not ones of such prestige as Future Sims Labs.


Chell took a deep breath and walked into the building. “Hi there, I’m Chell Bloomer, the new starter!”

The receptionist smiled: “Welcome to Future Sims Labs Chell! I’m Delaney. Here’s your employee badge, and let me call someone to show you around the place.

You’ll love it here. So many fantastic inventions happening every day! Just make sure to stay well away from the big boss and you’ll be golden!”


Chell hesitated. “Is the director a bit temperamental?”

Delaney chuckled: “That’s one way of putting it! Don’t worry, she mostly keeps to herself in her office. You’ll probably never even run into her anyway!”


Chell was going to ask more questions about this intriguing director, but Delany had to pick up a call. A blonde woman who introduced herself as Abbey emerged from the back and took Chell on a tour of the facility.


Once orientation was over, Chell was allowed to experiment. It seemed reminiscent of her childhood days at the chemistry table, perhaps just slightly less explosive.


They also let Chell operate the giant microscope, though she still needed supervision for that.


But the most exciting feature of the lab by far was the Invention Constructor. Chell let her imagination run wild, hogging the machine for hours until one of her colleagues kicked her out, forcing her to go on lunch break. Luckily, Delaney and Abbey were available to accompany her.


Chell: “So tell me about this enigmatic director! When I was doing my research for my application, I read that this building used to be an abandoned science lab, and she restored it to its former glory, if not surpassing it. That’s pretty impressive!”

Delaney: “Oh yes, supposedly she used to live here briefly, but her love live bombed so she decided to turn to work and bring the building back to its original purpose. Angel Peril’s love life may have been a disaster, but hey, it gave us all a job!”

Chell: “Angel Peril… it’s an unusual name, isn’t it?”


Abbey: “Actually, some say it’s not her real name at all!”

Chell: “Seriously?”

Delaney: “Think about it… Angel Peril? I think it’s some sort of a twisted joke. Rumour has it she had to change her name because she was involved with some criminal activities in the past. Wouldn’t surprise me!

I mean, I’m pretty sure that not everything that goes on in this lab is strictly legal, there’s a bunch of top secret projects…”


Chell couldn’t get the lunch conversation out of her head. She was so curious about this mysterious woman. When her work day was over, she tip-toed into the tower where the director’s office was.

Just a little peek through the door, she thought to herself.


She leaned towards the glass, holding her breath. As expected, the office was full of high tech machines. And in the middle of it all set the most terrifying woman Chell had ever laid eyes on. She wanted to look away, but their eyes met before she had a chance.


“Don’t just stare at me. Come in here!”

Chell’s knees felt very weak all of the sudden.

The Bloomer Legacy: 4.2 My Home Is My Castle

Booker met Keiko Oshiro on one of his daily runs. She was a head turner, so he stopped his jog immediately to talk to her. Turns out she was the daughter of the librarian at the Captain Duckhorse Library.

Her last name meant big castle. And Keiko wanted to live in one.


Keiko: “You mean you live in the mansion across the street from here?”

Booker: “Oh yeah. You wanna have a tour?”

Keiko: “Are you kidding?”


Booker: “Welcome to my humble home!”

Keiko: “I can’t believe this! I have to take a selfie to prove that I was here!”


Booker: “I think this I the best bit! The roof top jacuzzi with a view of the city. Pretty sweet, right?”


Booker wasn’t sure what Keiko replied, or if she replied anything at all; he was too distracted by how good she looked in a bikini.


Keiko: “I’m at the Bloomer estate. In an actual hot tub. This is surreal!”


Booker: She’s so dreamy!


Keiko: “Why don’t I give you a bit of a massage, Booker? Your muscles must be sore from all that running you did earlier. Wow, look at that bicep!”


That was enough for Booker to make his move. Surely she was interested in him?


Keiko knew exactly what he was doing, and she didn’t mind one bit. There was no way she wasn’t coming back to this posh estate!


They shared their first kiss… and many more after that. By sunrise, Booker asked Keiko to be his girlfriend. Of course she said yes!


Booker: “Look at the view of the skyline form here…”

Keiko: “It’s awesome. But Booker, I’ve been here all night and you still haven’t given me a tour of the house!”

Booker: “Well I was waiting for the light, duh!”


“The part you’ve seen already is the outdoor gym on the rooftop of the main building. I’m here all the time.”


“Downstairs, we have the open plan living area. There’s the sitting part with a flat screen TV and all that jazz…”


“… and a kitchen/dining area with a lot of old photos of relatives.”


“My mom and dad’s bedroom with an ensuite is downstairs too. They’re going travelling soon though, so soon enough I’ll be the master of the house.”


“The upstairs landing is kind of empty at the moment, but we do have a chess table and the family aquarium there. They say the goldfish has been with the family ever since the first generation! Anyway, there’s also an indoor gym area with a massage table at the end of the landing.”


“Then of course there’s my room with an en suite. I’m the next heir so it’s pretty nice pad!”


“Oh, and there’s an office up there two, but I barely ever go there.”


First floor layout


Second floor layout


“Once you go outside to the garden, there’s a little entertaining area with a bar, a bit of space for yoga and a meditation corner… my family is really into wellness you see….”


“… which is why we also have a sauna in the basement.”


“Once you pass the pool area, the two little bungalows on each side of the entrance belong to my sisters. The one near the second hot tub is Yenn’s.”


“Don’t tell her I said that, but she’s sort of sentimental, so she keeps a lot of family photos and weird nicknacks around.”


“And it’s all kind of old fashioned there. But whatever, it’s not like she lets people in her part of the house anyway.”


Yenn’s condo


“The last building belongs to my other sister, Chell. She has a bunch of nerdy things on her roof terrace.”


“But at least her place isn’t as cluttered as Yenn’s.”


“And then she has a living section where she does all sorts of other nerdy stuff.”


Chell’s condo


“Life here at the Bloomer residence isn’t too shabby at all!”

