The Bloomer Legacy: 5.16 Moving On

When Keiko next met Charles, naturally the disastrous wedding would come up.

“I feel so bad for the poor boy,” Charles shook his head.

“Yes,” Keiko nodded absent-mindedly, “Well, at least he got out quickly and gets a second chances before he is too old to mould into a new life.”

“You’re not old, Keiko,” Charles picked up on where she was going.


“You’re a gorgeous, remarkable woman,” He continued. “And I am honoured that you chose me as your date for the wedding…”

Well, I couldn’t exactly show up on my own, Keiko thought.

“I feel that this is a beginning of something wonderful,” Charles rambled on.

“You mean for us, not the groom, presumably?” Keiko smirked.

“Of course, of course,” Charles confirmed quickly. “I can really see a future with you.”

That makes one of us, Keiko screamed inside her head. He was so dreadfully dull.


“Right, well it’s been… I’ll call you,” Keiko said goodbye to Charles as they bode their goodbyes.

She wasn’t planning on contacting him again. Better be alone then having to fake interest in someone else every day.


Liv tried to mend things with Newton, but he always refused to speak to her. There was only so many times she could try to call or go over to his house, and eventually, she heard he had moved to Willow Creek, a place she wasn’t able to visit. She had to move on.

And so she turned over a new leaf, dyed her hair another colour, and hoped for things to change between them some day. He needed time, she told herself.


With the help of her family, life got better again. She could count on them to be there for her, and put a smile on her face.


And of course, she also had her career to focus on. Having mastered the mixology skill, she was now a head mixologist. Yenn always helped her sample new recipes. Liv couldn’t wait to have a bar of her own one day.

Since she was busy with work most evenings, she made extra effort to spend time with Monty during the day. She didn’t want to turn into her mother.


On one of those days, over at the park, Monty completed his rambunctious scamp aspiration. It had to be thanks to the epic pirate ship, he thought.


“Mommy, please please can we get a pirate ship at home?”

“What’s wrong with coming to the park to play on it?” Liv smiled. “You know Monty, this park was built by your great-great-grandfather. And one day, you’ll continue to build Newcrest, just like he once did. So by extension, the park is a part of your home too.”

“Those are some wise words,” a dark haired woman next to Liv turned around. “You’re Olivia Bloomer, aren’t you?”


“You should listen to your mommy, little one,” the lady turned to Monty. “She sounds like a smart lady.”

“Fine, I’ll play on the ship here,” Monty shrugged and ran off.

“Apologies for barging in like that,” the woman said. “I was just excited to see you, and little Montogmery.”

“Sorry, do I know you?” Liv was perplexed. The woman did look familiar, but where from?


“I don’t blame you for not remembering me, you had quite a bit on your plate when we met,” the woman laughed. “I’m Francesca Kreutzinger. I delivered Monty.”

“Doctor Kreutzinger, of course,” Liv lit up. “I can’t believe you remember me! Do you remember all of the babies you’ve delivered?”

“Some patients are more memorable than others,” Francesca said politely. “And of course, your family is quite known in Newcrest. But to be honest, that’s not the reason why I remember you… Oh, but I can’t tell you that.”

Liv was intrigued: “Well you have to tell me now that you’ve brought it up!”

“I guess it’s been such a long time… but please promise me you won’t freak out,” the doctor muttered hesitantly.


“The truth is, your Monty was the first baby I ever delivered. I remember it like today,” Francesca’s face brightened. “I was so nervous, I mean, I went through lots of training of course, but I’m a perfectionist… and I wanted you to feel at ease, of course! But funnily enough, it was you who put me at ease, because you just kept talking.”

“That’s because I was nervous,” Liv laughed.


“And then little Monty appeared, and he was the most precious beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I brought life to the world,” Francesca beamed. “I knew there and then I made the right career choice. So thank you.”

Liv was overcome with feeling: “I felt the exact same way that day! Well, apart from the doctor career stuff, of course… But thank you, for bringing my little boy to this world. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Liv suddenly realised she was almost late for work. The two women hugged goodbye, and Liv ran off, calling Monty to come along. She knew that she’d recognise doctor Kreutzinger the next time she’d see her.


And by the looks of it, Francesca wouldn’t be forgetting Liv any time soon either.



Malakai had been hitting the gym a lot lately. He wasn’t really into fitness, but for one, he felt like he deserved the pain of exercise, and more importantly, he hoped to run into Newton there. But he never did.

Who he did bump into was Janet, the angel investor from his firm who he’d met at the playground with Monty. She approached him as he was cooling down at the bar.


“Hi Malakai, how are you? I saw you upstairs, but you seemed quite in the zone with the boxing, so you probably didn’t notice me,” she greeted him.

“Oh, hi Janet,” he smiled. “Nice to see you.”

“With all this talk about how I’d never escape you attention, I expected you to be a bit more enthusiastic next time I see you,” Janet smirked.

“Sorry Janet,” Malakai replied calmly. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately… about the way I act, and what kind of example I’m setting for my son.”

“And you’ve had a little to do with it as well, actually. I’ve been testing your whole just be yourself theory.Turns out, myself is kind of boring, and not always as exciting to be around,” he let out a small chuckle.

“Nobody is exciting a 100% of the time,” Janet smiled. “And I’m sure you’re not boring. Tell me about what you like, and I bet we’ll find something interesting there.”


“I love food,” Malakai laughed. “Lots of it. I should be really fat, but somehow, I’ve gotten away with eating the way I do. And it’s not because of the gym. To be honest, I hate the gym.”

“Who doesn’t,” Janet agreed. “But we all do it anyway. It’s not really my thing either, being cooped up inside on a treadmill. I prefer running outside. I just love nature.”

“Really? Me too,” Malakai beamed. “I’ve always loved the outdoors, but none of my friends ever really get it.”

“Gosh, then what are we doing sitting in here?” Janet exclaimed. “Let’s go up to the terrace! It’s the perfect time, the sun is just setting!”


They spent the evening chattering away. Malakai was surprised at how much he had in common with her. When he first met her, he only thought about the fact she was pretty, and very successful.

But it turns out, Janet was unexpectedly down to earth. She loved wildlife and hiking. And above all, she loved her son, just like Malakai loved his.

“Now I’m telling you, we should do it,” she said excitedly.


“Are you sure? You don’t know me all that well,” Malakai pointed out.

“I know enough. I know you’re a good person, and the boys get along so well,” she answered. “We were gonna go camping anyways, and if you have some time off it makes sense for you and Monty to tag along!”

“It would be great fun for Monty,” Malakai admitted. “He loves Granite Falls. Me, I’ve never been there before, so I’d love to go… with you.”

“As friends, of course,“ Janet added quickly. “You need to bring your own tent and everything.”

“Of course,” Malakai laughed.

“Then it’s settled,” Janet stood up. “I’ll see you soon, Malakai!”


Maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t as completely awful of a person as he’d thought, Malakai smiled to himself.


The Bloomer Legacy: 5.15 Solitary Man

“What were you thinking Mal?” Liv confronted her friend as soon as she sat down at his place.

“I wasn’t… honestly, I didn’t know where she was going with it. I just told the bride she looked nice on her wedding day, surely everyone does that,” Malakai sighed. “I didn’t realise she meant anything more to it. Until it was too late.”

Liv nodded. “It was all her, I know,” she lightened her tone. “But you didn’t help. You’ve got to use that head of yours sometimes… and more importantly, you need to apologise to Newton.”


