The Bloomer Legacy: 4.16 Hellos and Goodbyes

Peter and Lilah had been reunited sooner than Lilah had expected, as he showed up in his ghostly form not too long after his death.

Peter: “I’m so sorry I’ve left you behind, my love. I can’t bear watching you struggle!”

Lilah: “The struggle is over now that you’re here again. Just wait for me and then we’ll both fully move on.”


Lilah: “…And then we’ll go beyond, hand in hand! His ghost agreed!”

Keiko: “Uh-huh…”


After her reunion with Peter, Lilah was ecstatic, just spending her days singing and dancing. Not too long, she thought to herself.

Keiko: “Wow, she’s really lost it now.”


In other news, Chell discovered she was pregnant. She was overjoyed to share the news with her husband.

Knox: “That’s amazing honey! We have to tell your mom, I’m sure she’ll be so happy to hear!”


She was: “Oh Knox, that’s lovely! I know you two will be wonderful parents! Chell is so lucky to have you, at least one of my children has a caring spouse!”

Chell: “Mom! Keiko is just over there!”

Lilah: “Ah, who cares… she thinks I’ve gone crazy anyway!”


Lilah: “I’m so happy for you baby! And even though I won’t be here to meet your child, I have no worries.”

Chell: “Please don’t talk like that mom!”


Keiko had heard the entire conversation, and was growing increasingly more aggravated. Without Peter around to defend her, and Lilah having decided she’s beyond it all, being in the household was becoming more and more difficult for Keiko. She could have sworn she overheard Lilah telling Booker that she knew he’d find a nice girl one day… what a disgrace!


Keiko: “Booker! Your sister is pregnant, and you’re the heir! She can’t show you up! We need to get down to business and make sure the legacy continues.”

Booker: “I’m really not in the mood for woohoo, Keiko. I’m still grieving for my dad…”

Keiko: “What? You, not in the mood for woohoo? Since when? A grandchild is what your dad would have wanted…”


Maybe it was. Booker grew tired of running into Keiko in her lingerie everywhere, so he gave in, although it wasn’t really all that fun as it used to be for him.


Keiko had insisted that they need to try more times, to make sure, so he had to resort to locking himself in the bathroom to escape from his wife. Finally, some rest and peace.


Keiko burst into the bathroom: “Booker! Guess what! We’re expecting.”

Booker just grunted. Was there nowhere he could hide from her? “Great. Just great. I hope you’re happy, you’ve really shown up Chell. Now let me be for once.”


Meanwhile, Chell paid Yenn a visit in her condo. “Sis! You’ve been locked in here for days now! You can’t stay inside your room forever!”

“I know Chell,” Yenn replied, looking somewhat more energetic than the last time her sister las saw her. “I’ve been researching various tribes that have been documented to still exist, it’s fascinating! I’ve ordered a book that goes into more detail on some of them. Did you know that the Amazon culture still exists in some parts of the world?”

Chell wasn’t sure what to respond. Her sister seemed to be escaping further and further from reality.

“Right,” she half-acknowledged Yenn’s statement. “Oh, I think the baby is kicking! Would you like to feel it?”


Yenn was amazed by the life she felt through the palms of her hands, the life growing inside of her sister. So much life has left the Bloomer house in the past week, but now, life was coming back.


“Thanks for coming by, Chell,” Yenn hugged her sister. “I will venture out again, I promise.”

“Good,” Chell smiled with relief, “We’ve been missing you. And I’m sure so has Ethan. You really need to talk to him.”

“I know,” Yenn sighed.


She invited Ethan over the very same night. “I must admit that when you first said we should give us a go, I did not imagine having a few great weeks with you, and then you suddenly disappearing…”

Yenn was surprised at how good it was to see him again, to hear his voice. Maybe she shouldn’t have avoided him for so long.


“I’m sorry Ethan” she buried her head into his shoulder. “My dad died, and… and…”

“Oh Yenny… I’m so sorry! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I should have… I guess I’m still not used to letting people in.”


They spent the whole night talking. Ethan always had a way of making Yenn feel better. By sunrise, her spirits were actually quite high.


“Good morning lovebirds,” Lilah grinned as she walked into the living room. “Nice to see you finally sorted Yenn. I guess this is my queue to leave.”

Of course, neither Yenn nor Ethan suspected she meant it quite so literally.


Once again, Grim had entered the Bloomer house, to finally take Lilah on the final adventure she so craved.


Grim: “Yennefer, pleasure to reap around you as always! I can see our last conversation has left an impact on you!”

Ethan: “Hey! Don’t you talk to her like that!”

Grim: “Easy Romeo, I’m just making small talk!”


“It’s not all bad, Yennefer,” Grim remarked as he made his exit, “You still have one parent left!”

And with that, he disappeared in a cloud of darkness. Ethan wasn’t sure what that was all about, but he figured this was not the time to ask Yenn questions.


“Yenn… let’s get out of here. Get away from it all, somewhere in the woods where the world can’t reach us.” He knew solitude would be what Yenn was craving, and he was determined not to let her slip through his fingers this time.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Yenn agreed. They wasted no time packing.


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  1. Oh! This is fun! I mean, sad…but I’m so happy to see them doing well and moving on. And I’m still hoping for Yenn and Ethan. I hope they enjoy their trip. And Keiko…I can’t even.


    1. Yes, I’m SO fed up with playing sad sims! That’s actually a big reason for them going away, at least this way we only have sad Yenn to cheer up, not an entire household – they’ll sort themselves out while we’re gone (I hope!)

      Keiko definitely took it too far here. The thing is, I think she’s feeling really threatened because Lilah was so openly vocal about disliking her. So she wanted to ensure her place in the house, so to speak. (At least people are finally getting baby whims in the house! They all had to get a dose of the youth potion already!)


  2. Oh dear, I hate seeing Booker so unhappy. I was hoping that Keiko had changed a little since her bonding sessions with Peter, but I guess not that much. 😦

    I’m somewhat happy for Lilah, but sad at the same time. The next generation seems so uncertain without them around…Booker looks quite lost nowadays, and I hope her death doesn’t push him over. 😦


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