You can download the generation 4 Bloomer Home here.

The Bloomer Legacy: 4.1 Taking Over

Peter finished typing the last word and hit the save button. He felt immense satisfaction. The Bloomer chronicles were complete.

They recounted the lives and times of the first three Bloomer generations, including the side branches and references to families related to the Bloomers, such as the Perrins, the Agustins and the Belles. Though a family like the Belles would deserve their own chronicles, he thought.


Peter smiled to himself when he thought of his recent trip to the Belle estate to see the twins in the whole other town called Newcrest. It was amazing to see the lives his little sisters have built for themselves.

Anyone with a set of eyes could clearly see that the two Charlottes adored each other. Peter was not so sure about Gretchen’s home life; he hadn’t met her husband and there seemed to be something slightly fishy about him.

But then again, Gretchen has changed a lot, she was no longer the baby of the family that just follows her sister around, she was a strong and resilient woman now. Peter had no doubts Gretchen could handle anything life throws at her.


But it’s not only Gretchen that’s done a lot of growing up. When Peter returned from the other Newcrest, he suddenly saw his children in a whole new light.

They had managed on their own for few days without burning the house down or doing something crazy (though Yenn did get a tattoo). They grow up so fast…


The book on the first three generations was complete, but Peter was excited to see what generation 4 of the Bloomer clan brings. He himself had managed to achieve a lot more than he had ever thought possible.


For starters, he was now sitting in the brand new Captain Duckhorse Library. The building itself was not new, as this used to be the family home not too long ago, but the inside had been completely revamped.

There was the computer area, where he just finished writing typing his last book ever.


The old hallway had been turned into a reading area full of light.


Of course, as you would expect from a library, there were lots and lots of books. But that was just the upper floor. Captain Duckhorse Library had much more to offer on the ground floor.


As you walk in through the reception area, you are greeted by the friendly librarian, a single mother Lin Uchiro.


On your left is the comic and gaming room, Peter’s favourite. It caters to children, geeks and gamers alike, and is never empty.


And at the back is the café, where you can grab a snack in between books/comics/gaming sessions.


The café extends to the back deck as well, and is attached to the chess section. There is also a small area for painters, to entice Erica to come over.

Peter smiled to himself. His accomplishments have been numerous; Bestselling Author, Creator of Worlds… but the library was the one he was the proudest of.

It had quickly become the preferred hangout of his first born daughter, Chell, as well.


Chell aged up into a young adult not too long after Peter and Lilah got back from the Belles.


A bright lady, she gained the ambitious trait. She also decided that while she gave painting a good shot, she was never going to be as artistically creative as she would have liked and returned to science as an aspiring Nerd Brain.

Chell applied for a position at Aperture Science Future Sims Labs, but while she was waiting to hear back, she was volunteered at the library.


Chell: “Hi everyone, a very warm welcome on the behalf of the Bloomer family! My name is Chell and I’d be happy to help you find any particular books or answer any questions.”


“Actually, I have a question,” said the bearded man. “I’ve been looking for the Captain Duckhorse series section, where can I find that?”

“You have an excellent taste,” Chell marvelled. “I grew up on those books!”

“Me too!”

And that’s how Chell met Knox Hankins, a romantic bookworm and a fellow perfectionist. Yes, Peter was not worried about Chell.


It was his middle child, Yennefer, that troubled Peter the most. She was beautiful, smart and talented at anything she touched. And yet, she couldn’t seem to find inner peace. There was always a bunch of boys around her, but even the one who she seemingly liked the most seemed to irritate her.

Peter hoped that Yenn would become more comfortable with the world and herself on her young adult birthday, which was quickly approaching.


As for his youngest, Booker, his focus has always been crystal clear. Fitness. The young heir hadn’t been able to work towards his Bodybuilder aspiration until Peter completed his generational task, but he had taken an interest in yoga and built up quite a bit of core strength through it.


Now, with the library built, the young heir could finally start working on his athletic skill. With an indoor and outdoor gym to choose from in the new Bloomer house, he was spoiled for choice. No wonder he suddenly got so buff!


As Peter returned to the newly built Bloomer residence, he smiled.


What a home it was! (Author’s note: A proper tour of the generation 4 complex is coming in the next update.)


Perhaps the only thing that didn’t seem quite right was the state of his wife, Lilah. Peter had noticed that since their return from the Belles, she had been restless.

Visiting the twins in the other Newcrest gave Lilah a whole new taste for travelling, and with the kids practically grown up, there wasn’t much to distract her.


But Peter was going to fix that. She had sacrificed a lot for the legacy and now he wanted to repay her.

Peter: “I hope you can take a few days of work, Lilah. I’ve planned a secret getaway for us.”

Lilah raised her eyebrows: “You mean leaving Newcrest? We’re not allowed to do that… Perhaps there was a bit of a loophole with the other Newcrest having the same name as our town, but other than that…”

Peter: “We’ve done our duty to the legacy. It’s the new generations reign now. Surely that should entitle us to bend the rules a little.”


Peter: “Pack your bags, darling, because we’re going on a trip!”


“Venice,” Lilah breathed out excitedly. She could smell the fish in the air, sense the history around her, yet she was still struggling to believe she was truly there. So many years have passed since she had done any real travelling – unless you count her escapes through meditation.


They were running around in excitement all day. The local market, the river boat rides, the taste of coffee and cannoli. It was a dream come true for Lilah.


Towards the end of the afternoon, they got to a particularly breathtaking spot. Peter grabbed her hands. It felt like he was going to propose, but of course that wasn’t the case, they had been married for decades.

Peter: “I’ve been thinking Lilah… I’ve always wanted to give you the world, and now I can. The kids are big enough now, and eager to start their own lives. The library is built. All the books are written.”

Lilah: “What are you saying?”