Malakai shook his head: “You think I haven’t tried? I’ve been to his house a dozen times, and he only opened the door once.”



“What else can I possibly say? I am really sorry,” Malakai pleaded. “Come on Newton, we’ve known each other since we were kids. I would never try anything on your wife, you’ve got to believe me!”

“I was there, Malakai,” Newton replied coldly. “Don’t plumming lie to me! And you’re right, there is nothing else to say.”


“He just glared at me, Liv,” Malakai said sadly. “He refused to listen to anything I had to say.”


“He’s right,” he mused. “It’s probably me. I mess everything up.”

“Don’t say that, Mal,” Liv said softly. “I’ll talk to Newton.”


“You’re the best, Liv.”


Liv felt oddly nervous when she walked over to Newton’s house. The days when they used to live under the same roof and spend every hour of the day together were long gone. They both had so much on their plates these days…

She took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.


Newton’s figure appeared in the door: “What?”

Olivia could barely recognise the face. It seemed to have hardened immensely in the past few days alone. But that was understandable, of course.

She needed to comfort him, be encouraging: “How are you holding up, Newton?”


“Oh, everything is just swell,” he said sarcastically. “What do you want, Liv?”

“Can’t I just come to check how you’re doing?”

“You can,” he admitted. “But that’s not why you’re here.”

“It’s one of the reasons why I’m here,” Liv frowned. Newton raised an eyebrow. “I wanted to talk to you about Malakai,” she said reluctantly.

“Of course you did,” Newton smirked.

“Look, he didn’t mean any harm,” Liv continued. “And he is feeling awful. You know he wasn’t the one to blame. Just… talk to him. He’s our friend.”

Newton let out a coarse laugh: “Oh yeah. That makes me feel better. Speaking of our old mutual friends, I ran into Diane the other day.”


“Oh,” Liv’s throat felt tied up. It suddenly dawned on her this conversation wasn’t about Malakai at all.


“It was just the day after the wedding debacle. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I just wandered around. I literally bumped into her because I wasn’t looking…”


“So we chatted for a bit – she’s doing great, I’m sure you’re dying to know – and turns out, she has a lot of interesting things to say about you…”


For the first time since her pregnancy, Liv felt nauseous: “Newton, whatever she said…”

“Oh, you mean you didn’t kiss the girl I was dating? You didn’t try to ask her out the moment her and I broke up?”

“It wasn’t like that, exactly.”

Newton just shook his head.


“Of course you defend Malakai, you two are two sides of the same coin. Except that while he at least had the decency of betraying me right in front of my eyes, you stabbed me in the back.” Newton was pale, his voice trembling. “And you would have never even told me…”

“Look Newton, neither me or Malakai ever meant to hurt you,” Liv tried to explain. “There’s more to the story… stories. Both of them.”


“Of course there is, there always is,” Newton yelled angrily. “You and Malakai did nothing, it was all Mara, all Diane; while you two were busy polishing your little halos. You’re both such hypocrites.

Well guess what, I don’t want anything to do with either of you! You can go back to your friend and pretend you’re perfect with your twisted little family!”


Liv’s eyes filled with tears: “Newton, you don’t mean it…”

“Just get the plum out of my house,” Newton whispered.


Don’t know that I will

But until I can find me

The girl who’ll stay

And won’t play games behind me

I’ll be what I am

A solitary man*

*Solitary Man by Neil Diamond

The Bloomer Legacy: 5.14 Happily Never After

Newton’s love life improved significantly in my absence. Perhaps his bad luck had finally lifted, as he was able to take his relationship with Mara to the next level.

Sure, he may have developed a nasty rash right after they woohooed for the first time, but surely that was unrelated; he wouldn’t have caught it from her, right?

In any case, Newton was ecstatic about how things were going, and as an eternal romantic, he was starting to get ideas. But first, he wanted to introduce Mara to his parents. And as it happened, he got the perfect opportunity for it; his mother’s birthday party.


Of course, everybody wanted to congratulate Chell, so getting her attention was tricky.

“Mom, this is Mara,” Newton said loudly, attempting to distract Chell from her conversation with Skylar and Audrey Agustin. “She is quite special to me.”

“Lovely to meet you, Mara,” Chell smiled encouragingly.


“Happy birthday, mom,” Newton hugged his mother. He lowered his voice as she got closer. “I’ve got to tell you something,” he whispered.


Having heard her son’s news, Chell happily blew out the candles. She didn’t fear being an elder; it seemed right. For all she knew, she might become a grandmother soon.


Knox approached his wife as soon as she aged up: “So, how are you finding being old and achey, darling?”

“Not all too different from being slightly younger and achey,” Chell laughed. “Listen, you should go find Newton. He has some exciting news…”

Liv overheard the conversation and almost choked on her cake. Surely Newton couldn’t be thinking…


She decided to drag Mara to the bathroom for a girl talk: “Hey Mara, how are things with you and Newton?”

“Oh, it’s all great, he’s a sweetheart,” Mara giggled. “But of course, your boyfriend Malakai is great too!”

“Oh no, Mal and I aren’t a couple,” Liv laughed.

“Really? I assumed, since you had a son,” Mara looked at Liv curiously.

“Nope,” Liv confirmed. “Never have been, never will be. It’s a long story…”


As Chell said goodbye to her guests, a part of her couldn’t wait to be on her own with her husband.

“Bye Mara, so wonderful to meet you,” she waved to her son’s girlfriend, barely able to contain herself.


“Has Newton told you about his plans?”

“Yes, he has! I can’t believe it!”


“Our little boy is all grown up…”



It was a beautiful ceremony.  The bride opted for a non-traditional dress colour, perhaps appropriate for the wife of a future rock star.


Chell and Knox couldn’t care less about the colour of her dress. They were simply overjoyed that their son found love, a life partner; and they were thrilled to get to know their new daughter-in-law better.


Chell was just gushing about it all to yen when the groom joined them.

“Congratulations, honey,” Chell beamed.

“Lovely wedding, Newton,” Yenn said politely.

“Thanks, mom,” Newton grinned at Chell. “I’m the luckiest man in the world!”


Liv wasn’t too sure how she felt about her cousin jumping the gun so quickly, but the least she could do was volunteering to be the bartender for the event. It was a great way of keeping an eye on everything whilst packing some mixology experience under her belt. Two birds, one stone.

Keiko brought Charles, the man she had recently met at the Oasis Springs lounge, as her date. She didn’t know much about him, nor did she care to find out, but he was willing to colour-coordinate outfits, so she was satisfied.


Especially in comparison with what Booker’s date, Ellie, was wearing.


“Why on earth did you thing this would be appropriate to wear? This is my nephew’s wedding, what’s everyone going to think?!” booker scolded Ellie angrily.

“I’m sorry,” Ellie pouted. “Did you want me to wear my fishing hat?”

“I’m going to get a drink,” Booker sighed.


“Your girlfriend seems nice,” Ethan told Booker encouragingly.

“Eh, I don’t know,” Booker shrugged. “She’s all over the place. Keiko would never be seen in that outfit!”

“I thought what you liked about Ellie is that she’s not Keiko,” Ethan reminded him gently.

“I did at first,” Booker replied. “But Ellie is such a loon! I just don’t see it going anywhere… oh well, I guess it was never serious to begin with.”


Poor Ellie overheard the entire conversation.


She dragged herself out of the place, ditching the party. And ditching Booker.


On a happier note, Monty and Malakai were partying it up, together with Keiko’s date.