Peter: “I’m saying that after Yenn’s young adult birthday, we should take a trip around the world. See the Great Wall of Shang Simla, the pyramids of Al Simhara…”

Lilah; “But Peter, do you truly want to see those things?”

Peter: “Of course, who wouldn’t? They’re the world wonders, after all.”

Lilah: “Peter…”


Peter: “I want to see you see them.”


And just like that, it was settled. Time for the new generation to take over.

The Captain Duckhorse Library is available for download here.

As for the beautiful Venice lot, I did not build this myself, it was created by a talented builder called anja_gersti and can be found here.



The Bloomer Legacy: 3.25 When the Cat’s Away

Author’s note: Today’s chapter will be narrated by the lovely Yenn, because I’m dying to get inside of her head!

As soon as my brother Booker turned into a teen, my parents headed off into the big unknown with my aunt Erica and uncle Daniel. Apparently we have two other aunts, twins in fact, who had to leave Newcrest years ago. It had something to do with my biological mother’s criminal conspiracy. Of course it would.

In any case, mom and dad are going to visit them for a few days, so we’re on our own.

Peter: “Chell, we’re counting on you! We’ll be back before you guys know it.”

Lilah: “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”


My brother inherited the active trait from our mom, and now aspires to be the body builder. He won’t shut up about wanting to build a neighbourhood gym.

He seems to be really eager to be the heir, and that’s ok with me and Chell. There are so many different things my sister and I want to explore, and becoming the heir would just tie us down. It’s all on Booker now.


Each of us dealt with our newfound freedom differently. Chell is exactly the same in our parents’ absence, ever so responsible, with her biggest act of rebellion being drawing up equations way past midnight.

I ended up getting a tattoo of dark angel wings on my back. I know very little about my biological father, but I know that my biological mother’s name, Cassiel, is the name of one of the archangels in some religions. From the pieces I’ve put together, I know she’s been far from an angel. So the tattoo seems fitting.


As for Booker, his way of reacting to being left unsupervised was…

Booker: “Let’s have a party!”


My stomach immediately tied into an uncomfortable knot. People? In my house? This needs to be averted immediately!

Yenn: “Who would you even invite? We barely know any people our age…”

Booker: “Well there’s always your boyfriends!”

Great. Just great.


Chell: “I think it’s a great idea! We can invite all of the Agustins and their partners. That way we can claim we had adult supervision.”


So it is happening. Sigh.


Pearl: “This is so hilarious! We could fall into the pool any minute!”

Audrey: “Say what now?”


I do have to admit that seeing Chell attempting to dance might just be worth all this.


Might. I can’t believe these two came.

Sawyer: “I swear Yenn is my girlfriend! Look at all these texts I sent her!”

Tate: “Dude, it looks like she didn’t reply to a single one of them. You’re delusional. She’s obviously my girlfriend.”

Sawyer: “Oh really? Has she replied to any of YOUR texts?”

Tate: “Err…”


Remington: “Yenn! I’m here! And look at my hat… Do you like cowboys?”

This is my worst nightmare.


I snuck away whilst the guys were fighting over me… They’re so out of touch with reality.


I found just the perfect spot – in the hot tub next to sleeping Pearl. My kind of socialising!


Sadly it didn’t last. Pearl woke up and called everyone over to dance right by the hot tub. Another escape is in order.


I sought refuge on the edge of the pool, but I still couldn’t enjoy my solitude. As soon as I sat down, I was joined by a guy with a man bun, and, to make matters worse…

Remington: “Hi babe! Check out my milk, it makes me look like I’m drinking juice!”

Desperate, I turned to the stranger on my right: “Please help me!”


Ethan: “Hey bro, I hear the bartender is pretty chill as far as pouring juice to teenagers goes…”

Remington: “No way! I’ll be right back babe!”

Thank the plumbob.


I guess this means I should interact with the guy in the man bun.

Yenn: “Oh, I know who you are! You’re the guy from the Agustin speed date that is looking for a soulmate and all that nonsense!”

Ethan: “I usually go by Ethan. And a simple thank you would have sufficed.”

Yenn: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. I genuinely was just trying to place you. I’m not the best in social settings.”

Ethan: “You don’t say! Well, there’s nothing wrong with looking for the person to spend the rest of your life with. That’s what brought me to Newcrest.”


Yenn: “And yet, I don’t see you being married to one of the Agustins! In fact, didn’t Amelia marry that, err, unusual looking guy?”

Ethan: “Looks aren’t everything! Amelia and Kaylan are perfect for each other. And he’s a great guy!”


Yenn: “I don’t know, isn’t he the one that’s standing in the bushes and smelling an empty plate?”

Ethan: “I didn’t say he was conventional…”


Yenn: “I just think that it seems a bit silly to try to find yourself through someone else. Are you so unhappy on your own that you need a partner to define you?”

Ethan: “No, I’ve already found myself. You kid, have a lot of growing up to do, but I know exactly who I am. And I’m in a place in my life where I’d like to share it with someone. It’s that simple.”


Ethan: “Anyway, it’s been… somewhat pleasant to meet you. Looks like the party is over now so I’ll be taking off!”

I know so much more about life than man bun guy! The older is so not the wiser!


Chell, being Chell, jumped on the cleaning vagon immediately. You could barely tell we had a party in the house!


But Booker was so happy. Maybe it was all good for something…


Remington: “Babe! Here you are! Everyone’s gone now, you want a bit of a private dance?”

Never mind.


The one to spend the rest of your life with. It sounds nice in books. From a Fatal Weenie Roast to the Love of a Lifetime (and beyond) is one of my favourite books, and it happens to be about my grandparents.

But I bet their romance wasn’t as epic as mom made it sound in the book. This love story business is only good for fiction.

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award needs no introduction by now, it’s hit SimLit blogs by a storm! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been blessed enough to be nominated… six times! Wow… I’m lost for words. It means so much to me that people are enjoying the Bloomers as much as I am!