Meaning that Keiko was left on her own, unsupervised…


“Bleh,” Keiko jumped at Yenn, mimicking her: “I’m Yennefer, I’m so perfect in every way…”

Yenn shot her an icy stare: “Are you serious Keiko? For plum’s sake, is there ever going to be a party when you don’t overdo it with the juice?”


“I told Liv to cut Keiko off,” Ethan came to the rescue. “No more juice for her! Hope she didn’t ruin your day, Yenny.”

“Please,” Yenn waved it off. “I’ll not waste time on the likes of her! Anyway, I think we’ve paid our party dues, are we allowed to go home and be antisocial now?”


Ethan approved. They said their goodbyes to the groom, wishing him all the best… but he seemed distracted.


“Hey Malakai, you’re looking pretty sexy dressed all smart,” the bride called out.

“You think?” Malakai blushed. “You’re look beautiful too, Mara! After all, it is your day…”

Mara walked across to Malakai, giggling: “Perhaps we should go somewhere a bit more… private.”

Malakai just stared at her: “Wait, what are you talking about?”


Newton was not impressed.


“What the plum, man?”

“Newton, I didn’t…” Malakai didn’t even know what to say. What just happened?

“I mean, I get it, you like corny pickup lines,” Newton said angrily. “But hitting on my wife? On our wedding day? What’s wrong with you?”

“Hey, she started it! I gave her a compliment, I wasn’t hitting on her,” Malakai defended himself. Of course he wouldn’t try to flirt with his friend’s bride… or has his constant flirting gotten to a point where he couldn’t even recognise it anymore?


Needless to say, all of the guests cleared out rather swiftly, and all that was left was the “happy” couple.


“Newton, baby, please forgive me! I didn’t mean any of it,” Mara tried to kiss him.

“Don’t touch me,” he pushed her away.


“Is marriage a complete joke to you, Mara?” he yelled. “Why the plum did you even say yes?”

“I got carried away,” she replied.

Newton glared at her: “You mean, you got carried away when you said yes to me, or when you propositioned Malakai?”

“Both times, I guess,” she looked down.

“This is ridiculous,” Newton whispered to himself incredulously. “This is over, Mara. We’re over. If we were ever even real.”


A few hours ago, Newton was exploding with joy. And then he got betrayed by everyone he trusted within a matter of minutes. He went from being in love to being completely consumed by rage. A rage he knew wouldn’t go away for a long time.

Author’s note: I swear I didn’t plan, orchestrate or influence any of this. I just wanted to get Newton settled down with a nice girl to get him out of the way… Clearly that went well.


The Bloomer Legacy: 5.13 Little Matchmaker

“Daddy!” Monty leapt into Malakai’s arms.

“Good to see you, little one,” Malakai smiled.

“Thanks for taking him for the weekend,” Liv said gratefully. “It’s going to be a crazy one.”

“That’s what the wild life of a mixologist gets you,” Malakai laughed.

This was only partly true; sure, as a mixologist Liv was the busiest during weekends, but the main reason why Malakai needed to watch Monty was because the Bloomers had some much needed extensions under way. The house was getting a whole new floor, finally giving Monty a room of his own.


“Speaking of work,” Malakai lit up, “You’re looking at the new assistant manager!”

“And they let you wear that?” Liv joked.

“It’s not about my clothes, but my brilliant ideas,” Malakai snorted.

“Daddeee, can I see my room?” Monty interrupted.


Malakai led them to the tiny bedroom: “It’s not much, but it will do for the weekend!”

“It’s perfect,” Monty ran around in tiny circles.


“Woah, a helicopter,” Monty exclaimed.

Liv grinned. Two new rooms for Monty this weekend, he was a lucky kid: “You boys are going to have a fun time!”


Liv and Malakai settled into the living room for a catchup, while Monty tossed the toy helicopter around.

“So, has the new flashy title brought you any luck with the ladies in the office?” Liv asked. She knew Malakai loved talking about his attempts at having a love life, though he never seemed to get very far.

“Meh, honestly, the hottest person at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe is probably your mom…”

“Please don’t hit on my mom, Mal!”

Malakai laughed: “I’m not that bad. Not to mention, she doesn’t come in all that often, as one of the investors.”


“Anyway, what about you?” Malakai asked. “Did you stay in touch with your hot winter fling?”

“It wasn’t really like that,” Liv shrugged. “I mean, she seemed nice enough, I guess. Not really someone I’d want around Monty though.”


“I think you can do a lot better than nice enough, I guess,” Malakai encouraged her.

Monty ran back to them: “And the helicopter lands! Who’s nice?”


“Your daddy is,” Liv patted Monty’s head. “I’m going to take off now, you boys be good! See you on Sunday!”

“We got it under control,” Malakai nodded. “I mean, for starters, Monty already knows how to land a helicopter…”


Malakai put Monty to bed and tidied up the toys. He was ecstatic. He saw Monty often, but he never had him stay at his place for the whole weekend. It was going to be Epic!



After they had breakfast and Malakai helped Monty with his homework (Well, attempted to help him. Was school work always so hard?), the father and son duo headed to the playground for Monty to continue working on his aspiration.


It was a learning curve to say the least.


“Hi there,” another boy joined him, “I’m Tylor, and I plan to be the rambunctiousest scamp around!”

“Oh my gosh, me too,” Monty exclaimed.

Turns out the two boys had a fair bit in common, they were both cheerful, and both had single parents.


“Mommy, you’ve got to meet my new best friend,” Tylor beamed to his mom.

“Any friend of Tylor’s is a friend of mine,” the lady smiled at Monty. She was very pretty.

“Oh, you should meet my daddy,” Monty said eagerly. “He’s just over there. Daddeeee!”


“Hey there, I’m Malakai,” Mal introduced himself. That girl was so pretty he couldn’t even muster up the courage to throw a cheesy pick up line her way.

“Hey Ty, I bet I can get to the other side of the monkey bars quicker than you,” Monty yelled and ran off. Tylor hurried after him.


Say something, Malakai reasoned with himself, anything: “Isn’t it great to see the little rascals play on the monkey bars?”

“It sure is,” the woman nodded. “Whenever my boy is happy, I’m happy.”

“Same here,” Malakai grinned.


Her name was Janet, and apparently she did work at the same company as Malakai. How she had passed under his radar was a mystery to him; Malakai couldn’t take his eyes off her. And by the looks of it, she was quite partial to him herself.

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen you around the office,” he ventured. “A sexy lady like yourself would never escape my attention!”


She gave him a funny look: “Does that plum ever work on anyone?”

“Err, not really,” he laughed. When things go wrong, turn it to a joke. It’s not like he ever had a shot with a stunning woman like her anyway, he shrugged it off.

“That’s what I thought,” she replied. “You know, Malakai, maybe you should have a go at just being yourself. You’re actually kind of sweet when you’re not trying.

Oh, and as for your question, you wouldn’t have seen me because I’m barely ever physically at the office. I sort of own it. I’m the angel investor, you see.”


And with that, she stood up and left him. What a woman!


“Do you think your mommy likes my daddy?” Monty asked his new friend.

“Oh, if she didn’t like him, you’d know,” Tylor winked. “I’ll see you soon!”



“Welcome to the new and improved house,” Liv greeted Malakai and Monty. “Did you have a good time with daddy, Monty?”

“Yeah, I made a new best friend and found daddy a future wife,” Monty announced.

“Wow, you’ve been busy,” Liv chuckled. She waited for Malakai to make a joke about it, but he didn’t say anything. Could her friend have actually met someone he liked?


The renovations were complete, and the Bloomer house (and one day a bar to be) now proudly displayed its second floor.

“Well, why don’t I give you a tour,” Liv took them inside…


First Floor


Second Floor


The Bloomer Legacy: 5.12 The Grandparents

After seeing Keiko interfering with Newton’s love life, I decided it might be a good idea to check up on her. As I suspected, she seemed bored in her posh golden and pink condo. The life she had always wanted was proving… dull.

Perhaps babysitting her grandson would be a good distraction…


“Grandma! You need to hear all about our holiday,” Monty enthused.

“I’d love to,” she smiled at the little boy. “You went to Granite Falls, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Monty nodded eagerly. “I saved mommy from a bear, and made friends with snow people! But… it’s spring again now. What happens to snow people in the spring?”

“Hmm, good question,” Keiko pondered. “I think they turn into flower people.”



Spending time with Monty tickled Keiko’s childish side. It felt wonderful to let go and be carefree with her grandson, something she had missed out on with her own daughter. They were having a great time… and then Booker walked in.


Keiko prickled her nose: “What are you doing here?”

“Do I need your permission to check on my favourite grandson?” Booker retorted.

“I’m your favourite grandson? You’re my favourite grandpa too,” Monty beamed. “Don’t worry grandma, you’re my favourite grandma though!”


Keiko softened: “That’s a big honour Monty, thank you!”

“I wonder if he’ll think that in a few years’ time,” Booker uttered.

“Monty, why don’t you go bring that toy you were telling me about,” Keiko told her grandson. The boy went off to his and Liv’s room.


“How dare you talk to me like that in front of Monty,” Keiko hissed.

“Oh please Keiko,” Booker smirked, “Do you think you just get to waltz in here and play the magical fairy grandmother?”

“And what’s your approach, the grumpy grandpa?”


Liv got home in the middle of it all. “Mom, dad,” she greeted them, baffled. “You’re both here!”

“I just wanted to pop by and check on my grandson, but it looks like your mother was already here, spreading her venom,” Booker said angrily.

“Dad, I asked mom to babysit, actually,” Liv replied awkwardly.


Keiko gloated: “Who’s spreading venom now, grandpa?”

Liv just shook her head. She decided to usher both of her parents out of the house; she didn’t want them bickering around Monty any longer.


“Like I don’t see right through your mask, Keiko,” Booker gave his ex-wife a mean glare.

“You know what, I’m not going to dignify that with an answer,” Keiko shrugged and walked off.


Time to have a look at what Booker’s been up to!


By the looks of it, Booker has scored himself a new girlfriend, a somewhat eccentric lady called Ellie.


He didn’t seem to have a problem with her quirks at all…


…in fact, maybe they spiced things up.

I figured it would be nice for Booker to treat Ellie to a nice romantic date at the lounge in Oasis Springs.


Well, it would have been romantic, if the first person they bumped into wasn’t Booker’s ex-wife, who was apparently on a night out with the good old insane Amos Agustin.

“Holy cow plant Amos, look who’s behind you” Keiko panicked.


“You need to hide me Amos,” Keiko crouched.

“And they say I’m crazy,” Amos muttered.


Somewhat distracted, Booker sat down with Ellie, still attempting to have a nice evening.


Keiko appeared to be texting a friend about the whole situation: Ran into ex with his date, help! #awkward

Err, Keiko, you do realise you’re an adult, not a teenager? In fact, you’re getting closer to that elder spin now, and you’re a grandma, you know, a grown up? Nevermind…


Ellie was losing patience: “Why do you keep staring at you ex-wife?”

“Uh, I’m not, sweetheart, I only have eyes for you, honestly,” Booker said nervously.


Nice save, Booker!

Meanwhile, Keiko decided how much she doesn’t care by casually doing sit-ups in the corner… obviously.


Booker strolled past his ex-wife nonchalantly: “Teehee, did you see how hot my date is, Keiko?”

“Pff, she’s average,” Keiko muttered.

“Err, I think I’m going to head back home to my wife now,” Amos said to his friend Keiko. “You people are way too insane for me!”


Keiko measured him up and down: “Insane, you say? He’s just trying to make me jealous, that’s all. I bet he doesn’t care about his date one bit!”


“Whatever, you say, Keiko,” Amos shrugged on his way out, while Kaylan was eavesdropping intently.

“Mark my words, I’m pretty difficult to get over,” Keiko continued desperately.


I don’t know Keiko, Booker seems to be having a pretty good time with his new girlfriend, wishing her good night in a rather lovebird-y fashion…




…what? You mean it all was just for show?

10-07-15_12-35-31 PM

“What can I say, I’m unforgettable, ” Keiko bragged to the bearded man sitting next to her. “The name is Keiko, by the way.”

“I’m sure I’ll remember it,” the man smiled at the beautiful woman on his side. He was rather smitten.



The Bloomer Legacy: 5.11 Unlucky in Love?

Newton settled into one of the starter homes in Newcrest, ready for things to take a new turn. He finally came to a decision in terms of his dilemma between pursuing a career in sports or music; while he still enjoyed jogging and frequent gym visits, his first love going sour inspired a fair few songs that were begging to be released into the world.

And so Newton headed to the nearby park to perform, as any respectful amateur entertainer would.


He found the perfect spot right by the trash bin and several dirty dishes; he felt that setting complimented the raw emotions of his lyrics.

Against all odds, it appeared he got himself a fan.


“I just wanted to say that I really connected with your song Threw me out like garbage,” the (crazy?) fan said.

“Oh really?” Newton was shocked. “I did pour a lot of my soul into that one…”

“It really shows,” the woman nodded enthusiastically. “I’m Mara, by the way.”

“Newton,” he smiled. “Do you live around here? I just moved to this part of Newcrest, in fact, I’m having a house warming party tonight. I would love for you to come!”


Naturally Mara was delighted to attend her new favourite musician’s party and get to meet his friends.

“Well hello there,” Malakai stumbled into Mara as soon as he walked through the door. “The name is Malakai, and you are exquisite!”

Mara giggled: “Aren’t you smooth…”

“Hey Mal,” Liv interrupted them, “I need to talk about our son with you.”

“Oh, err, I’ll give you two some space,” Mara wandered off.


“Is something wrong with Monty?” Malakai asked, puzzled.

“I may have lied a little,” Liv muttered. “But listen, you can’t hit on this girl!”

“Aaaah, I get it,” Malakai’s face brightened. “Do you want to hit on her?”

“No! I don’t feel an urge to try to chat up every single girl I see,” Liv laughed.

“Oh really? I do,” Malakai smirked. “It’s only wise, given the success rate…”

Liv rolled her eyes and chuckled.


She did, as a matter of fact, take an interest in Mara, and spent the majority of the party observing her every move. But it was not for the reasons Malakai was suggesting.


Liv had seen that look on Newton’s face before. He was long gone. Thanks to his romantic trait, Newton fell quickly and hard.

And Liv was determined to prevent this fall ending by her cousin hitting the ground.


Sadly, most of the party guests were not particularly helpful when it came to Liv’s investigation.

“Hey Liam, what do you think of Mara?” Liv whispered.

“Ugh, I don’t know,” Liam shrugged. “She seems nice. Great body!”


Soon enough, the party was over and everyone bid their goodbyes; it was a Sunday evening after all.

Mara lingered behind.