When I was first nominated, I had quite a decent idea of who I would like to nominate. But, as it happens, life got in the way and before I had a chance to write up my post, all of the bloggers I had been intending to nominate have ended up nominating me over the past couple of weeks. That’s left me in a bit of a pickle! I’ve been mulling over how to go about my Liebster Award post in the light of this and at the end of the day, I’ve decided to change NOTHING.

That’s right, I’m nominating every single person who has nominated me. I realise this is not the correct way to do this, but those who read my story are aware I have problems with following the rules to a T. As far as I’m concerned, the core of the Liebster Award, i.e. spreading the word about the blogs I enjoy, still remains intact in spite of me doing this cartwheel.  I stand by my nominations, and the fact these writers happen my story too is just the icing on the cake. What can I say – the love is mutual!

So without further ado, here are my nominations/the lovely folk who have nominated me:

1) carovnamaruska of Truly Curly for her Disney Legacy.

If you enjoy fairy tales, this is the one for you. Maybe it’s because Maruska and I grew up in a similar region, but to me her story really brings back my childhood memories of all the classic stories I grew up with. Her sims make me want to sing (and I’m quite far from your typical Disney character!). I also admire the close attention she gives to naming her sims; while I typically panic whenever a baby is born in my legacy, Maruska chooses the names of her characters carefully and pays attention to their deeper meanings. This blog is definitely a feel good read, and if you haven’t come across it yet I highly recommend it!

2) Rorygilmore34 for Legacies of the Sims

If you read my story, you are probably familiar with Rory’s blog AKA the home of the irresistible Meatballs. But limiting this blog to being the place of origin of everyone’s favourite mafioso would be doing it a disservice! Rory introduces you to the world of Grace, a lovable orphan who will steal your heart from the get go. You will laugh with her, struggle wit her and cry with you. Do keep a box of tissues handy as this story is an emotional one. With season two just about to start, this is the perfect time to start reading.

3) iheartdinosx3 for the Belle Legacy

As you know, this is the new home of the Bloomer twins, and I continue to be amazed by what iheartdinosx3 has done with them; she’s breathed so much life into the girls and given them a story I had no idea they were capable of living! But of course, the stars of the show are the Belles, a family that has already managed to carve out quite a legacy for themselves in spite of only being on generation 3. Head over to this blog and be prepared to meet one of the most charming founders ever, her somewhat impulsive children, and the current evil heir who is bit of a loose cannon… iheardinosx3 has also recently started a series called Simlit TV, where she interviews writers of various sim stories out there (yours truly may or may not be one of the interviewees ;))

4) Julyvee94 of Julyvee’s Sims Stories for the Unusual History of Tribe Arayeo

If you would have told me that one of my ultimate favourite SimLit stories would be an Amazon challenge one a couple months ago, I would not have believed it. And yet, while I generally don’t seek out any Amazon stories, Tribe Arayeo has me waiting for updates impatiently. July is excellent at character development, she makes you understand her sims (even the unlikable ones!) and she manages to keep the story well balanced in terms of humour and drama. And let’s not forget to mention she gave the world Baato, my favourite sim in anyone’s story, period. I loved him so much I had to sneak him into my legacy, after all! July also writes a mystery called Discovery which is based on the room challenge, but the story goes much deeper than that!

5) Jordan of Sims and Such, Building Newcrest and Such, The Royale Legacy and Bloopers and Such for everything she does

At the risk of sounding mildly obsessive, I am always keen to hear what Jordan has to say… practically on any subject matter. She’s blunt, funny, opinionated and injects her stories with just the right amount of spice. As you can see above, her insights are spread over a fair few blogs. Her Build Newcrest story is probably the closest to my heart, since I love seeing how differently the challenge unfolds for her. The founder has a really unique back story, and Jordan is not afraid to explore her characters’ good and bad sides in equal measure. Although the same could be said of her Johnson legacy, started with no other than her simself. If you are looking for a read with an abundance of sims with rich personalities, park yourself here; there’s six generations to indulge on (well, technically five, but I’ll let Jordan’s blog explain that one!).

6) Summerfalls of Summerfalls Stories for the Devine Legacy

If someone asked me to describe sim stories by Sumerfalls in one word, it would have to be vibrant. Summerfalls is the master of capturing those fleeting moments that you treasure for years – that’s something people easily miss in their own lives, let alone paying attention to it with their sims. He also depicts childhood in the most wonderful fashion. And all of this is accompanied with colourful pictures that just invite you to explore his world. Sumerfalls also writes Greenwood Dormitory, a story based on the Ultimate University Challenge, which is on my to read list. I hear he’s also cooking up a new delicious sounding story, Rocky Road.

Time for my questions – since all of you nominees have already posted their Liebster Award entries, feel free to skip these or update your existing posts, whatever works for you!

  1. What came first for you, writing or simming?
  2. If you could describe three of the characters from one of your stories with a song, what would it be?
  3. What sim from your story do you have most in common with?
  4. What would you do if you were a sim for a day? (Your player caters to whims and has free will on ;))
  5. Who is the first sim you remember making?
  6. Have you ever dabbled in writing that has nothing to do with SimLit?
  7. What would be the top 3 countries you would like to visit some day?
  8. Who is your favourite book author?
  9. If you could be transported into the setting/world described in any book, what would it be?
  10. What was your all time favourite expansion of any sims game?
  11. If you could meet any sim from anyone’s story (apart from your own), who would it be?

 Now for my answers… there will be 66 overall so feel free to stop reading now or zone out!

Questions from carovnamaruska:

Why did you start blogging?
I’ve had several blogs over the years before this one, and they focused on all sorts of topics. But I think that wanting to share thoughts/stories/tips was always at the heart of it. With this particular blog, I wasn’t even sure where I was going with it at first, I just knew I wanted to write something sims-related. I started off writing reviews, an then when i came across the Build newcrest challenge, the Bloomers came to be.

What is your favourite activity to do with your Sims? (e.g. I love when they slow dance!)
I really like big family celebrations, like birthdays and weddings. It’s great to catch up with all distant relatives and see them do their thing at the party!

Do you play with pre-made sims? If so, who is your favourite?
I used to with the previous games, especially with TS2 – I think the Pleasant twins were my favourites to play, actually, the whole Pleasant family was riot! I’ve not been as inclined to play with premades in TS3 or TS4, but I do like having them around.

Which trait (or aspiration) is closest to your heart?
Let’s see, one of my favourite traits is clumsy, because I’m a huge clutz and it pleases me when my sims are too! As for the aspirations, I probably like Renaissance Sim the best, because I hate only focusing on one thing.

What do you want to express with your Sims Stories?
It differs depending on the particular chapter, but for the most part, I want to have my sims live out the life and take the decisions that suit them, and share the whole experience. I try to tell a story of who the sims really are. Of course, whether this takes them to a good or bad direction is whole other thing…

What do you think is the best thing about The Sims?
Ah, this is hard. I love the unexpected moments that you don’t plan and the sims decide to do on their own/happen accidentally. Also, when I was younger I think my main draw to the game was that it’s basically a virtual doll house, meaning you don’t have to clean up the mess after playing 😀

What are your hobbies except The Sims?
I love to travel (and plan travelling – I completely dork out before any major trip). I also like playing non-sims games reading and visiting castles near to where I live (in other words, I have interests of a granny).

What is your spirit animal?
Something that flies. A quizz I took said I’m a butterfly, but they creep me out a little. So I’d say some kind of a bird. Hopefully a colourful one!

What would be your job if you didn’t have to think about money?
I’d love to be a travel writer. Getting payed to travel the world – who wouldn’t want to do that!

Which historic era would you like to live in?
I’m quite happy living in the present. If I could travel to another era for a short period of time, I’d like to see the 1920s. But I definitely wouldn’t stay for too long, with this decade being stuck right in between the two world wars!

And finally, which Disney princess is your favourite and why? 🙂
Pocahontas. I wish i was as cool as her!

Questions by Rorygilmore:

What inspired you to start your blog?
I got to a point in my life where I suddenly had a lot of free time and a huge urge to express myself a bit more creatively. As I mentioned I did use to have blogs earlier, and I missed having that interactive outlet.

What is your favorite pastime?
If this is measured by the amount of time I spend doing something, it would probably be daydreaming. I tend to space out and wander around imaginary worlds A LOT. Though i’m not sure if that’s considered an actual activity! 😀

How do you stay organized when you get ideas for your story? Paper and Pen? An App? Post-it notes? Other?
I’m very much a pen and paper type of person. I usually jot down my ideas all over random papers – i could definitely be a lot more organised when it comes to my story! Though a lot of it is game-driven, so it doesn’t require as much preparation as story-driven SimLit does.

How do you keep up with reading all of the blogs that you read?
I binge read. There’s a handful of stories that I try to keep up with as updates get published, but for the most part, I wait for the right time and mood and then read a huge chunk out of someone’s story!

When you write, do you prefer quiet or noise in the background?
Quiet. I’m not great with distractions when I write. I know that some people like to listen to music whilst, but I typically like to give the songs that I listen to a fair bit of attention so that wouldn’t work for me.

What do you rely on to bring you inspiration?
Honestly, I don’t prod it in any way. Sometimes, an idea just comes when I’m in the middle of doing something and things just click. But I never really try to force it or induce it. Considering I only write a couple times a week and schedule the updates afterwards, I feel like it’s fine to wait for whenever my mind feels like cooperating.

Quick, you’ve washed ashore on a very small deserted island with no escape with 3 Sims from any of your stories. Who are they and what would happen?
What a great question! I’d probably want Kirk, my legacy’s founder to be there, because he’s quite handy and I feel like he’d find us a shelter, his wife Maranda, because she can cook just about anything, and hnourary legacy member Juanita, because I find her incredibly entertaining.

When did you start playing The Sims?
I think i was about 13, it was around the time when The Sims House Party came out. I’ve been obsessed ever since!

Do you play non-simming games? If so, which ones?
Yes! Though I suck at most of them! I particularly adore the Bioshock series (especially Bioshock Infinite), but I also enjoyed Withcer 3, Octodad and Ico.

Do you have a favorite Sim in your stories?
Yes, but it does change over time, with me writing about a legacy. Each generation brings new favourites. At the moment, my favourite sim is probably Yennefer, the biological daughter by two of my old favourites who has been adopted by my legacy family. She’s a loner, but somehow draws people to her like a magnet, and it’s really interesting to watch.

If you could meet any one fictional character who would you pick?
Probably Harry Potter. I’ve grown up with him and his series, so I’d love to see what he’s up to now.

Questions from iheartdinosx3:

What is the one Sim blog that you follow almost neurotically because you can’t wait for the next update?
All of the above!

What is your favorite Sim from any of your stories?
I think I answered this in Rory’s questions. It does change, and sometimes I have several favourites at a time. But there’s always at least one – I get attached to my sims!

How long did it take for you to get your blog up and running?
Not long at all. I’m quite lucky, my boyfriend hosts my blog on his server, we got the domain registration sorted and then I just picked a free WordPress theme. Though I imagine it wouldn’t have been as easy without getting VIP treatment from my admin/host 😉

How long has your blog been up?
Since June – about two and a half months now.

About how long does it take for you to write a chapter for your story?
That depends on what you consider a part of the writing process. If you count planning, playing, taking screenshots, selecting the screenshots and organising them into chapters as well, it could be quite long. I usually figure out what I want to say in the chapter whilst picking my screenshots and putting them into a order that flows well, so I normally have a pretty good idea of what I want to say when the literal writing starts. If you only count the actual typing part, it’s not too long once I have everything ready, it’s not long at all. Probably about half an hour.