“Thanks for inviting me,” she said chirpily. “I had a great time getting to know you and your friends.”

“I’m so glad you could make it,” Newton replied. “But, I mean, you don’t have to go yet! We can hang out for a bit longer, if you like…”

Mara shook her head: “Let’s not overdo it for one night, shall we?” She headed for the door.

“Oh,” Newton’s face fell. “Right. Well, good night.”

She turned around and waved at him: “Hey Newton… ask me out, will you?”

A smile crept back onto Newton’s lips.


He took her to the gym for their first date, of course. It was Newton’s favourite venue in Newcrest.

“This meditation corner really seems to have a lot of energy,” Mara said eagerly.


“I think so too,” Newton replied as he gently took her hands. “It’s a special place… because you’re special.”

He drew closer towards her, leaning in for a kiss…

“Holy cow plant,” Mara jumped away and continued to move further and further away from him.

“Sorry Mara, I thought…”

“It’s not you,” Mara interrupted pointing behind Newton. “It’s the reaper!”


Of course you can count on Grim to kill the mood (yay puns!).


Grim: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just here for a casual workout and a bit of meditation, just like everyone else…”


Newton and Mara decided to retire to a more reaper-free area of the gym.

A bar, a hot tub, some romantic candles, the sunset…. What could possibly go wrong?


The two of them settled into the hot tub as they started to recover from their encounter with Grim.

“So, what were you going to say Newton?” Mara lightly touched Newton’s arm.

“Mara, I haven’t felt the way I feel around you in a while,” Newton started. “The time of the sad songs is over, now I want to write songs about you.”

Mara blushed and leaned in closer. Finally, the first kiss was about to…


“Hey there, love birds,” Keiko jumped into the hot tub.

“Aunt Keiko, what a surprise,” Newton grumbled.

“Oh, you’re Newton’s aunt,” Mara perked up. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

“Well, technically we’re only related through my ex-husband,” Keiko took a long gulp from her drink.


“That’s life for you,” Keiko continued, “one moment it’s all hot and steamy in the hot tub – in this very hot tub, I might add – and the next thing you know is you’re getting a divorce because you can’t stand to be around each other.”

“Err, I think I’m going to head home,” Mara said.


Newton: “Why can’t I just get a break?!”


The Bloomer Legacy: 5.10 Winter Wonderland (Part 2)

“Aunt Yenn, aunt Yenn, aunt Yenn! I need your help,” Monty dashed into the kitchen as Yenn was finishing off breakfast.

“What is it, Monty?”

“The neighbours have a snow creature, but I’m not sure if it’s a snow monster or a snow person,” Monty explained.

“I suppose we better go have a look,” Yenn smiled, as Monty dragged her out of the house.



“He looks pretty friendly to me,” Yenn said. “What do you think?”

“I thought so too! Can we keep him? I’ll be really good, I promise!”

“I don’t think we can, Monty,” Yenn told him. “Snow people tend to be attached to their houses, and the sims that live in them. But we can make our own!”


And so they made the best snow creature of all, a snow unicorn.


“He’s the best,” Monty wrapped his arms around the snow unicorn. “I love him so much!”

“Now Monty, don’t hug him too much or he’ll melt,” Yenn warned the boy. “Snow creatures can’t cope with the warmth of sim bodies for too long. And speaking of warm, our pancakes will be cold by now!”


“Sorry I overslept, guys,” Liv walked into the room sleepily.

“Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much,” Yenn smiled. “We haven’t been up for that long either.”

“That’s not true, you missed meeting the snow unicorn,” Monty exclaimed.

“I’m sure the snow unicorn would love to meet your mom after breakfast,” Ethan said.


“I can’t believe I haven’t met the snow unicorn,” Liv hugged her son. “Will you introduce me?”

“Of course,” Monty agreed. “He’s really friendly! What do you want to do afterwards, mommy?”

Liv smiled: “How about we go to the woods to explore?”


“I’m sure aunt Yenn and uncle Ethan could use some alone time,” Liv continued.

(Let’s say the pool is heated… because I said so.)


Liv and Monty spent some time with the snow unicorn and they went fishing afterwards. This turned out uneventful, so they continued their exploration…


“Monty! Come here, mommy found a bear,” Liv yelled.

The sim in the bear costume stared at her curiously. Surely it wasn’t an actual bear, right?


The bear suddenly moved as if to tackle her: “Roar! I’m going to eat you!”

“What the plum?” Liv cursed, confused.


“Hey, get away from my mommy, evil bear,” Monty shouted. “I wasn’t afraid of snow monsters, and you won’t scare me either!”

The “bear” backed off and muttered to himself as he walked away: “Where is everybody’s sense of humour?”

“Thank you so much for saving me,” Liv kissed her little boy’s cheek. “You’re my hero!”

“Any time,” Monty grinned. “Mommy… what does plum mean?”

I’m officially the worst mom ever, Liv thought.


“…and so I saved mommy from the bear, all by myself,” Monty bragged.

“That does sound pretty impressive, buddy,” Ethan nodded. “Your mommy is lucky to have you.”

They finished all had their dinner in the woods, and headed back to the cabin.


After an eventful day full of making friends with snow creatures and fighting off bears, Monty was exhausted and needed his rest. Liv put him to bed and offered to read him a story, but he fell asleep before she even finished reading the first line.

The grown-ups gathered around the fire.


“Sounds like you had a good time at the pub last night, Liv,” Yenn chuckled at Liv’s description of her bottle juggling escapades. “Are you going to join them for that game of cards tonight?”

“I can’t go out again,” Liv shook her head.

“Why not? Monty’s asleep already, it won’t make a difference to him,” Ethan pointed out.


“And as for me and your aunt, I’m sure we can find something to do,” he continued.

And so Liv headed out to the little cabin bar again. It did feel nice to go out new people, and act her age again.


Brentley the bartender was nowhere to be seen. Turns out he ended up switching his shift last minute. Liv was just about to leave when…

“You came!” A voice behind her exclaimed.


It was Julianne, who seemed overjoyed to see Liv again: “I knew you were just bluffing when you said you had a son!”

“I wasn’t,” Liv frowned. “His name is Monty, and he’s only just grown into the child stage a couple days ago. Why would I lie about something like that?”

“I’m sorry, I was out of line,” Julianne’s face fell. “I just had the impression you weren’t interested in men, so when you talked about getting pregnant, it surprised me. But I must have been mistaken. Anyway, Monty is a lovely name. What is he like?”

“He’s the most amazing little boy in the world,” Liv softened. “I know all parents say that about their kids, but he really is.” They laughed.

“He’s so inquisitive, and brave, and has such a big heart! And he… I must be boring you,” Liv realised.

“Not at all,” Julianne replied. “The way you light up when you talk about him makes you even more beautiful. You do know you’re beautiful, Liv?”

Liv was taken aback by how direct this woman was. Of course, she was older, so she had more experience, but she seemed so confident…

“I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable,” Julianne noted.

“No, of course not… I just…” Liv stumbled over her words. She must be sounding like an idiot to Julianne, she thought. “For the record, I’m not uninterested in women.”

“Good,” Julianne replied matter-of-factly. “Why don’t we dance?”


And so they danced. Dancing didn’t require talking, which made Liv feel less uncomfortable. And of course, the juice helped.


It helped a fair amount, in fact.

“Err, ladies, we’re closing,” the bartender called out awkwardly.


“We’ll be out of your hair, Lucy,” Julianne called back.