Where do you do most of your thinking?
On the go. I don’t really designate a specific time to planning out my story, but f I get an idea that seems to make sense, I work it in. For the most part, my story isn’t all that planned at all though – I like to keep it spontaneous and let the sims guide me!

What’s your favorite food?
Only my Czech readers will know this one, it’s a Czech dish called svíčková. It’s a very heavy meal consisting of meat (traditionally this would be beef), a delicious creamy sauce and yummy dumplings. It’s heaven on a plate – but so unhealthy!

Do you play any games other than The Sims? If so what game are you working on finishing right now?
I already answered this one earlier. I am sort of on the lookout for a new game that will grab me. I look forward to the release of Mafia 3 and No Man’s Sky, whenever that finally happens.

If you could choose any place to live in the world, where would it be?
I’d like to live in many places consecutively. I’ve actually lived in 4 different countries so far. Me and the generation three heir’s wife Lilah have a lot in common!

If you could bring one of your Sims to real life, who would it be?
Yikes, probably none of them – what if they’re not happy with the life I’ve designed for them! Definitely not Cassiel!

What is your favorite thing to do in your freetime?
I think I sort of answered this one already too 🙂

Questions from Julyvee:

What inspired you to start writing?
I’ve been writing as long as I an remember. Even as a child I always had notepads where I liked to write stories, and I drew little comics series. I’ve always enjoyed coming up with characters and bringing them to life, which The Sims series have made incredibly easy for me.

Why SimLit and not just normal writing?
Simple, I love The Sims and I love to write. Combining the two seemed natural! That being said I do other kinds of writing too. But at the moment I’m finding this particular blog the most fun.

Did you ever get really emotional about your own story?
It did happen to me a couple of times, in particular when I wrote The Best Night of Your Life, The Case of a Lifetime and Villain Interlude Part 2. Writing those chapters did move me, because each of them is very emotional in their own way. But the feeling didn’t linger for that long. It’s important to be able to move on quickly when it comes to The Sims.

What do you prefer: simple praise or constructive criticism?
Can I say something in between? I like it when my readers tell me about how they feel about the events of the chapter and how they’ve interpreted what happened. I don’t think I’m after literary critisism per say, because I don’t really see my legacy as a piece of writing, I’m merely sharing the story of my sims, so I’m not that bothered about the form.

But I always like to see more in depth comment than something along the lines of “Great chapter!”. I want to know what exactly my readers liked or disliked. I actually enjoyed when many people said Cassiel made them angry in a recent chapter. I want my story to spark up emotions!

How long did it take you to decide on a theme and design your blog?
Honestly it was incredibly quick. I went through a page of free WordPress themes, picked one that I thought would work, customised the background image, and that was that 🙂

How many other blogs do you follow at the moment?
I think it’s around 10 that I try to keep up with on a regular(ish) basis. I also have a to read list of stories I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

What do you like best about your story (or one of them)?
Probably the uniqueness of each of the sims in the story. Each of the Bloomers (and their extended family) have been very different so far, and that keeps me interested in them. I never know what the next generation will bring!

Which character from your stories did you think about most before writing?
Cassiel. But not necessarily because I found her difficult to write, more because I have a strange fascination with her. She is the reason for the Lollipop Lair subplot, I was so intrigued by her I really wanted to give her more space within the story.

Is there any sim in your stories who you struggle to write? If so, why?
I think I never gave Ruby a lot of prominence in my story after her resurrection. That was partially due to me being so focused on Isaac, but partially because I didn’t fully know how to write her. She was a cheerful goofball, but has been through so much in her life that it didn’t seem quite right. So I ended up avoiding focusing too much attention on her.

Which character do you enjoy writing most?
I love them all! I enjoyed writing about Isaac’s transition and character development, about Erica’s romantic dreams of her teen years, about Lilah’s struggle with settling down, about Cassiel’s evil plan… At the moment I am really enjoying Yenn – she’s very enchanting without even trying!

When did you start writing or reading simlit?
I read a lot of SimLit stories back in TS2 and TS3 days. I didn’t read much of TS4 SimLit until a couple months ago, when I decided to give writing a go. The SimLit writing community is amazing, there’s so many talented writers out there!

Questions from Jordan:

Who inspires you?
This will sound really cheesy, but it’s my boyfriend. He loves what he does, his job is his passion and he is always eager to take on side projects that fulfill him. I strive to be like that.

What is your favorite book genre and why?
I like fantasy and sci fi books. I enjoy being transported into a whole different world, when this is done well it’s such a great escape from everything!

What is your all-time favorite piece of writing? (Can be a novel, poem, short story, SimLit story, anything.)
The Harry Potter series. As I mentioned earlier, I grew up with these books; I always got incredibly excited when a new book in the series came out and devoured each of the new installments in about a day. It’s not high literature, but I’ve never gotten as excited about any other book.

Who is your all-time favorite fictitious character? (Can be a Sim, or a character from a book, video game, movie, anything.)
Elizabeth from the Bioshock Infinite game. She’s amazing.

What is your motivation to keep writing when you lose interest, or do you just stop writing?
Generally I don’t try to force it. I have another blog that I’ve been neglecting a bit in the past couple of weeks, because I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m not sure how I feel about writing when the passion isn’t there, I feel like it would have a major impact on the quality of the piece.

If you could live in any fantasy world, which would it be and why?
When I was younger I used to play Second Life, and I would always go to a place called Metateria in there and sit on a giant mushroom. It was this beautiful elven fantasy world full of breathtaking colours, unusual pants and creatures and celtic architecture. A magical place to escape to. So probably there.

If you could live anywhere in the real world, where would it be and why?
I already answered this. I’d like to live in many places for a short period of time. Some that come to mind are Australia, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

Aside from Simming and writing, what are your hobbies?
I also answered this one in charmingmaruska’s questions.

What music do you like to listen to when you write (if any)? What music to you like to listen to when you aren’t writing?
I don’t listen to anything during writing, but I do like to listen to music before. I have songs that remind me of certain characters from my story, so I often go for that before writing. To name a few, George Ezra, Hozier, Sia, Lorde… Oh, and Sufjan Stevens! His song Chicago makes me think of Lilah.

Are you detail-oriented or more of a “big picture” person? Does this affect or show up in your writing?
I’m not detail-oriented at all! I’d love to be, but I think I usually go for an overarching feeling or a certain story concept I have in mind, and fine tune the details later. The Sims are great help with that, because if I have a general idea of where I’d like to take things, they give me the smaller bits themselves. Though my legacy is mainly determined by my sims and their personalities anyway, whenever I do include scripted stories it’s only because the characters have inspired me to move the story in a certain way.

How well do you balance “real life stuff” (work, school, other hobbies, etc.) with Simming and writing/reading SimLit? Any tips for those of us (me) who aren’t so well-balanced?
I’m not the best to give tips on that at all, because I have an obsessive personality. If I do find balance some day I’ll let you know! 😀

Questions from Summerfalls:

What inspired you to write?

I think I had that one in the last set of questions 🙂


Coffee or Tea? Milk? How many sugars?

I like both. When I say tea I generally mean green tea though. No milk and no sugar in either.


What is the best moment you’ve had while playing any Sims game?

Oh, that’s a hard one! There have been so many wonderful moments over the years. I suppose the very best one was when I got the first Sims game and played my first session ever. I was hooked than and there.


What is your dream job?

Travel writer (I think I answered this one already as well!)


What do you like to do in your free time?

I definitely answered this one!


Say the first word that comes to your mind after you read this word: “Plumbob”

My blog! 😀


Name your top 5 pieces of fiction to read! (Novels, SimLit — I don’t mind!)

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling (duh)

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald


If you could live in the world of Sims, what lot would you move into and how would you live?

Ooh I like this one! I’d move onto the lot where Oakenstead is in Willow Creek, but build my own house. Something fairly modern with many big windows, but furnished with a mix of old and new furniture. I’d like to go to the little beach strip in front of the property and watch the sunsets there. I’d work on my Renaissance Sim aspiration and maybe open a business in Magnolia Promenade. Once Get Together is out I’d probably move to Windenburg though! I’d probably end up having a kid (or 3), hopefully with the sim version of my boyfriend.


What’s one piece of advice you would offer to someone who’s new at writing SimLit?

Dive into it, even if you’re not sure. Publish a post even if you’re not sure if you’re writing is good enough. Just go for it, you’ll improve along the way!


The Gods have spoken! You have to sacrifice one of your main characters from any of your stories. Who would you choose and why?

Oh man, I can’t do that! I love them all so much! Even the evil ones…


Finally, why do you like writing SimLit?

Because it allows me to combine my love of writing with my love of The Sims. I also love the community aspect of it, getting to bond with other Sim Lit writers. I love sharing my sims’ stories with the simming community!

The Bloomer Legacy: 3.24 Lost and Found

Erica dashed over to the Bloomer house, her heart racing. She could feel her hand tremble as she knocked on the door. They better be home, she thought. The letter had been collecting dust for way too long, it couldn’t possibly wait any longer.


Peter could see his sister was agitated as soon as he answered the door: “What’s going on Erica?”

“The twins! I got a letter from Gretchen! Actually, it seems it was delivered a few YEARS ago! But…” Erica hesitated. She wasn’t sure how to best explain it. Her brother just looked at her expectantly. She took a deep breath.

“The letter was addressed to Daniel. Gretchen must have thought that would be the best way to have it go under the radar. And it seems to have worked well… a bit too well maybe.

As you know, Daniel’s been getting worse with age. He… he thought it was the aliens who sent the letter, so he hid it up in the attic, to protect us. I should have noticed… I… I love the man, for better or worse, but…”

Erica hung her head in shame. Peter gently placed his hand on his sister’s shoulder: “You couldn’t have known!”

She looked at him gratefully. “Anyway,” she continued, “now that all of our kids have moved out with their new partners, we did a major house clean. And I found it. After all these years.”

“Let’s go inside and have a look at it,” Peter dragged his sister through the door, “Lilah! You have to see this!”


The three of them sat down and read Gretchen’s lines in silence:

Dear Family,

You’re probably wondering why I’m sending this through the mail. Oh wait, you’re most likely wondering where me and Charlotte are. Well all I can tell you is that we are safe, for now. I’m sorry we had to leave without giving you guys a proper goodbye but Daddy didn’t give us much of a choice.

Speaking of Daddy, me and Charlotte heard the news and we were both wondering if you could put a flower on his grave for us? Yes Charlotte knows I’m writing this letter too. I guess I should catch you guys up on what has happened with us since we’ve been apart so long.

Well me and Charlotte got a cheap house together and Charlotte met a little somebody over Simbook! Funny enough her name is Charlotte too, but she’s a really sweet girl. Quiet and kinda nerdy, definitely shy, but sweet. She’s apart of this family called The Belles, I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re just like our family except they aren’t building their version of Newcrest up, they’re just kind of the celebrities of it. Oh and do NOT even get me started on the heir to that legacy!

I guess I should probably tell you guys this, although I’m not really sure I should…but I guess I will anyways! I entered into a marriage contract with the heir. His name is Damen Belle and before you guys freak out it’s not what you think. He told me I could have all the benefits of being a wife in a wealthy legacy and I knew that I needed to snatch up the offer while it still was standing. His family could protect Charlotte and I.

Speaking of which have you guys heard anything else about the Lollipop Lair case? Is everything cooled off over there? Are me and Charlotte in the clear? God I hope so…we both miss you guys so much. If we ARE in the clear, and that’s only if we are, do you think you guys could come visit us sometime? We could have a little family reunion! Just don’t let the press find out!