“Well, that’s been a great night,” she said to Liv on their way out. “And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think either of us wants it to end quite yet.”

Liv hesitated. She knew she should go home, but she couldn’t deny Julianne was right.

“My cabin is just a short walk away from here,” Julianne said nonchalantly.


Before she knew it, they were in Julianne’s bedroom. Liv had a million thoughts in her head, but she didn’t know how to formulate any of them.

“I… I’m not…”

“I understand, you have many responsibilities, you have your son to think about,” Julianne held her hands. “But nothing in your life has to change because of one night. Only your outlook. I can see you’re lost. I can help you find you.”

“What I was going to say is that I don’t have a lot of experience with this,” Liv said quietly.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, sweetheart,” Julianne laughed.


“…I’ve got you covered!”


Getting caught up in the moment was wonderful, the woohoo was amazing and did answer a fair few of the questions Liv had about herself. But once the juice started to leave Liv’s system and she was thinking more clearly again, it just made it all the more obvious how little she knew about Julianne.


“Well, um,” Liv was feeling more awkward by the minute. “Thanks, Julianne, for everything. It was uh, nice to meet you.”

“Anytime, sweetheart! It was my pleasure,” Julianne laughed. It made Liv cringe a little.


She went to check on her little boy as soon as she got back to the cabin. He was still sleeping.

What a holiday, Liv thought. She’d definitely realised a few things;

She definitely was gay. There was no denying that. Last night’s experience was nothing like the woohoo with Malakai, in spite of the fact she’d known Malakai for years and cared about him, and Julianne was a stranger.

Also, whether she did have a talent for mixology or not, she really enjoyed having a go at being a bartender. And the whole atmosphere of the pub was wonderful, locals mixing with newcomers, all getting to know each other. There was nothing quite like it in Newcrest. Luckily, Liv was the person to change that.


Monty woke up and looked up at her; “Mommy? Good morning! Are we going to go look for more snow monsters today?”

“You bet we are,” Liv smiled.

While some things were about to change, some never would. Liv knew that no matter what, Monty was always going to be the most important person in her life.


The Bloomer Legacy: 5.9 Winter Wonderland (Part 1)

The days of Monty’s infancy went by in a blur for Liv. A lot of feeding, cuddling, changing poopy diapers; and on top of that, covering as many shifts at work as possible. Sleep had become a rare commodity.

But it was all worth it. She’d never forget the day Monty twirled into childhood. As for Monty, as an aspiring rambunctious scamp, he was happy to be out and about. He inherited his mom’s cheerful disposition too, so he generally brightened everyone’s day.


“Now that you’re a big boy, I’ve got a surprise for you,” Liv beamed at her son. The truth was, it was as much a surprise for her as it would be for Monty. Yenn and Ethan planned a getaway for the whole household, since they felt that they all deserved a little treat – especially Liv, having worked so hard.


Granite Falls in winter seemed like a whole new world.


They rented out a cabin on the water front. (The cabin is a barely tweaked version of the Luxury Cabin by Deligracy, which can be downloaded here.)


“Mommy, look at all the snow,” Monty exclaimed. He suddenly stopped himself and looked around. He lowered his voice. “Do you think there might be a snow monster hiding somewhere around here?”

“I have no idea, but the pirate ship over there might be a good place for checking,” Liv winked. “Higher vantage point!”


“And it has cannons,” Monty ran to the ship happily.

Liv smiled. This holiday was going to be perfect for him.


“No snow monsters can get us now, mommy,” Monty enthused. “I’ll protect us all!”


Liv leapt out from her hideout: “Bleh bleh bleh! Do you have what it takes to defeat a monster like me?”

“Mommy! I’m not scared of you,” Monty laughed. “You’re so silly!”


“You’re such a brave boy,” Liv said proudly. “I have no doubts that even if the monsters do come, you’ll protect us all.”


They all soaked in the hot tub to warm up a little, as Monty enthused about all of the snow monsters he was going to find.

“You know Monty, not all snow creatures are necessarily monsters,” Yenn smiled knowingly. “There’s also snow men, who can be your friends. And the best part is we can build one of our own.”

“Wow,” Monty replied. “That is so cool!”

“Yes, snow people are friendly,” Ethan agreed.


“It’s your own that you need to watch out for!” And with that, Ethan started a tickle war with Yenn.

Aah, these two, Liv thought.


When their fingers started to prune, it was time to move on. Yenn decided to give painting a go; she hadn’t painted anything since she was a little girl drawing shapes at the activity table, but the scenery here just begged to be documented.


Ethan challenged Monty to a game of horseshoes.

“Are you sure you can compete with a seasoned sports professional?” Ethan teased the boy as he threw the horse shoe. He missed. “Of course, there is a reason why this professional never made it past minor league.”


When it was Monty’s turn, he hit the target immediately.

“It’s easy uncle Ethan,” he told the man. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you!”


“Those were some really helpful tips, buddy,” Ethan hugged the boy after they finished playing. “I bet I’ll be almost as good as you in no time!”

Ethan adored the little boy. He felt like a strange combination of a son, a grandson and a nephew.


“This place is amazing, aunt Yenn,” Liv grinned. “Monty is having so much fun!”

“It’s your getaway too, you know,” Yenn replied. “I hear one of the smaller cabins has been converted to a bar. You know us old hags would just love to stay in and sit by the fireplace, but you should go!”

“You think?”

“Absolutely,” Yenn noded. “Just because I’m a hermit doesn’t mean you should be. We’ll watch Monty for you. Go out, meet people, have fun… be young.”


It felt odd. Olivia hadn’t had an evening dedicated purely to herself and having fun ever since she found out she was pregnant with Monty.

The cabin looked quiet and unassuming. Let’s see what’s inside, Liv smiled to herself.

(Note: The cabin bar conversion has been done by jackcocker1996 and can be downloaded here.)


The pub was quaint, but had character. The bartender, a man called Brantley, made Liv feel welcome instantly. In a holiday resort like Granite Falls, regulars were hard to come by, and every new patron brought a promise of possibly becoming one. He gave Liv a drink on the house, and tried to impress her with the best tricks he had up his sleeves.


Some of it looked rather impressive… but also really fun.

“You know, I’ve got a mixology skill or two,” Liv said nonchalantly, “I bet this isn’t even as hard as you’re making it look!”


“Be my guest and have a go,” Brantley replied, ushering Liv behind the bar.


She tossed a bottle in the air and caught it. She tried with two. Had a little juggle. This was pretty easy, actually.


Ok, maybe not so easy.

“Duck!” Liv yelled shaker flew out of her hands. The whole pub started laughing.


“Mixology is a skill only some have mastered,” Brantley gloated. “But good effort, Liv!”

Liv nodded to him as to say thanks, and went on to find a seat.


“Well, I think you did pretty great out there,” the woman sat on the couch encouraged her. She was a fair bit older than Liv, but looked very approachable and had a huge grin on her face.

“I’m Julianne, by the way,” the woman introduced herself. “I own one of the cabins here in Granite Falls, so I vacation here every winter. Meaning I come to this place a lot, and I’ve seen a fair few professional mixologists that were a lot worse than you!”

“Thanks, that’s sweet of you to say,” Liv said, “Though I must admit I’m not a complete amateur. I work in catering, so I’ve poured a fair few juice drinks!”

“Pouring does not a mixologist make,” Julianne shrugged. “It takes a daring, inventive and creative individual to be a good bartender! Sorry, I’m getting carried away. I own a bar back in Willow Creek, so I feel like I’m scouting for bar staff even on holiday. I’d definitely hire you though. You’ve got talent.”

Liv blushed. It was a silly thing. Being talented in mixology?

“Sounds like you’re really passionate about your business, your staff must miss you,” Liv changed the subject.

“They’re capable sims,” Julianne waved it off. “And to be completely honest, I’m only the co-owner. I actually bought the bar with my ex. As you can imagine, it’s a bit awkward for us to be there at the same time, so we made a deal. She manages the bar in the winter when I’m here, and I look after it in the summer.”

Her ex was a she, Liv realised. Julianne probably didn’t think Liv was a talented mixology, Liv realised… Stop it, she told herself. It was assumptions like this one that got her heart into trouble.

“Hey ladies,” Brantley the bartender approached them. “My shift is over, will you be joining us for the regular, Liv?”


The regular turned out to be a game of cards. Apparently Brantley and Julianne played after all of his shifts. And Julianne almost always won. That’s why Brantley was so desperate to add more regulars to their game.

“So Liv, how long are you here in Granite Falls for? We’d love for you to join us for another game tomorrow,” he said hopefully.

“I’m here for a few days, but I don’t think I can make it,” Liv replied. “Sorry; it’s nothing against you guys! I would love to come, but… I have a son. I can’t dump him on my aunt every night.”

Julianne looked up from her cards: “A son, you say?”

“I got pregnant really young,” Liv said evasively.

“Pregnant? Interesting,” Julianne studied Liv’s face, “I could have sworn you’re… Nevermind. She’s bluffing, Brantley.”

What was that supposed to mean, Liv wondered…


Olivia ended up winning the game.

“Look at that, seems like I’ve got some competition,” Julianne laughed. “Brantley, are you sure your offer for Liv to join us tomorrow still stands?”

“It was beginner’s luck,” Liv smiled.

“I bet it was,” Brantley agreed.

“I don’t know, Liv’s a woman of many talents,” Julianne winked. “Some of which she doesn’t even know about…”

The Bloomer Legacy: 5.8 Perfect

~ Liv’s POV ~

Aunt Yenn and Ethan have been really good to me. They’ve been really supportive, and I feel a lot calmer about the baby coming thanks to them.

Some days I really look forward to it, think about baby names, and wonder if he or she will look more like me or like Malakai… Other days, I wish I could slow down time, because I know my life will never be the same again. But I guess that’s kind of the point in life. Change. Going forward. That kinda thing.


I got myself a job in catering to help out. I don’t really know squat about cooking, but luckily my role pretty much just involves plopping a chunk of food one people’s plates and smiling.

Still, I need to learn more about cooking and baking if I want to get anywhere in this career… and it’ll come in handy once I’m a mom too. I mean, moms are really good cooks, right? Well, other people’s moms are. I don’t really remember my mom ever making much more than a garden salad.


Speaking of my mom, she showed up at the house the other day, surrounded by children. It was weird. I watched her through the window and she just stood there, looking at them run around, like she was thinking about something.

I almost thought she was going to leave, but she did end up knocking on our door eventually.


She walked in and prickled her nose: “What’s that smell?”

“I’m making brownies,” I replied. “Well, trying to… the first batch is in the oven already. I guess it does smell a bit burnt. I’ll take them out…”

She gave me a funny look, and I half-expected her to say that I was fat and shouldn’t be making brownies. But what she actually said was:

“Oh. I’d love to try one!”



“That tastes very good,” she said. It didn’t. I could hear the brownie make a cracking noise as she was chewing. Yep, I most definitely burnt them.

“Thanks mom,” I smiled at her gratefully. “You don’t have to finish it. I know you’re, err on a diet, right?”

“Yes! As a matter of fact I am,” she dropped the brownie with visible relief. “But they are really tasty.”

I was so perplexed by her behaviour I took a huge bite out of one of the brownies. Took a lot of willpower not to spit that thing out.


“You look good, Olivia,” she said stiffly. “And… I thought about it, and I think it’s going to be fun to be a grandma. A really stylish one, of course.”

I nearly choked on that brownie. I finally realised what was going on. This was her way of saying she was sorry.

“I bet there’s a magazine like that out there. Stylish Grandma,” I joked. She laughed a little, to be polite.

I knew we were never going to be extremely close. But wow, she was trying really hard. That was more than I’d ever hoped for.


When she left, I decided to cook dinner. I thought I was getting pretty good at this grown-up thing. Getting on with my parents, starting a career… maybe one day, I’d be able to become a chef, and open a restaurant!

It was that moment the sauce started overflowing all over the stove. The restaurant thing might not happen for a while…



I got home from work feeling rubbish. It was like the baby was playing rodeo inside me. This could only mean one thing…

“Aunt Yenn!”


She rushed into the room.

“I’m 90% sure the baby wants out,” I told her.

She suddenly got this look of determination on her face. She’d been preparing for this moment, I realised.

“Let’s get you to the hospital to see if we can be a 100% sure, shall we?”


All of the medical equipment looked really intimidating. I was so nervous I was making small talk with the doctor during the entire surgery:

“So doctor Kreutzinger, what made you want to become a doctor?”

“Well, I love people, so I wanted to make sure I do my part to help keep them as healthy as possible,” the doctor smiled. “But you shouldn’t be talking, you’re putting an extra strain on yourself…”

The thing was, if I stopped talking, I’d have to focus on being in a weird giant tube and having things poke into me. I didn’t like that thought.

“I imagine your profession must be really rewarding,” I ignored her suggestion.

Her face lit up; “It is! Especially in moments like these… meet your baby boy!”


This little bundle came straight out of me. It was the most surreal thing I’d ever seen in my life. I tilted my neck to see it a bit better, but I couldn’t really see.


“Hi little one,” aunt Yenn lifted the baby gently. “You want to hold him Liv?”

Of course I wanted to hold him! And I really wanted to get out of that giant tube.

“You should pace yourself a bit more, Miss Bloomer,” the doctor warned me. “You’ve just had a major procedure…”

“Don’t worry, I feel great!” I told the doctor quickly.


And I did. Well, no. Not great. I felt amazing.



“Who’s momma’s little boy?”

“Hey,” Malakai interrupted. “He can’t possibly answer that without getting in trouble with one of us!”

I laughed: “Yup, I’m sure that’s the only reason why he isn’t talking yet…”


“I wish you had called me when you went into labour,” he grew more serious. “I would have come to the hospital with you!”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I wasn’t really thinking straight. I just wanted aunt Yenn. But isn’t he perfect? And I named him what we agreed on. Montgomery.”

“Monty for short,” Malakai nodded. “And yeah. He’s totally perfect.”


In the next few days, Monty had a lot of visitors. The whole family wanted to meet him, of course.

My dad looked really proud. I could see him pinch a tissue from the Kleenex box. He asked for a moment alone with the baby, but I bet he mainly didn’t want anyone see him well up. It wouldn’t go with the big tough body builder image.


Of course, as soon as Monty started crying, he called me back into the room. It’s safe to say he hadn’t changed any of my diapers when I was a baby….

(Plumbob’s Note: I only just noticed that Monty has experienced the same odd cross-dressing bug we had with Peter. I think I need baby outfit default replacements!)

The Bloomer Legacy: 5.7 Sharing the Big News

“I’d say the party was a success,” Yenn grinned over breakfast the next day. “What do you think, Liv?”

“I… I’ve got to tell you something,” Oliva said nervously. “I kind of… had woohoo for the first time yesterday.”