If you guys can come I’ll leave my door unlocked for you so you can show up whenever you want. I can’t risk you guys responding to this letter. I don’t know if they can track that sort of thing. Hope we see you soon.

Lots of love,

Gretchen & Charlotte


Erica glances at her sister-in-law: “Don’t let the press find out… Aren’t you basically the press now, Lilah?”

Lilah snickers: “That’s a bit of an overstatement! I’ve only just joined the local paper as a page two journalist!”


“But perhaps I could use the resources available to me at work to do a bit of investigative research,” Lilah exclaims, “Gretchen has given us plenty of clues to find her and Charlotte. Another Newcrest, a famous family, an arranged marriage to the heir… I bet I can dig something out!

Erica isn’t too sure about this, but she would love to see her sisters again: “Just be careful Lilah! Nobody over at the paper can know what you’re doing!”

Little Booker overhears a bit of his parents’ conversation, but he can’t quite figure out who or what they’re talking about. A whole other town called Newcrest? Grownups must know everything about everything, he decided.


“Don’t worry, Erica!” Peter could barely contain his excitement. “Of course Lilah will be careful! Meanwhile, I’ll go through the stuff in our attic to see if dad’s old notes on the Lollipop Lair contain something useful! This is our chance to reconnect with the twins again!”

“Just imagine, our little Gretchen is probably married by now,” Erica ponders, “and to a man she doesn’t even love! At least Charlotte seems to have found someone she cares for!”


As soon as Erica left, Peter and Lilah got straight to searching for this Belle family in this other Newcrest. Let’s see how soon they can crack this!

Author’s note: Gretchen’s letter was written by the one and only iheartdinosx3. With any luck, perhaps a visit between legacies might be in order…


The Bloomer Legacy: 3.23 Boys Boys Boys

Being a gifted genius, all of Yenn’s pursuits came to her easily. She had an ear for music, soon adding the piano and the guitar to the list of instruments she played…


And she was athletic, excelling at both cardio and strength exercise.

yenn 1

As for the matters of the mind, homework barely took her any time at all. She was fully capable of obtaining whatever she set her mind to… As Sawyer watched her through the glass door, he knew she was the perfect woman for him. A loner through and through, Yenn immediately noticed she wasn’t on her own.

yenn 2

Yenn: “Why the plum are you staring at me! And what are you doing here anyway, sulking on our porch like a creep?”

Sawyer: “I actually came to see your sister. I’m Chell’s old childhood friend, Sawyer! Don’t you remember me? I’ve aged up recently… and seeing that you also have, I just wanted to say… wow! You are so…”

Yenn: “Whatever. Chell is upstairs. Bye.”

Social butterfly she is not.


Chell brought up the encounter over a game of chess, when she knew Yenn was feeling at ease.

“Why don’t you give Sawyer a chance, Yenn? He’s a great guy! I know I’d say yes if he asked me out… but I think he only sees me as a friend. Let me live vicariously through you!”


Yenn always valued her older sister’s advice, so she reluctantly agreed to meet Sawyer at the park the next day. It was the first date she’d ever been on, and it actually wasn’t half bad! Once they got past the initial awkwardness, they got on pretty well!


So well, in fact, that Yenn decided Sawyer was the one she wanted to share her first kiss with.


She regretted the decision immediately.


Yenn: “Listen, Sawyer, this was a mistake. This was way too close for comfort. Let’s rewind.”


Sawyer: “But Yenn, I thought the kiss was magical!”

Yenn: “That’s great. Bye now.”

Ouch. Poor Sawyer burst into tears and ran off.


As far was Yenn was concerned, the experience was underwhelming. Maybe romance wasn’t for her after all.


She may have decided not to seek romance, but romance was seeking her out anyway. She caught the eye of a passer-by on her sulky walk home.


“Someone as pretty as you shouldn’t be this sad on a beautiful day like this,” the blonde approached her, “I’m Tate, by the way!”

“Uh, hi.”


Before Yenn knew it, the sun has set and Tate was still talking.

“I should really get going now,” she tried to excuse herself.

Tate grabbed her hands and pulled her towards him: “Just hold on a moment!”


And suddenly, he was a whole lot closer. Yenn definitely felt more of a spark than with Sawyer.


Yenn: “I really do need to go.”

Tate: “That’s cool. I just didn’t want you to leave without a kiss. See you soon?”

Yenn: “Right.”


But it didn’t feel right. Yenn was more confused than ever.


Her sister Chell had no such troubles. She focused most of her time on painting.


Although more often than not, her paintings somehow turned into diagrams and mathematical equations. Chell had to admit to herself, that as much as she liked the look of art, her mind was much more geared towards science. No harm in trying though!


The sisters practiced yoga together the next afternoon. While Yenn moved much more gracefully and Chell still struggled to keep balance, Yenn couldn’t help but think that her sister was much more centered in other aspects of life. She was so calm and collected, never distracted by boys.


Perhaps she’d have some guidance to give her? Once they were done with the yoga routine, Yenn recounted the date debacle and the second kiss that felt right, but not quite right.


Chell: “I’m not sure what you expect me to say! I’ve never even met a boy that would want to kiss me! So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll focus on painting, maths and chemistry and let the boys be boys. Things will fall into place eventually. Maybe you should try the same.”

She was right, Yenn thought. Why was she even thinking about all this? She headed out for a quick run, and then went to the bar in the backyard to grab herself some water.


Just as she sat down, she was greeted by yet another boy.

“Hi there, I’m Remington! I think we must have the same running route!”


Yenn: “I’m really not in the mood. This is my family’s garden, you know.”

Remington: “You can’t be this tense right after a jog! Why don’t I give you some workout tips?”

The conversation about working out quickly turned into Remington gushing over Yenn’s beautiful blue eyes. And soon enough…


Remington: “Please let me be close to you! You’re like a goddess!”

Yenn: “For plum’s sake…”