Oh boy, Yenn thought. This parenting thing never stops, even when they’re grown up, she realised. “Oh? Was this with the person you said you have feelings for?”

“No, it was… it was Malakai,” Liv hung her head down. “It wasn’t really what I expected. It didn’t really… I didn’t feel anything.”

“Well,” Yenn cleared her throat. “I don’t really have a lot of experience in that department, but I’d say if you didn’t feel anything it was probably not with the right person.”

“I know,” Olivia nodded. “I thought it would magically fix everything. Fix me.”

“Liv, you don’t need to be fixed,” Yenn smiled gently. “You’re brilliant just the way you are.”

“You’re too kind, au-“ Olivia suddenly felt a sensation that interrupted her. She stood up quickly and headed for the bathroom.


“Are you ok?” Yenn was studying Liv’s body language.

“Yeah. I probably had a bit too much juice at the party yesterday,” Liv shrugged it off.

Yenn frowned.


“When you and Malakai, well…” Yenn felt incredibly uncomfortable about the whole thing. This should be your job, Booker, she thought. “…were you safe?”

Olivia’s face dropped: “You can’t be suggesting…”


This was insane, Liv thought. She only woohooed once, and she didn’t even enjoy it. She couldn’t possibly be…




“Sooo apparently you’ll be a great-aunt,” Liv announced.

“Oh plumbob,” Yenn slipped up. “I suppose we’ll have to share the big news with your parents… and Malakai.”



Newton came over to see his cousin, devastated.

“What’s going on, Newton?” Liv was concerned. He couldn’t possibly know about what happened between her and Diane, could he? And even so, Liv was sure it didn’t mean anything to Diane… or did it?

“Diane broke up with me,” he said, defeated.

What did this mean? Liv was immediately ashamed of her initial reaction. Her cousin was hurting. She needed to be there for him.

“I’m so sorry Newton…”

“She didn’t even give me a reason,” Newton sighed. “Like it didn’t mean anything to her.”

Liv didn’t know what to say. It suddenly occurred to her that Diane never really mentioned how she felt about Newton. Or talked about her feelings, in general.

Change the topic, Liv thought: “Well I got some news that might cheer you up… you’re going to be an uncle, or something like that.”


“Wait, what?” Newton stared at Liv blankly. She looked down on her already expanding belly.

“It’s a long story,” Liv smiled.



Liv’s nausea gave her away before she even broke the news to Booker. He’d realised all on his own.

After the initial shock, he managed to pull himself together. He’d be there for his daughter, he said. And for his grandbaby. Anything they need.


Yenn smiled. Her baby brother was finally becoming a man. It may have taken years, having a child and having a grandchild on the way, but he was finally getting there.

That of course left the discussion with the more difficult parent…


“You’re what?” Keiko burst out. “What were you thinking? I always used protection when I was your age! This is so reckless! Do you think I’m ready to be a grandma?!?”


“I… I’ve got to use the bathroom,” Liv left the room with her head hung low.

“Keiko, don’t you think Liv has enough to worry about now without you in the equation?” Yenn asked.


“How could you possibly let this happen, Yennefer,” Keiko hissed. “Booker and I have put faith in you with our child, and you let her act like some crazy hippie? Have you taught her nothing?!”

Yenn’s eyes narrowed. She was livid.


“Ok, I messed up. I should have talked to her about woohoo more. But with the amount of woohoo you and Booker had when you were her age, I assumed one of you would have already done so,” Yenn snapped at Keiko.

“Also, this happened at the birthday party that both you and Booker attended,” she continued angrily. “Both of you had as much of a chance to intervene as I did. I accept that I play a role in this, but do you?

I’ve done what I could for Liv, and I will continue to do so. But at the end of the day I’m only her aunt. The fact you failed to raise your own child is yours to face, so don’t you dare try to blame this on me!”


It was the first time Liv had seen Diane since the party. She broke the news of her pregnancy to her friend, but of course, there was more on her mind. So reluctantly, she asked about the breakup with Newton.


“It’s simple, really,” Diane shrugged. “What you said about feelings the other day… I’ve been thinking about it, and you’re right. I have no feelings for Newton. So I figured I should end it.”

Poor Newton, Liv thought. He was right, their relationship apparently had not meant anything to Diane. But of course, it was for the best that Diane had ended it, wasn’t it? This way both of them had a shot at finding someone they truly care for.

Or maybe… maybe there was even more to it? Liv hated herself for thinking this, but she couldn’t help herself.


Liv hesitated. She had to ask: “So… is there anyone else that you do have feelings for?”

“What are you trying to say Liv?” Diane smiled.

“I figured that maybe… you know that kiss we had at the party… has that played any part in you breaking up with Newton?”


“What? No,” Diane said sharply. “That was just fun… I’m not gay! What would even make you think…”

Diane stopped herself as it dawned on her.


“Holy cow plant, I am not, but you are,” Diane started laughing. “Plum, I know I’m a good kisser, but I didn’t realise I’m that good!”


“And the best part is, you’re knocked up with some random guy’s baby… this is priceless!”

Liv was shocked. Who was this person in front of her?

“Malakai isn’t some random guy, he’s my friend,” she said.

“Oh really,” Diane chuckled. “Have you even told your friend yet? You should probably throw in the fact you’re gay too, for good measure!”


Liv’s blood was boiling: “You know what? I’m not sure what I am. I’ve only felt this way about one person; you. But I do know one thing now. I was wrong. I don’t even know you.”

“Sheesh, someone can’t handle rejection,” Diane replied. “Looks like you and your cousin have a whole lot in common.”

“Newton can do so much better than you,” Olivia frowned.

Diane simply turned around and left.


She’d only been a Young Adult for a short time, but it sure was a whole lot different from being a teen, Liv thought. Did the entire world around her change, or was it just her?

In any case, she did still have one more person she needed to speak to…


“Hey, I’m glad you came over,” she greeted Malakai. “Soo you know the night we… well, you know.”

“What, you’ve come to the conclusion that you can never forget about my sweet loving?” Malakai joked.

“Err, technically, you’re right. I’ll never forget about it…”

Malakai looked up, worried. She sounded serious.


“I’m pregnant,” Liv stated simply. Of course, now that he was facing her, it was more than obvious.

“What??? This is impossible… you didn’t even like it!”

“Well, as you did point out that night, it was still woohoo,” Liv sighed.


Malakai started laughing: “Aww man, this is too funny.”

Liv was annoyed. His reaction reminded her of Diane. She didn’t want to think about Diane. Not now, and not ever.

“You don’t have to be involved if you don’t want to. I just thought you should know.”

Malakai stopped laughing and looked at Liv directly. “No, of course I want to be involved. Don’t you think I’m going nowhere. I’ll do the right thing! In fact, we should get married!”

Now it was Liv’s turn to laugh: “Get married? You can’t be serious! You said you don’t feel about me that way!”

“Well, no, but it’s the right thing, isn’t it? My mom was a single mom, and I’ve never even met my dad. I’m not gonna be that guy.”

Liv took his hand and gently placed it on her belly: “The baby’s kicking.”


Malakai was amazed. He looked up at Liv’s face, and then back on her belly: “This is pretty cool, actually. I mean, we made this! A whole new person!”

“Yeah,” Liv smiled. “Pretty cool. Listen, getting married would be a stupid idea. People that are trapped in a marriage without love do not make good parents. Trust me.”


“You’re not gonna be that guy.”